Wow, this is a first

I got suspended on TWoP. I didn’t get a warning first, just BAM. Suspended. Since I think PaddyMcPaddy was suspended too, I know I am in excellent company.

Really this is a good time for them to suspend me. I’m jumping on here to say I’ll be temporarily gone due to minor medical surgery I’m having. It’s nothing serious and I plan to be back soon. Keep me in your prayers.

And I do know, whatever happens TV shall go on. I expect the Island Losties to be fighting off the evil wrath of Ben while Kate and Juliet fight over the likes of Jack. On Survivor I expect them to be fighting with each other and maybe Jonathan’s knee injury isn’t as serious as they made it sound. I expect by the time I wake up Chelsea and Daniel will have set a wedding date while Nick believes he is still her boyfriend. You know, Life May Suck, but TV Shouldn’t.

9 thoughts on “Wow, this is a first

  1. Thank you!

    I’m suspended until Friday morning I think. I have a feeling I’ll be able to be up and around on Thursday so it will hurt not to talk about what I thought of today’s and tomorrow’s shows.

  2. I am wishing you well! Sometimes I think TWoP is out of control. Why did they suspend you? They are so random with what they enforce.

  3. i wasn’t able to get your PM before they suspended me!

    but hi! *waves*

    my account just came back up today, so…good to see you again.

    have you noticed Jack Malloy in the Comparative Soaps thread? Ay-yi-yi!

  4. I think I can start posting tomorrow morning. It’s been killing me as I’ve had a lot to say, especially to yesterday’s episode with Stax and Chick.

    And as for the Comparatives Soaps thread, I guess I’m going to have to just stay out of there. Sadly because of the suspension I wasn’t able to turn my subscriptions off so it kept sending me everytime anyone posted, including JM.

    So unfair.

  5. it was really unfair that you got smacked with a suspension without a warn, tripp. i’m sorry about that. and i’m looking forward to reading your thoughts re: stax and chick. i’m worried about chick. i really am. i wonder if blake berris is long for days and i get concerned. can’t we have one realistic, nice guy on soaps?

    but i’m glad you’ll be back tomorrow and i’ll be happy to snark with you about anything and everything!

    god, i wish TWoP had an ‘ignore’ feature. that guy just does not give up.

    see you on the boards!

  6. I am rather miffed I got no warning. I had one months ago but didn’t think I’d never receive another one.

    I’m worried about Blake too. I can’t understand why they are pushing Daniel and Chelsea so hard. My soap gut tells me it’s “too hard/too much” but w/o any follow up to Nick’s POV it’s hard to get my hopes up.

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