Confirmed Dead

If I didn’t know any better, I would think the world of Lost exists in the same world as Days of Our Lives, because what are the chances of an airline announcing there were no survivers of a crash from one of their planes, only to discover almost everyone survived (at least the actual crash) and are trying to escape what appears to be a tribe of crazies who are led around with a madman who knows all?

The show is taking it’s time with revealing which eight people escaped the island to make it back to civilization.  (Can we make a random guess that if they are named “Oceanic 8” that none of the island natives like Alex or Juliette were able to leave?)  This episode features on totally new characters, one who was introduced very briefly at the end of last week.

Daniel-Really the flashback on him gave us nothing.  He gets rather emotional upon hearing the news of a tragic plane crash.  Could we presume he was aware of what was going on with Oceanic Flight 815 and knew there was a high chance of the plane crashing?  Other than that, he seems like a typical geek, complete with the awkward social nature.  I am instantly attracted to him.

Miles-I was rather annoyed the show is introducing a definite supernatural element to the story.  I know that we’ve been let to believe that everything on this island has some mystical characteristics but I still think we can explain everything away with science and creative story-telling (I’ll get to that in a minute).  I would say Miles is crazy but finding the stash of money in his flashback as well as guessing that Naomi’s death matched Kate’s version is too coincidental.

 Charlotte-I see we’ve got a British ice princess making  up the female crew member.  Her flashback told us more about Dharma than about her, other than she is no-nonsense and determined to work on the task at hand.  I have to say the show’s ploy of making me go WTF worked because I did a double take when she pulled out that collar on the desert polar bear.  (Note: Wasn’t Ben creepy when he started naming off her information and what their plan is?)

Frank-Now he is very interesting. He was supposed to be the pilot for the doomed flight.  Why didn’t he go?  Is it because his drinking was already in full swing by then and he was grounded?  Or did Oceanic pull him off the plane for other reasons, meaning they had ulterior motives for Fight 815 which required a man who was more under their control?  Naturally the show didn’t answer any of this.

I think this episode was really well done.  First and foremost it managed to give us more clues to the flight itself and this time the new questions that were presented felt like we were making headway instead of backtracking.  Why is Ben so afraid of these people and why do they want him?  Is Oceanic Airlines associated with the Dharma Initiative (which would certainly help explain the flight itself crashing as well as they trying to cover up with a fake plane crash)?  Obviously the team other than the pilot know way more than any of the Losties but can Locke manage to whittle down their resolve?

I want to now point to my online friend, Slynn, who came up with some great ideas on how the Losties got on the island (a mixture of Desmond’s part and Oceanic sending the plane “looking” for the mysterious island on it’s way to America).  I highly recommend y’all head over there and check out her ideas.


5 thoughts on “Confirmed Dead

  1. Yes, join me in my blog of doom… 😛

    Seriously, when you said you were ‘instantly attracted’ to Daniel, I laughed because we are so alike… and so was I!

    I like the supernatural element. Frankly, I don’t think there is enough crazy science for them to explain any of this… and if you watch some of the crazy ghost specials on A&E and Sci-Fi, a lot of “ghost hunting” and medium activities is science like… in a way. 😛

    In another LJ comm, someone pointed out that the satellite phone Captain/Officer Sean Parkman-Weiss (seriously, Greg Grunberg is on all the cool shows!) was very similiar to the one the Dharma guys carried. I’m not certain a satellite phone is standard carry-on for pilots (they do have radios!) so, it might be a big clue. That and I love Greg Grunberg and if I can’t see him on Heroes then I want to see him on Lost! 😉

  2. It’s “The Oceanic 6” not 8, unless I really missed something. Here is a lost commercial that shows that they are going with “The Oceanic 6” as their official name.

    8 is one of the numbers and 6 isn’t so thats interesting, especially since everything has had to do with the numbers so far.

    Good call on Dharma and Oceanic both being involved in the cover up. I am wondering what plane was in the water, and who was in it, since at least 90% of Oceanic 815 broke up on the island.

    If Frank and Co. are from Dharma Ben should be afraid, since he murdered all the Dharma people that were on the island.

    If the losties wonder onto a replica Salem then we know Ben is a Dimera, and everything will make sense lol. But seriously when are there not Salemites trapped on a tropical island?

  3. Hee, I knew you would like Daniel, Slynn.

    Thanks for posting Ashley. It was Oceanic 6? I thought about that but I thought it would be on the numbers. How odd. Good point on how worried Ben should be the way he butchered all the Dharma people.

    Another thing the island has in common with Salem is people seem to miraculously survive, like the guy with a patch.

  4. Thanks for sharing these valued Television ideas. I’m bookmarking you for future reference, as the subject resonated strongly with me. Keep feeding the creativity.
    I am currently travelling so, for this reason, I’ve nothing better to do than surf the web for television info,lie around or update my blog. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  5. Perhaps the writers of Lost should take more ideas from Days: Kate and Jack could consumate their relationship in a cave while Ben dangles Claire precariously over a vat of acid.

    I also definitely think there’s more to Charlotte than it seems. I think she may actually be tight with Ben.

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