Notice, now here this

Due to recent disturbing spoilers I read about a couple I adore on Days of our Lives…I, Tripp, will be going unspoiled on TV.

Yes, I don’t know why I’ve not thought of this before. I might even say I’ll give it up for Lent, though I suppose it’s too late for that. I will not partake on hearing spoilers, good or bad.

Unless it’s about Lost. I need those, though I always regret it. I also like spoilers for CSI, I really don’t care for that show anymore so it doesn’t matter if I get those. Oh, and Heroes, I’m really curious about where we will be for the new season.

Ok, listen up, from now on, Tripp will go spoiler free for Days of our Lives.

Except for Casting spoilers, who’s coming or going.

And if anyone hears good spoilers for Steve/Kayla cause I worry about them and this crazy Ava chick. Oh, positive spoilers for Chick, I want to hear those. Any good Nick spoilers would be welcome. Come to think of it, any Nick spoilers would be good, even if they are bad because it would mean he should be sticking around for awhile so that’s ok too.

So yea, I’m spoiler free now. I mean it. Well starting Monday because I know Nick is on this Monday’s episode so I have to read prevuze at least tomorrow. And maybe for Wednesday cause he’s for sure on next Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “Notice, now here this

  1. You are too funny!!

    I was actually just thinking the same thing myself last night! (going Days spoiler-free) because I am way too upset about the Chick speculation. My heart can’t take another rift, and it may not even be true! I think I will limit myself to finding out who’s on what day, but not actually reading the content. We’ll see 😉

  2. Thanks for posting Maxxie.

    Yes it’s in response to Chick that makes me want to get off of spoilers. I can’t take another story where Nick is compared negatively to another “hunk” on the show and this guy, being a doctor, will now be smart too.

  3. Aww, you spoiler-free for Days? Wow, considering that you tended to dissect episodes before they even aired!

    I’ve been pretty good on being spoiler-free lately. I’m mostly spoiler-free for CSI and Co., as I do not really care either way. I was spoiler-free for the first season of Heroes (but read Slynn’s fics after asking her if they’re very spoilery), but after the season one final I just had to look if the Petrellis would be back in s2… so I’m not completely spoilerfree for that anymore.

  4. Yes, I’m trying to remain off of spoilers. It works for about a week but already I’m itching to take a peek because I’ve got renewed hope and hope will make me want to go look for spoilers backing up my hope. When I find spoilers in opposite contrast to that, I am bitterly disappointed.

    Heroes I’ve not been spoiled much. Heroes and Lost are shows that really do play so much better when ou don’t know what’s going to happen. But even so I can’t help myself sometimes.

    However, I know nothing of Heroes for S3.

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