Best/Worst of Days 2007

Many other great bloggers out there have already been me to this (thanks Zara) but I had to get my say so in too at what I thought of Days for the year 2007:

Best Couple: Clearly goes to Bo/Hope. Though I rate Steve/Kayla and Chelsea/Nick higher, Bo and Hope have had a most excellent year (which definitely makes up for the horrors of their actions in 2006). Believe it or not, many fans of the show didn’t see what was so great about this couple since JERk wrote them so poorly. Finally, people got it and through their betting on diaper duty, disarming bombs together and having rationale discussions from Chelsea’s hygiene products to Shawn’s adulterous fiancee, they have been a joy to watch.

Worst Couple: Clearly Shawn/Belle. I’m not saying it’s possible not to go worse (like Chelsea/Jett for example), Shawn and Belle are the worst established couple on the show. I used to blame Martha Madison on that, now I see her acting to be much improved since her GHH has been sliding, and Brandon Beemer’s acting has proven atrocious (and believe me wait until you see it this upcoming week). No chemistry between them, two recasts and bad writing, I am so hoping the writers are finally taking the steps to end Shelle and let the characters move on.

Most Surprising Storyline: I don’t think you can have a “best storyline” option for this show as most that started off strong, wind up being a letdown. I think the sorority story which started off a little ho-hum gave us the biggest twist of the year with the accidental death of Ford Decker, campus rapist. I did not see that coming and the repercussions through the involved characters have given them lots of juicy angst to work with.

Most Disappointing Storyline: Many could qualify for this such as Steve’s Pawn story and the baby Pocket which really went no where. However, overall, the most disappointing story must come from the Dimera vendetta, which started off with a huge bang and had us mesmerized until it slowed down into a lot of letter reading by the veterans. (If Drake Hogestyn does return to the show, do not let him read on the air again!)

Best Character Return: I almost voted for Lexie who came back as a hissing ninja and nearly slit Hope’s throat. HOW EXCITING! Ultimately however I wound up choosing Anna Dimera. Her arrival under the cloak and the way she acted around the all too often self-righteous Brady’s while daring to asking for something in return only interrupted her immediate flirtatious behavior with any guy in the room with pants on was such a breath of fresh air. Too bad the show didn’t do anything with her after the summer.

Worst Character Return: I think it really comes down to Chloe. I did appreciate her ability to piss all over Belle, but Nadia isn’t much of an actress and I’m kind of irritated they are now making a mystery of where Brady is when ND hasn’t been playing it like that since her arrival.

Best New Character: Morgan. I’m not sure she was intended to be a long term character but the show did extend her contract so good on that. I actually liked her chemistry with Max and would not be upset if they skipped the Stephanie/Max thing and went with a MoMax pairing.

Worst New Character: Jett Carver, clearly. It’s not just the bad writing for him, Marcus Patrick was a joke when it came to actually doing scenes. You would think a guy who was so into his body would be able to pull off some chemistry with one of the most dynamic and talented younger actresses on the set, but he couldn’t. No loss, glad he’s gone.

Best Real Death: Real death making me feel I have to exclude John Black’s death as rumors keep insisting he’s returning (please be wrong!) I will say the death of Ford Decker was a really jaw dropping death. Okay, so falling down the stairs is a lame way to die, but I think the shock and the after effects is rather awesome. Chelsea slowly coming unglued (especially since this is the 2nd accidental death she has been a part of) is awesome to watch and I can’t wait to see how Nick takes it whenever he finds out. Such good stuff.

Worst Real Death: Willow. Not just because falling down at the beach and hitting her head at random rock is another lame way to die, but the horrible manner to which it was handled. Blake Berris actually did a great job with the scene and on how it affected him, everyone else seemed ready to just write it off. Shawn felt a “little responsible” and Bo/Hope offered to possibly pay for the funeral, that is until they realized Shawn wasn’t the father after all. Then everyone was off the hook for their guilt.

Couple with worst timing: I had to put a category that would include Steve and Kayla. Since returning to the show, it’s like my long time favorite couple can’t catch a break. In 2006 it was writer’s transition with their return. Now in 2007, on the cusp of a new story, something fishy happened BTS and everything got stalled out, including their big story. Then Mary Beth Evans wound up being a judge on IWTBASS and kept her off the show for awhile. Then returning we had a possible moment of great stuff between Stephanie and her parents until the show caved to the fan outrage that Kayla’s daughter would never talk to her that way. Now they are obsessed with babies which also seems to fit into them not having a real place with current storylines. Kind of scary isn’t it?

Best Chemistry Couple: So you know I was going to give this to Chick. Why them over Steve and Kayla? Well a couple that can still survive after the ridiculous amount of stupid plots they were given over the course of the year that included but not limited to mother!sex, bad!sex, bad!triangle, blackmail, bipolor disorders (Chelsea), and sympathy-less concussions, makes them a couple with outstanding chemistry and deserve an award all their own. So I love Chelsea/Nick!

Best Triangle: I almost gave it to EJamicus. I would have earlier in the year but now the show has made me dislike Lucas and not care so much about Sami anymore so I now I am shocked the triangle I nominate is Shellip. It’s not because I want Phillip to be involved with this storyline, but having Belle sleep with Phillip right before her wedding to Shawn made Shelle interesting.

Worst Triangle: Chickette or Nick/Chelsea/Jett. Clearly, I have never seen such a lack of chemistry between two people like RM and MP. It was like anti-chemistry. I remember the three days in the summer of Chelsea and Jett discussing his ISA job and how he had to pretend to have a fiancee because of the strong attraction he felt whenever he was around her. If anyone remembers the almost kiss that preceded this scene, you would think Jett was gay (I did). He recoiled from Chelsea in a manner that I haven’t seen since Jughead nearly got kissed by Veronica. The feelings for Chelsea from Jett became more serious when he “confessed” to loving her after his shooting and floor-humping moment. It was like four months of hell for this Chick fan, but finally the show figured out Chett wasn’t working and finally let Chelsea see Nick for the awesome guy he is and Jett was hardly a memory (well for her, not for us).

Best Actor: Mary Beth Evans. Though she hasn’t been given anything lately, I have to say the reason I didn’t actually tune out of the horrors of the asylum story was because of her, selling every single day she was on. Even Stephen Nichols got on my nerves a bit (I think the scenes did call for OTT acting, but it got to be too much). She also has the knack of making previously unliked characters very likeable including Max and Marlena. If it’s comedy you need, give her a nun’s habit. If it’s plucky dedication, give her a drill. And if she needs to help bring back a man from the ledge of total insanity, let her just kiss him.

Worst Actor: I do not count the day players in this category and so therefore the actor who played Jed, IMO, was a day player. So that means worst actor for the year was Marcus Patrick. Though Brandon Beemer could now quailify.


5 thoughts on “Best/Worst of Days 2007

  1. Shannon, just wanted to give you a heads up that this blog entry was linked on 🙂 It’s the website of that soap podcast I really like. Luke, the guy who runs the site & the podcast must be a reader of your blog! Awesome.

    Anyway, love the list. My only disagreement is with Best Couple, which I think should go to Chick of course. haha. With all the piss poor material those two (characters/actors) have had to deal with, the fact that they’ve made it through that is a miracle. They’re the only couple on that show that leaves me wanting more every single time. Also, I’m going to say Willho’s death should be Best, not Worst. Her death made me happiest. LOL.

    Days has had some really good moments this past year, and then some reeeeally terrible ones… let’s hope 2008 is more consistent, and of course brings an ADULT storyline for Nick & Chelsea.

  2. Hee, thanks for the heads up Nat.

    I agree DOOL’s moments can be really great one to really bad later. Hopefully 2008 will be an improvement over 2007, presuming the writer’s strike doesn’t send DOOL into cancellation.

  3. I hope not. I can’t see this show going away any time soon.

    Oh oh oh, how about “best scene”? I don’t know if it’s my *favorite* but one I sooo enjoyed was the Stefano & Marlena scene after Belle’s wedding. Just awesome!

  4. I totally agree with you on Best Couple, Hope and Bo are the best and Chelsea and Nick are great in the younger category. Shelle is just awful — I know they must have fans, I’ve just never met any. Ever.

  5. Can I admit that I have no respect for the Shelle fans? (I see them on certain boards). It’s just after two recasts and zero chemistry between this couple, they pretty much are supporting them because it’s out of habit. I hate that.

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