Secrets that have remained Secret

Soaps have a reputation for secrets coming out in the worst possible way. If you had an affair with your former husband, then a video of the affair will be presented at your wedding. If you have successfully hidden the real paternity of your child from your husband, who believes he is the father, he’s probably going to find out when he tries to donate blood/organ to said child and it comes back he isn’t a match. If you have been online posing as someone else with your boss’s picture in order to win the heart of the girl of your dreams, she’s going to learn the truth when she throws herself into your boss’ arms at initial contact.

So that said, I’m surprised that Days still has managed to let things happen and never be discovered. At the time, these events I thought were a pretty big deal and would never remain secret for long:

  • Nick giving his money to Chelsea via Kate.
  • EJ locking Lucas in a freezer truck and everyone blaming his father.
  • Nick and Chelsea never telling Stephanie about Jeremy’s remaining in Salem and wishing to give her a letter.
  • EJ had every intention of running down Belle on the street.
  • Celeste and Sami conspired to kill EJ. (Yes, EJ knew what they had done, but I’m surprised it wasn’t made known to Salem publically).
  • Young Stefano stole young Shawn’s truck (I was sure it would be the Rosebud of the Vendetta).

Funny how when a storyline will shift suddenly, many things get dropped with no resolution.


5 thoughts on “Secrets that have remained Secret

  1. Good point, tripp. But cynical me has to question whether these things haven’t come out because the writers (a) don’t remember they happened; (b) don’t care that they happened; or (c) where EJ is involved, are currently in the “redeem EJ” section of a never-ending rollercoaster.

  2. I think for the first one, it’s A. I know I said I could let go of the Nickfund if the show would give me a real love scene with Chick having great!sex. And I’m glad they are over their issues with bad!sex, but I got no love scene. So let Chelsea know about what Nick did for her. Pretty please?

  3. I don’t think the writers remember from one day to the next, although I really would like to see Old Man Shawn bring up the truck again.

  4. I vote for A. The writers don’t remember. Or don’t even know because they are new and haven’t been watching. However, B. and C. seem likely possibilities as well.

  5. I’d love for the truck to come up again Brandname. I wish he had given it a name, like Treestump or something.

    Yes, Densie, I’m sure the writers don’t remember. The jerks.

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