Brother/Sister relationship

I know. I know. All hell is breaking loose out there about the behind the scenes turmoil of Days. We’ve got writers being fired, a new head of daytime programming at NBC, and actors getting cut left and right.

But I’m going to put that aside and look at today’s episode in my usual manner. Taking away the crappiness of today (mainly in actors whose initials are DH) there was a definite theme. In almost every scene, the characters focused on some variable of a brother/sister relationship.

colleen-reunion.jpgObviously the climax of today’s show (IMO) is when Shawn finally saw his long lost sister Colleen again. The scene was way too short but very powerful. I do wish the writers hadn’t made Shawn so young for the flashbacks,, making Shawn a teenager would have given the pair a more adult sibling relationship versus an unequal one of an adult and a child.  OTOH, Shawn has this almost idol worship for Colleen which can be almost child-like.  I half expected him to ask her if she had a toy truck for him.

I also liked the subtle way they had Bo and Kayla stand near Colleen and Shawn. Here is a sibling relationship which is very healthy and strong, something that could have been Colleen and Shawn at their age, but Colleen’s extreme choice made that a lost opportunity.  I love the Bo/Kayla relationship.  I would have rather the show ended on Kayla telling Bo about his upcoming health issues, versus the ending of John and Colleen.  (Though the door slam of Marlena was too awesome).

Next on the list of sibling relationships is the sudden pairing of brother/sister Lexie and EJ. They both have good sibling chemistry and I have to admit, I liked how Lexie tried to gently dissuade her brother from getting too attached to Allie as well as reminding him that Sami still loves Lucas. I have a few problems with it, I can believe they have bonded, especially over Stefano’s recent health issues, but this whole BFF thing is bugging me a bit. Didn’t she at first blame him for making her a hissing ninja? And how can she just up and tell him about Kayla’s pregnancy? I can’t begin to describe how wrong that was, Lexie just got reinstated and already she is misusing her position and telling everyone confidential patient information.  I’d give anything for Kayla to read her the riot act when she gets back, especially for her telling EJ of all people, but I’m sure I’ll be disappointed.

Even most of the rest of the show had their own version of the brother/sister dynamic. Lucas initially asked Sami to bring his daughter with her, who is a twin to Johnny that is fathered by EJ, his nemesis. If the show manages to keep the paternity consistent, this can cause endless problems between the twins as they grow up. Also, though you could easily miss it, Belle did remind Chloe that she hasn’t forgotten about Brady, her brother, and if Shelle were to remain on the show (instead of thankfully leaving) I think Belle will never forgive Chloe for whatever happened to Brady.

So today’s show had a lot of problems with it, but there was enough of good stuff to keep me at the optimists table.  I do love an episode that revolves around a certain subject, though now that Hogan is permanently gone, I doubt this writing staff can keep it up.


2 thoughts on “Brother/Sister relationship

  1. PR and MBE really sell the sibling connection. Watching them together makes me wish Kimberly was able to come back too. I loved her!

  2. I would love for Kimberly to come back for a visit (she was my least favorite Brady, though I did like her a lot). My favorite about Kimberly was to watch her with Bo or Kayla (I would say Roman too but that was when DHe was in the role so it’s too sad to say).

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