The way I wanted them to be!

Everyone knows one of my favorite subjects on Days is Chelsea and Nick. Since their story started November 2006, we’ve had quite a rollar coaster ride. Some of the stories have been fairly good (Canada trip, the wrap up to Artemis and DeMarquette) while others have been extremely bad (Jett, Touch the Sky introduction) and in between there have been some stories that had some real potential but the execution really fell flat (Bad!sex-yes, I’m placing this here, revelation of Billie, Lonely Splicer).

So Chick now have found themselves in the midst of probably one of the better stories written for Days right now (I grant there are some weak spots) with the Ford!Gate death out there and Chelsea confessing to Nick her part. Nick was not just shocked at her confession, he was dismayed, and quickly told her so. Gone are the days where he is on the fence and is willing to put aside morality, dignity and all around common sense for a chance to “get/keep the girl.” He’s not only lecturing her on what she needs to do ASAP, but if she doesn’t follow through, they are over.

I really do believe the suddenness of Chick having great!sex is because the writers needed to shift the relationship and make it more equal. In order to do so, Nick needed a confidence boost, and one can’t argue that having Chelsea truly hot for him is the way to go. Now that he’s figuratively got his balls back, he isn’t her whipping boy anymore. Something I always wanted from this relationship is for Chelsea to continue to be the “bad girl” while Nick is her inspiration to go against her natural instincts and this is following through quite nicely.

Of course, Chelsea didn’t set out to kill Ford, it’s a tragic accident that was accelerated by Ford’s own lust to take power over Chelsea and rape her. Nick doesn’t really know that, I’m not even sure if Chelsea does (the way she takes the total blame without hardly bringing up Stephanie and Max’s name seems evident of this self blame). Part of me hurts a bit as he keeps calling her a killer but at the same time, I’m drawn into their performance, especially with the little gestures. Nick’s jerking his hand away from Chelsea and her hurt expression from it. Nick’s subtle encouragement to Chelsea that he believes in her and knows she can do this (“You’re the strongest person I know”) as well as a few little touches he has when he’s leaning in. The way Chelsea practically curls up into a ball on that bench as she listens to Nick and the miserable look crossing her face when Nick makes it very clear they may be through. Part of me really feels sorry for Chelsea, though I do agree 100% with Nick, she is not alone in this crime and coming forward by herself would implicate her best friends.

As for Nick, some of his words really shocked me. Nobody in Salem says such things! I wish with all my heart that his words of “Taking responsibility for what you’ve done” and such could be typed up and forced to be read to the following characters: Lucas, Kate, EJ, Sami, Marlena, Belle, Shawn, and Phillip. It’s funny he brought up Willow, I wanted her name to be mentioned in this, but occurred to me that really Chelsea’s predicament relates more to the Kate blackmail thus falsifying the paternity tests for Sami’s twins. The guilt on that ate him up for weeks until he finally came clean and took the consequences like a man.

I have no idea how they are going to wrap up this story. I wonder if the ending was written out before the strike or are the scab writers taking over now. I do believe Nick will get Chelsea to confess but at what cost? Will she do so without Stephanie and Max’s approval? Will she even be able to remain in college? How will this affect her relationship with her mom? Billie obviously isn’t happy with her daughter as she is now aware she is covering something up, but if her daughter is found out to be partly responsible for a student’s death under her security firm’s nose, she could well be fired. With Julie Pinson leaving the show, anything could happen, even a chance that Crawford Decker could respond with an “eye for an eye” after learning the truth of his son and kill Billie.

I’m looking forward to the following weeks. I really hope the writers don’t screw this up, it’s probably the best executed story they have had for my couple in a long while. I’ve made no secret that I wanted Nick to be the one to help Chelsea do the right thing, but I think MaryPickford put it best with the letter she composed to TPTB. I totally lay the credit to this episode at her feet and bow to her Chickette wisdom.


5 thoughts on “The way I wanted them to be!

  1. I loved the Chick scenes today too, Tripp. It was wonderful to see him encourage her to come forward, and I loved when he said, “You’re the strongest woman I know” and said that if she took the lead, the others would follow.

    I love what you say about the Kate blackmail being a better parallel than Willow’s death. He had basically no consequences for Willow’s death (no one did). But with the Kate blackmail he hid the truth and then came forward, just like he’s encouraging Chelsea to do now.

  2. I think the Kate blackmail fits better too. At least since he had such huge guilt from it and never was himself until he came forward. I actually have to say his coming forward was a turning point for Nick. Up until then he was getting more and more pathetic, (which shocked me his concussion would be seen so bad by Chelsea). Remember how happy he was after he told the truth even though he lost his job? You know we had our old Nick back.

    So if Chelsea could tell the truth, maybe we’d see her back as well though I realize it’s more complicated than that.

  3. While I think the Chick scene was well written, and (of course) well acted, there is one little quote in the recent SOD that Blake said, which kind of scared me. He said something like “There’s only so much you can take”. I don’t know if he was referring to the 1/14 episode where Nick is giving the ultimatum, or something we haven’t seen yet where Chick will break up. I think they will get through this eventually… but how long do we have to wait? And when are we going to get a positive spoiler about them, so I can breathe easy and actually enjoy this storyline? haha.

  4. I really enjoy this storyline, but at the same time, I’m left wondering how this will play out since at the end of the day, Chelsea, Steph and the other girls were involved in someone’s accidental death and then covered it up…for weeks. Sure, we know the death is an accident and we are allegedly supposed to understand their motivation for the coverup, but I just don’t see how we can root for them. I’m not even sure we’re supposed to root for them either. I, too, want Nick to help Chelsea in this situation and urge her to do the right thing, but is Uncle Roman really going to throw the file on this case away, too?

  5. Nat-Awwww, if it makes you feel any better, I’m sure Blake’s comment was more for what the article was referring to…when Nick made the ultimatum. I think Chelsea is going to tell the truth, and though it will be scary at first, eventually she will be acquitted of any real wrong doing and she and Nick can have great!sex. But whatever you do, don’t read MaryPickford’s blog which proves I’ve been wrong before.

    brandname-I don’t know how Chelsea and Steph get out of this w/o going to jail and the least getting expelled but it is a soap and no one really pays for a crime except for the Dimeras.

    And I must totally copy a poster at TWoP who said the girls are missing an easy opportunity to get out of the situation by simply rolling the water heater to the Dimera Mansion, ringing the door bell and run like hell! Hee, I flove that!

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