SKate and latest theory

I’ve had this weird love/hate thing with Kate on Lost for some time now. When I first started watching, it was the second season and it started off with Sawyer, Jin and Michael on a raft upset that Walt had been taken. Kate and Jack were with everyone else on the other side of the island. My first impressions was I figured they were going for a Jack/Kate pairing.

I just couldn’t warm up to it though. At the time I kind of liked Jack, I still had a fondness for Matthew Fox from Party of Five and I wasn’t aware he was the Dr. Marlena Evans of the Island. But I do remember seeing my first flashback with him where he met his ex-wife and thinking there was more chemistry between them than there was with his current love interest, Kate.

I actually blamed Kate, not Jack, at the time. Evangeline Lily was alright in the role but she didn’t seem to really add much to who Kate was, at least not in those early scenes of that season. Now please don’t swamp me with hatred, I think a lot higher of EL now than I did then (and think less of MF) but at the time I kept trying to find a reason to support Jack and Kate, and kept coming up empty. With Jack being so busy leading everyone, I blamed her.

Then I realized there was a triangle with Sawyer and looked into it, even before Josh Holloway made it back to that side of the island. I immediately loved him and Kate, finding they were a better match. That said, I didn’t like how Kate was so clearly “torn” between two men. It’s my main reason for hating triangles, a person truly torn between two different people will make me mad and irritated and this triangle was no different.

Season three seemed clear the show would go with the SKate pairing and end the stupid triangle.  However, halfway through, it was like the writer’s inexplicably changed their minds and had her head for Jack instead. That’s when Kate’s reputation on this show took a huge dive, thanks to the writer’s inability to choose a ship and stay with it. If Kate had chosen Jack earlier on, I admit I would have been disappointed but I could live with it. Now they have gone and made her bounce back between both men and are still doing it, so she just comes across as pathetic and bipolar.

So now I’ve come up with a little theory which is pure speculation mind you. This takes in account no spoilers, I know some but know none that support what I’ve come up with. First, we have to remind ourselves of an event that happened in the premier of S3 which seems to have been forgotten. When Jack, Sawyer and Kate were taken prisoners by the Others, Ben had a lunch out on the beach with Kate, letting her know things would become unpleasant. She alluded something happened to her before she was put into that cage across from Sawyer. We don’t know if it happened before or after her lunch with Ben, but it was clear from Kate’s actions something happened to her, we just don’t know what.

With so much discussion on Juliet and her part in trying to help women get pregnant on the island, what if Kate became pregnant at this stage? It could have been from rape, but the way the Others do things, I bet they artificially inseminated her. It would explain why Sawyer was the one the Others wanted to threaten instead of Kate, surely they knew Jack was more concerned about her than his rival? This would be a reason why they would keep her alive.

It also would explain why she kept having sex with Sawyer (and seems to continue to next week) when it was likely she could get pregnant. It also would explain why she is so adamant to get off this island even though a jail cell should be in her future.  It would also explain her weird bipolar moods. Bouncing back and forth between men like this is wrong but if her hormones are out of whack (which is probably more so on this weird island) it could help explain it.  If you want to think poorly of Kate, one could also guess she is trying to get on Jack’s good side, hoping he would help her out after she leaves the island in finding someone to take care of her baby when she goes to jail. She probably thinks Sawyer, even if he was willing to take care of a baby, wouldn’t be able to care for it like Jack could.

Finally, when Lost gave us that twist in the finale last summer, Kate talked about how she had to get back home to “him” when she met with Jack. Now much speculation out there is the “him” is actually a baby and theories arise it’s Sawyers or she actually has Aaron. What if the baby she has is Ben’s? It would explain why Jack never chose to remain with her, I know Jack has been written as a bastard (but never called on it) but he knows she slept with Sawyer and could very well be pregnant. I can’t see him walking away from Sawyer and Kate’s baby. However, I could see him walking away if Kate is having Ben’s baby, and she refuses to abort it.

I’m sure in a few days this will seem like utter nonsense, but it got in my mind from the other night and I’ve been unable to get it out.


One thought on “SKate and latest theory

  1. I’ve watched Lost since the beginning. I thought there was great chemistry between Sawyer and Kate. Jack and Kate would make great siblings — that’s the kind of chemistry they have. Kate’s inability to choose was inexplicable, just as you said. Out of character, imcomprehensible, I’ve come up with many other ways to describe it, meaning I spent way to much time thinking about a TV show.

    I’ve been thinking something like your scenario for Kate too. Or they just dropped the ball and hope we forgot about her picnic with Ben (which at least two of us haven’t).

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