Lost: A love story done right

When it comes to romance on Lost, usually people focus either on Jin/Sun or Jack/Kate/Sawyer. But there is another ship on this show, and it’s something that can get my heart strings going everytime.

When Desmond was introduced in the second season, I had no idea what his story would be. If you recall, after he ran away from the hatch, it was a while before we saw him again. When he did pop up, it wasn’t clear what his story really was until he was the person featured in the season finale for that year. It appeared Desmond “died” at the end of the episode, and a character I was lukewarm for most of the season, I was devastated at the thought of him really gone from the show. That’s the magic of ships!

desmond-penny.jpgThe next season gave us more Desmond/Penny goodness, especially with the introduction of Desmond’s psychic ability and apparently reliving his life again with Penny. I still get shivers when the jewelry lady asked Desmond what he thought he was doing buying the ring for Penny when he needed to walk away like he was supposed to do?

Now Desmond isn’t perfect. He kept saving Charlie over and over, something I would have just let happen to rid us of his company. He also has a big focus on the word “brotha” and saying it over and over. Finally, this season he is looking like an Irish Gibb and it’s becoming very distracting.

Still, last week’s episode where Desmond needed to contact Penny to speak to her for more than just a chance at love, it was a chance at his survival. Seeing Desmond beg an angry Penny from years ago for her phone number was heartbreaking and angst filled. Then when she finally gave it to him and he was able to call her which was moments later for him but eight years for her, it was so touching that even TWoP couldn’t snark on it. Was it over the top and a bit cheesy? Yes. But seeing a romance that is being played out where two people were torn apart more on internal issues rather than a third party in the form of a triangle, I’m loving it.

Now…just don’t tell me the show won’t screw up like having Desmond die or anything.


2 thoughts on “Lost: A love story done right

  1. I love Desmond! He and Penny are the best! My friend and I were just discussing this and we find (especially in light of tonight’s episode) that Desmond is one of, if not the most, important people on the island in terms of storytelling and mythology.

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