Breaking News: Shawn and Belle are Gone

Ok, so this should be filed under casting spoilers, but the news hit the Internet so fast that it even shocked the actors to realize their fans already knew..

Where to start? Even hours after the fact, I’m still got a boatload of emotions: Shock, Excitement and Fear.

Shock-Yes, I’m shocked first. Never been one of a Shelle fan, it seems their story finally has gotten moderately interesting. I could almost scenes of Shawn and Belle separately (something I had problems before). I was really nervous that Belle’s recent scenes with Phillip meant Phelle was endgame. I adore JKJ and it’s my desire for him to be more than just Belle’s #2 guy. Their scenes lately really were looking like Phelle were the couple TPTB were going for. Phillip realizing Belle was in danger, Shawn’s seemingly non-caring reaction to that danger, Phillip saving Belle from the water, and staying with her in the hospital.

Excitement-Yes, I’m excited. Finally the show cutting two of it’s more boring characters? Yes, there apparently are Shelle fans out there, in spite of two recasts who have very little chemistry with each other. But Shawn and Belle are two of the most boring characters on the show. Many state they are two legacy characters, children of long time super couples but I think that actually hurts them. Both have been on screen their entire adult lives. There is no backstory there, we know everything there is to know about them. The writers have never given Belle or Shawn a vice or even layers. They are good people who are totally dependent on their families to support them. They go on the run, and don’t even bother to get money, food, or clothing first. Shawn chooses to become a cop like his Dad, but his brains are not even up to the SalemPD’s standards, and that’s saying something. Belle’s devotion to her parents, specifically her father has always made up who she is…and never allowed her to live on her own. I applaud the idea to let them leave the show. They could bring them back later down the line with recasts, but for now, the Shelle story is totally played out.

Fear-Ok, it does scare me a little. I do think that if Shawn and Belle have been axed, that means the younger generations are fairly safe for now…they obviously are trying to build up the cast and get some new blood in, but they can’t fire everyone so my hope is the younger cast, specifically Nick, Chelsea, and Phillip are safe. I also want Stephanie to be safe, not because I think SH is some kind of magical talent but because she’s Steve and Kayla’s daughter and right now I’m not feeling so secure in them keeping my favorite veteran couple on the air.

So for those of you who have wanted to see Shelle gone, yippee, we got our wish. For those that think Shelle is the best thing on the show right now, sorry (and God help you in life).



7 thoughts on “Breaking News: Shawn and Belle are Gone

  1. I agree that this is surprising, because both characters have been front and center for so long, and are involved in a big storyline right now. But I think this will revitalize the 20- to 30- something set. Imagine not having EVERYONE introduced as a spoiler for Shawn and Belle.

    If they must bring back the characters later, let it be a lot later, when maybe something could have happened to them to make them interesting.

  2. I really don’t like Phillip and Chloe and it really just is a reminder of why Shelle didn’t work. High school is over for these people and they need to move on.

    Mary, I hope if they do bring either Shawn or Belle, it will be further down the road.

  3. I am so shocked. I can’t believe they took the time to recast the perfecly acceptable twins that played Claire just to ship Shelle off a month later.

  4. I just didn’t except that 2 main characters and children of 2 supercouples would be gone. It’s a bold move and was a shock.

    Brandon never did anything for me actingwise, but I thought Martha was very good especially w/ John’s deathbed scenes. I hope another soap will pick her up.

    I think there is something about Days that makes people worse as actors. Austin Peck was god awful on Days (or at least his character was..) but on ATWT, he is so refreshing and fun to watch! Kirsten has been amazing on GH in her new role, and the reason I’m tuning in right now, period. So maybe MM can do the same elsewhere?

  5. I’m shocked brandname too, though it’s funny because the way their current story is going, you wouldn’t know they are about to leave canvas plus I would think they would be heading towards Phelle.

    Nat, it maybe a bold move but the thing about legacy characters like Shawn and Belle is, if they have remained on canvas their entire lives, there is no history/backstory for the writers to mine. We already know what’s gone on in their life and since they hooked them up ONLY with each other, it’s been fairly a falling in love story that can go no where. Even actors with better chemistry and talent might have made it more appealing to watch but the story is over.

    Good point on AP, I never thought I would read about him being a good actor anywhere. Wouldn’t it be something if Drake had gotten a job somewhere else and wound up with an Emmy? LOL.

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