Mary Beth Evans

Three scenes made me cry in today’s episode. All three included Mary Beth Evans who I feel is the most under appreciated daytime legend.

Kayla accepting her father’s death: Kayla has always thought highly of her family and revered her parents. She has also been the rock in her family’s troubles, I remember when Marlena first “died” (back when she was married to John who everyone thought was Roman) Kayla took very little time for herself, focusing on taking care of everyone around her instead. Now she has to sit back and let her father die because there isn’t enough oxygen to go around. Kayla became a doctor so letting someone die is against everything she has been trained for, but MBE’s perforamnce today was just so…awesome. She reverted to being a little girl (one who looked remarkably like AS) who was losing her father.

Kayla praying for her baby: Ok, I don’t know for sure if Kayla was praying. It was such a short, blink and miss it scene. But it was just soooo powerful that it has gotten me on the baby bus for S/K when I wasn’t before. Kayla has tears in her eyes, glances down at her belly and then up at the sky. The plane is shaking around her. Her father just gave up his oxygen for her brother who is dying on his own besides her. People are screaming and how can any of them survive? Kayla can’t bring herself to pray outloud for her baby. No doubt Kayla feels selfish even wishing for her baby to survive.

Bo wakes up: Bo waking up and seeing his father sans mask and freaking out was both riveting and painful to watch. Hope and Kayla gingerly telling Bo they were sorry just made me start blubbering again.

I am not saying today’s show was perfect, there were some problems. Belle and Shawn’s inability to take care of their own child, leaving it up to Marlena to do it. The show deciding the only character back at home to showcase for finding out the doomed plane trip is the one who can’t move his face at all. And I certainly could have done without the prolonged screams at the end. I expect people to scream on a plane when it’s going down, but it’s something that doesn’t shoot realistically.

Oh, and before I sign off, let’s just gaze at this, shall we?steve-rag.jpg


3 thoughts on “Mary Beth Evans

  1. I didn’t remember Mary Beth being such a good actress back in the day, but now that I go back to watch old clips, I see what I missed, and she’s only gotten better with time. (Unlike some actors and actresses I won’t name).

    As for Steve and the do-rag, I’ve been waiting for that since the “outtake” picture of him from July 4, 2006 wearing the red bandana that the producer made him put around his neck instead.

    :::checks one wish off the list:::

  2. I thought this episode was pretty good. It also had a different ‘feel’ than Days usually does.

    And I totally agree about those scenes. They got to me too.

  3. I didn’t appreciate MBE until I saw her on GH because her character was so radically different than Kayla (that is until they foolishly Kaylafied her when teaming her with SN). I didn’t watch ATWT but seeing some of her stuff on youtube, she really has grown so much, Paula.

    I agree, Densie, this episode did feel out of place. Maybe they brought in a different writer for this particular episode?

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