What a Waste…

So today the show thought it would be a good idea to suspend the drama by not releasing who the donor is even though it’s obviously Chelsea. She was the only one at the hospital who wasn’t there unless we were supposed to think it was Roman. Damn, this is the most disappointing way a story has worked out since the great stall of last spring.


I knew from spoilers a long time ago Chelsea would be the donor and at the time, since I’m a Chelsea fan and want the character to work through some of the resentment that is still left over from her killing Zack, I was really looking forward to see how this story would play out. *Bangs head on desk* How the show could take something that had such great potential and literally screw it up amazes me and makes me see why people go off on Higley. Now below is my rant and please keep in mind, I believe the actors are doing the best they can, Rachel Melvin in particular is pulling out all the stops to showcase her character in a living hell, but it’s just not the right direction for the character and is creating a backlash yet again for the newly improved Chelsea Benson Brady.


I initially thought there would be an awesome RM/PR scene once she was told she could be the donor. I imagined Chelsea volunteering and upon finding out she was a match, Bo would argue with her. The risks to her own life weren’t worth it and he had already lost his father needlessly and now he could very well lose his daughter. I wanted to see a moment where Chelsea tells Bo she knows the risks and didn’t care. That finally she is given the chance to make up for what she did to her little brother and this was it. Bo could insist she has proven herself to be a better person than that old Chelsea, but she could shush him and say she needs to prove it to herself.


Instead we have Chelsea making this whole Bo thing about herself. She’s self-destructing and while RM is doing a HELL of a job with her performance it’s difficult to root for her. It’s difficult to see Chelsea actually take a step back character wise in such a way that does make her seem so selfish that she can’t even manage to stay up at the hospital when it’s possible she can be the one and only donor. I’m irritated that more people haven’t noticed Chelsea is missing, that anyone would let her wander off and not make sure they knew where she was going. It’s crazy.


My second hope was we would finally be rewarded with a Chick scene. Nick has been backburnered for months now and I’ve kept my mouth shut and dealt with it, simply thinking with the WGA strike and his large screentime last year it was just his turn. I knew Chick can’t remain happy forever but I thought the last thing they would do is try to split them up while Nick is being a supportive boyfriend and Chelsea could lose her father. I thought for sure Nick would be sitting with Chelsea alone before the surgery and she admits to being scared…just to him. He is torn, he’s proud of her for putting her father first but at the same time scared to death she will die. He decides to finally voice his fears a little and tell her it’s not too late to back out. That everyone, even Bo, would understand. Chelsea could then smile and tell him donating an organ for her dad is the best thing she’s ever done in her life and it’s because of Nick’s influence which let her help make the decision so easily. Rachel Melvin and Blake Berris have proven themselves so capable of such intense and angst filled scenes but Higley is obviously clueless of it.


Instead we’re getting Chelsea pushed into Daniel’s lap. He’s going to be the hero in this (even though he didn’t bring up the surgery himself) and Nick is missing in action. Will they even confront why Nick wasn’t at the hospital or will it be lame like he had meetings at the college? Kate called him today so why wouldn’t he be shown frantically looking for Chelsea too? WTF? Why the hell didn’t the show just go ahead and break Chick up with the Ford storyline? Why have Nick still be her boyfriend if they aren’t going to use him. Take advantage of RM and Blake’s God given chemistry with each other and use it.


Lastly, I think the show had an opportunity to showcase great KA and RM in scenes together. We’ve had a Hope/Chelsea bonding moment earlier which was too short and basically shoved aside so Daniel could come along and talk about how great a doctor he is. I thought if it was announced Chelsea would be the donor for her husband, Hope could be written to feel awkward and uncomfortable. Sure she has been shown to set aside her differences with Chelsea but it’s a whole new ballgame if Chelsea is the reason Bo can live. Hope could also play the part of giving us flashbacks to when Zack died and how much she hated Chelsea back then. Now it’s years later and it’s up to Chelsea to save him and she’s doing it without a care in the world for herself.


I realize all my scenarios could borderline making Chelsea into something she isn’t or what I don’t want her to be, that she could become a GHH. But the redemption for Chelsea is one of the few things that Hogan did right and now they are trying to take a step back, I believe to make it seem that Chelsea is a bundle of problems which currently means she needs a real man to take care of her. I didn’t want Bo’s illness to be about Chelsea, they should have let RM in the background quietly suffering while her father is dying in front of her. A few moments of her speaking about how the Benson’s death was sudden and no warning and now she’s stuck watching a slow and agonizing death and it’s killing her. Then it’s made clear how to save him and suddenly the focus goes from Bo to Chelsea and their relationship. Great transition and wonderful way to focus on family. They really dropped the ball on this one.


3 thoughts on “What a Waste…

  1. Your ideas are always much better than what actually happens. And completely logical too. There would be so much they could do between Chelsea and Bo, and between Chelsea and Hope with this, but no…

  2. Thank you Densie. I need to quit coming up with my own interpretation of how I hope a story would happen, even if it comes close to what I want, it’s never usually as satisfying. Of course this isn’t even close.

    Someone on another board came up with such an awesome idea for Nick I can’t believe I didn’t even think of it. With Nick being the obvious choice to compare the donor organs (and he even said the other day he asked to help), why not allow him to be the person to compare the donors and then wind up realizing the only match he can find for Bo is Chelsea, his girlfriend? The self awareness that comes from being the one to name your girlfriend as the only candidate for a life threatening operation to save her father who might die anyway is what soaps are made of.

  3. Yes, Days really did drop the ball, although I am not sure why I am surprised. Chelsea is such a complex character. I remember hating her after Zack’s death and when she tried to break up Hope and Bo, but I have really come to love her. I think there must be a happy medium so she can retain her edge yet act like a sensible human being.

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