Lost is back! Too much Jack!

So, it’s been not just a year, but 18 months. And instead of getting the full “mini-season” as planned, I believe it will just be eight episodes.  Lost better deliver some great storytelling in that time, and it better be better than last year.

So far I’m not that optimistic.  Last night’s premier had many issues and holes in it, but my main issue is Jack.  I’m tired of his character, and I’m tired that we get Jack being shoved down our throats as the great savior of the island.  This guy is probably the worst leader in TV history, he has bungled the Losties down so many wrong paths, and yet, no one seems to mind and usually look at him with some great hero worship in their eyes.

Locke-a little bit crazyWhich is why I am so on John Locke’s side in this.  Sure Locke really has his own reasons for not wanting to leave the island, and he’s a little bit crazy, but at least he makes his plans known to anyone who will listen.  Jack tends to keep everything to himself, which more often than not, winds up hurting whatever mission he is on at the time, not to mention usually puts people in danger.

Normally I can let my Jack hate go, there are times that I can appreciate him, that arrogance, judgemental, sanctimonous voice can be ignored.  But he crossed a line last night.  He tried to outright kill Locke, right in front of the Losties.

For once he shared his plan to someone else, Kate, and let her know when he saw Locke he would kill him. Kate didn’t seemed to please at what Jack said, but probably thought he didn’t mean it, was just letting off some steam.  It’s interesting that Jack was voicing his murderous intentions to her, being the convicted  murderer of the Losties.  That alone would make this a premeditated murder and though I am glad the gun was empty and we still have Locke, the fact is, this is a way to get Jack out of what would have been a death toll on his character.  The Losties who chose to go with Locke probably did so because they were horrified to see what Jack tried to do.  Sure, Locke’s actions have angered them but he was attempting to explain to him why he did them, and regardless, it’s different with Locke. He is one of them.  Not that the show will ever acknowledge that.

Another issue with the episode of course is how we are most definitely going into a “Jate” season.  Jack and Kate are the worst pairing on primetime TV since Grissom and Sara on CSI.   Jack doesn’t love Kate any more than he loves Juliet. He’s obviously transferred those unresolvedUm…no. feelings of losing his marriage to her, and they just don’t work when you take away the intense drama around them. Maybe that’s what the writers meant when they revealed last season’s finale and Kate and Jack were estranged.  Maybe we will find out they tried to give being a couple a shot, and realized without the island, they can’t make it a go. Even if they do let Jate live happily ever after, it’s really too late. Do the writers not konw how badly Kate looks, hopping back and forth between two men, usually on a weekly basis.  I can respect Jack for walking away from her when he did, but I lost any respect I had for Kate when that apparently was all it took for her to want him now, instead of Sawyer.

I really do like the flash forwards.  The flashbacks had gotten old by last season, so this is fresh and certainly gives a new suspense element on trying to figure out what the hell is going on.  Poor Hurley, preferring to live in the hospital rather than the real world.  I imagine if events from horror movies were real, survivors of such films like Scream, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Halloween would wind up in the same place. And really, the Lost Island is a great place for a horror film to be set.

lost3.jpgThere wasn’t enough of Sawyer, Sayid or Desmond, and I really hope the show gives us an episode at least to one of them.  The three of them are my favorites but they also are the more complex and layered characters.  I think overall last night’s episode was rather a weak beginning, and in a normal run season it’s probably not a big deal, but this season is going to be about a fourth of what we are used to.  If the show improves, it needs to do it by next week.


6 thoughts on “Lost is back! Too much Jack!

  1. Oh my God, Sawyer, Sayid and Desmond are my favorites too! And I hate Jack. And Kate. And Charlie so I was so pissed that he showed up in Thursday night’s episode. I knew he would be back.

    Do you ever watch Lost and someone will say something and you say to yourself “that’s going to get people talking on the Internet tomorrow?” I thought that about the “Oceanic Six”, and all the “we have to go back stuff”. I just feel that the writers seem to be writing things that will get people buzzing than anything of substance. I also miss Shannon and Boone.

  2. Hee, good to know brandname. I have to laugh we share the same love/hate feelings towards Lost, even with Charlie who I loathe too (though I’m glad he got to die in the way he did, trying to help Claire. Good end for his character). When I saw Charlie metamorphosis in Hurley’s mind, I now know they aren’t getting rid of his character but he’ll live on in Hurley’s imagination. Not what I wanted. Especially with those sunglasses.

    I also think the writers tend to focus too much on “jaw opening” moments that will get people talking. Like finding out that the Others live in normal communities on the island or Michael killed two women right in front of us. Nothing bugs me more though then having Jack seen as the hero to end all heroes. I think my least favorite moment was when Jack came up with the brilliant plan at the end of S2 by letting the four of them walk straight into the Others trap he knew about, with Sayid who was to protect them via a boat but was honestly miles away so he’d be no real use. Oh, and not to mention it to Sawyer, Kate or Hurley at all. What an ass.

  3. My favorites are Sawyer (big surprise there), Desmond, and a love/hate relationship with Kate. Anything bad or dumb she does I blame it on writers wanting to please both sides. Or their own fantasies of women.

  4. My history with Kate is I started watching in S2, and didn’t like her at all. But remember Sawyer was off on his own with Jin and Michael. When he returned, suddenly Kate became interesting. Now that they have bounced back and forth with her, I can’t help but hate her. But you are right, densie, it is the writers and their fantasies.

  5. Jack is such a terrible leader. I would rather follow John Black around than him. Speaking of Jack, did everyone forget that he may or may not have brainwashed by The Others? Or is everyone just too excited to be going home?

  6. Yes, apparently Jack wasn’t brainwashed by The Others because he is Jack. And beating Ben to a pulp proves he isn’t with “them”.

    Jack is the Marlena Evans of Lostaway Island.

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