Shawn/Belle today

Shawn:  Whatever you have to say Belle, say it.

Belle:  draws upon DHer with gaspy breaths.  I cheated on you.

Shawn:  stares dumbly

Belle:  I slept with Phillip.  It happened one time, right after my Dad died.  I was really upset and confused.  It didn’t mean anything.  Except I nearly did it with him two more times and imagined him in my bed while sleeping next to you.

Shawn:  stares dumbly

Belle: I’m so sorry.  squints.  I love you.

Shawn: Walks away, stares dumbly at table. 

Belle:   I know I’ve put this lie between us  but I don’t want to start the new year this way.  It makes me feel too bad.  I want us to be really honest with each other.  Shawn.  Walks closer.  Look at me.  Please talk to me.

Shawn:  Talk to Phillip.  Attempts unibrow stare. That’s what you do when you have a problem, you run to him and you sleep with him.

Belle:  It will never, ever happen again.  Crosses fingers behind back.

Shawn:  When did you sleep with him? Was it before or after we got married?

Belle:  Before.

Shawn:  And you stood there…grits teeth…and promised to be faithful to me.   All the nights we were together you were lying next to me and it was all a lie.

Belle:  whines.  No, the truth is I love you.

Shawn:  And you love Phillip too?

Belle:  I want us to stay a family.  How do you feel about threesomes?

UGH UGH UGH UGH, I had to quit.  Make them stop!   Brandom Beemer was in Marcus Patrick territory today.

9 thoughts on “Shawn/Belle today

  1. He was in Marcus Patrick territory. Brandon Beemer really brings down the show in my opinion. I feel like he’s represents the embodiement of what executives and/or focus groups must imagine what the viewer might find attractive. Except he’s not attractive. And he can’t act. He makes me miss Jason Cook, a thought I never thought I’d have the guts to type.

  2. I actually miss Cook too, which is saying something because by the time I saw him, he was really phoning in his performance.

    Beemer did better today I thought, but he is the weak link on teh show right now. What’s weird is he has a huge number of fans on the show, who I presume are holdouts for Shelle being the ultimate super couple.

  3. Okay, I never understood Shelle as the ultimate super couple. They’re like the late nineties Britney Spears, completely manufactured and devoid of personality. Besides, they’re not even played by the same people anymore. Granted, I wanted Bo to be with Hope when he was played by Robert Kelker Kelly but if Kristian Alfonso left the show and was replaced by Krista Allen (god forbid) I don’t really think I would buy into Bo and Hope anymore.

  4. I agree and Britney Spears is a good comparison.

    Recasts can work for a couple like Drake when he was Roman or Judi Evans as Paulina on AW. I wanted Bo and Hope to remain together too when RKK was Bo but I saw he didn’t have much chemistry with KA which hurt but I could have accepted.

    I suppose I was closest to the Shelle shippers when they recast Sam on AW over and over. I wanted he and Amanda to remain together and didn’t care if the chemistry was there or not. I just wanted them together. *ashamed*

  5. I see your Sam and Amanda and raise you a Matt and Josie. I was really young but I loved them and was horrified when Josie left town. When she came back as another actress I still wanted her to get back with Matt.

  6. It’s painful to watch. I just don’t care who Belle ends up with in this scenario. Unless she chooses a traveling salesman making his last ever stop in Salem on his way to Nome, and Belle goes with him. That could be good.

  7. And I forgot to add:

    Then Shawn could go chasing after her and fall down a crevasse, wherein he is stuck until recasting occurs.

  8. I’m late to this, but he just seemed so lifeless. I thought he did better later in the week when he was being quiet around his parents in NYE, but overall I have to admit I miss Cook too, and like you tripp, I only really saw him when he was phoning it in. Ah well.

    For the record, I hated Amanda and second Sam, largely because I adored original recipe Sam and Amanda…

  9. His reaction to his wife cheating on him was similar to the kind of reaction you have when they give you a quarter pounder with cheese at the McDonalds drive thru, instead of a quarter pounder without. It was just horribly, horribly weak. Brandon is falling so flat for me, and to be honest I haven’t seen the appeal from day one. Shelle is unrecognizable (I didn’t mean that literally, but I guess that’s true too). Can they just die, please?

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