Johnny NoPlay

So the first episode of Survivor “Fans vs Favorites” has gone by, and what have we learned? That apparently people picked with the only option of being “real” fans of the show can look just like previous players of seasons past, that Parvati hasn’t changed a bit and Johnny Fairplay’s legend outweighed the actual man.

I do like the show brought in the fans without telling them who they would be playing against. I wonder if they suspected anything, it’s about time for an allstar Survivor and surely they wondered why they hadn’t seen the other tribe yet. I think it’s funny that the show insists the favorites have a huge advantage of the other tribe simply by doing this before. Maybe after watching a gazillion episodes of this show, I still can’t believe new players come in and suffer culture shock at the initial experience. I really thought this season would be different, but it looks like already one of the new people is realizing this isn’t quite like she thought it would be and is nearly in tears before the first immunity challenge.

I think the only advantage the favorites have over the fans is camera time as it’s easy to show the people the viewers are familiar with over the unknowns. So far two couples have emerged, James/Parvati and Ozzy/Amanda. The former doesn’t surprise me, Parvati knew exactly how to flirt with any male near her and you would think James could see through this stunt, but he’s a nice guy who probably likes to have the positive attention. The latter couple really does surprise me, I would think Ozzy would be very careful on who he flirts with, especially Amanda who, though not as bad as Parvati, did learn to hitch herself up to strong guys who surrounded her.

So that leaves us with Johnny Fairplay, who obviously came into this game thinking he was going to rule the roost. Part of me can’t blame him, his reputation since his own season has survived long after the rest of his season has fallen from memory. Other seasons have referenced his “grandmother lie” and he’s ruined the chance for anyone to receive actual bad news about family members on this show and not be taken as a stunt for sympathy. Like other reality TV stars, he’s probably kept up with other shows and given Big Brother’s All Star season from a few summers ago, the similarly infamous and “evil” Dr. Will was able to not only control and outwit most of the houseguests but come very close to winning the thing again.

Which maybe that’s what Jon was going for, trying to pull a Will with asking them to send him home but attempt to have a reason for it, since he’s going to be a father soon. However, I refuse to accept that the man who masterminded the fake Grammy death would really come on here and expect us to fall for another sob story again, but that doesn’t mean I have any sympathy for him. No, in fact, I say it’s just rewards for a guy who managed to commit one of the really all out inappropriate gameplays in Survivor history to only have that same experience bite him back in the ass the next time he plays.

So closes this episode. TWoP mentioned this is the worst episode premier ever of Survivor but I disagree. I think the show did step back and let the contestants make up their own drama (especially on the favorites side) instead of releasing the new twists for this season which we’ve yet to see (other than it being an all star season). I think this episode was a honeymoon episode, something we really don’t get very often, where we could watch and get to know the new faces of the game before their time is up. Next week has the new twist to the game, in reference to exile island. Can’t wait to see how the favorites react to that.


3 thoughts on “Johnny NoPlay

  1. First, I’m excited about this season if only because NOTHING ELSE IS ON!

    Second, I gave the edge to the favorites. Having been there before is a huge advantage, because no matter how many times you’ve seen the show, living it is different. I know what it looks like to starve and be cold and generally be filthy all day long thanks to Survivor, but I still don’t know what it feels like (and never will!). It’s a big difference.

    That said, I think being the underdogs, as fans, is what gave them the advantage. Nothing says “team” more than a common goal. I’m rambling now… you know what I mean! 🙂

  2. Yeah the Fairplay thing was odd. I read on that he wasn’t able to go home immediately but had to go to sequester for the duration of filming.

  3. Well, Slynn, I know watching it and being there are two different things, but after seeing so many seasons of survivor, I KNOW it’s going to be difficult. I grow tired of people who insist they can handle it, then get on there and cry and whine that it’s just too tough. Yea, I have a heart of stone.

    Brandname, that makes since on Fairplay. They would give the illusion he remained longer.

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