It’s come to my attention

I think I’ve made it as a blogger on the Internet! It seems I’ve been flamed by some posters of a ship that I have had no hesitation to blast (though it is kind of funny it should happen now, because their favorite male is making me utterly happy with his treatment of his “Twu Luv”.)

I write this blog for my own enjoyment, not to try to please people. I hope people with like minded opinions would comment, but I welcome feedback and conflicting views as long as you respect the poster (ie me and others who comment). Specifically targeting my personal opinion of SN (or any other actor) and saying negative things to my enjoyment of the character is really uncalled for. It’s one thing to make fun of the show or even the actors, but calling people out personally on your own blog makes not only yourself look bad, but others who support your favorites.

So, not that I can stop this person from continuing to make fun of me (and my love of Steve and Kayla) but I’d like to at least ask he or she next time to personally attack my viewpoints, have the courage and courtesy to comment here first.

5 thoughts on “It’s come to my attention

  1. When someone resorts to these tactics, clearly they’ve run out of real substance to back themselves up.

    It’s the easy hit. It’s what cowards and bullies do all the time. The Internet feeds this kind of behavior, because it is done anonymously. All the easier for them to get their jollies at the expense of others, and not have to witness first-hand what they say and do really does.

    Not to say that what we put out there isn’t open for response. Pretty much everything on the Internet (blogs, fics, etc.) is up for critique, which is fine. I enjoy debate. I don’t mind people taking up opposite positions of my own. As long as they continue to respect my right to my own opinion, I respect theirs. But personal attacks are different.

    Personal attacks are never called for and should never be tolerated. These are people who have sunk so low that they can think of nothing better than to try and hurt the person who has somehow differed in their viewpoint. It’s childish, tacky, crude behavior.

    That said, congrats Tripp! Obviously, you’ve hit a nerve, they know you are right, and have nothing better to come back with in defense of their own opinions. I say, continue to take the high road and set the example. And keep spreading the good word about Steve and Kayla. 🙂

  2. I agree with the above….not only does it show what lack of substance they have but it truly is a badge of honor for you.

  3. I totally agree, Tripp. The same person took the time to cut and paste my posts from S& and TWoP, but never took the time to directly respond to my posts at either place.

    On the other hand, it’s kind of fun knowing I made somebody that upset simply because I don’t like J&M and think it’s a positive sign that people are invested enough in S&K to post in anti-threads (I freely admit my investment in J&M for snarking purposes).

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