I need therapy (over ships)

Before I get into my discussion of this week’s Lost, let me just briefly reiterate on Days I have become very attached to the Chick pairing where Nick is the geeky guy and Chelsea was the bad, redeeming girl. It’s a dynamic I am seeing more and more of and though their story has been very disappointing in terms of story dictation, the acting and chemistry between the two kept me hooked. Now it seems very possible the pairing is on it’s way out (and having a geeky guy be thrown over for a charming hunky older doctor is just the saddest thing ever).

“The Other Woman”

So that said, let’s speak about this week’s Lost. What a great episode! Juliet is one of my favorite new characters to emerge from season 3 (well the only new character from season three). I find her fascinating, her evolution of a naive passive character we see in flashbacks to the stone cold, determined and very aggressive person we now have is compelling.True, part of my high esteem for her was deflated, more out of her declaration of Jack love than finding out she was “The Other Woman” to Goodwin, whom we knew she had a fling with. However, if she’s been living on this island knowing Ben has a “thing” for her while trying to sneak around with a married man who’s wife is her therapist, I can see where she thinks Jack is here to rescue her. (Actually I do like Jack and Juliet, there is more chemistry and I think it works much better than “Jate” but who knows what the show is going for).

There were other things about this episode to focus on as well. Ben giving Locke some answers and has now earned his place fully in the camp (Sawyer and Hurley’s reaction is priceless). We find out that Ben has been in charge of the chemical stations on the island which is probably how he was able to gas everyone on the island years before. Ben also is controlling “the others” in some respects as Harper (Goodwin’s wife) goes to find Juliet and get her to stop Daniel and Charlotte from their apparent mission. Juliet, Jack and a newly returned Kate head after them (after Charlotte awesomely knocks Kate in the head hard, she so deserves that). As usual, all is not what it seems as Daniel shuts down the chemical plant before it can experience the meltdown, seemingly to be on the “right” side after all. Is Ben the one who is the real bad guy? Or are Daniel and Charlotte really up to no good?

Charlotte, Daniel, Juliet

See, lots of questions. We got a few answers. But what do I focus on? The relationship between Daniel and Charlotte (who are pictured above with Juliet from a few episodes ago), I swear there was a moment there before Kate showed up as Daniel was lamenting to Charlotte about how he might not succeed. Charlotte has been shown to be a fairly icy bitch but she most definitely softens with the dysfunctional and crazy Daniel. What are they doing to me? It’s ridiculous for me to focus on such a short scene, or the one near the end when Daniel does deactivate the station and Charlotte looks so proud of him. WTF? I need to let couples like this go. I can take a hot guy like Sawyer losing out on love if Kate is truly destined for Jack. He’s hot and can have more women. Geeky guys like Daniel (and Nick) aren’t so experienced and it seems to hurt me when they get so close to what they really want, only to lose out later.

Yes, I need therapy. I found the scene on youtube. It’s nothing isn’t it? I blame Dena Higley.


2 thoughts on “I need therapy (over ships)

  1. I adore Daniel, I’m all about the geek love too. I hope they don’t split up Chick on days, maybe Lexie will cheat on Abe again with the new Doc. If you need a Geek/Bad Girl pairing fix check out General Hospital’s Spinelli and Maxie, they’re fantastic.

  2. Ashley, I love Daniel on Lost too. I don’t know why I like him with Charlotte though it might just be a rebound affair.

    I would go for Spinelli and Maxie but there has been no confirmation that they are really going for them in the romance department. I can’t get my heart broke with the geeky guy.

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