Things not to Bitch about

Well, lately I admit I’ve been on this bitchwagon with Days, especially in regards to the propping of NuDoc and how he’s the greatest doctor to hit Salem since Dr. Marlena Evans. I also can only stand so much of bad dialogue and skipped plot beats (like how Chelsea went from telling Nick one day she wants to be a donor for her dad to then being completely drunk and ready to bury him).

But I think I need to back off my bitching, I need to remember there are some good aspects of the show.

He’s looking hot…First, the most important, today Nick was finally written into an episode, it’s amazing to me how that can make so much difference in my enjoyment of the show. Today’s chick scenes have renewed my hope that all is not lost with this couple and that the show’s creepy walk into cradle robbing territory is merely going to wind up being a crush on Chelsea’s part. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed but I expect things will get worse (with Chelsea and Daniel) before they get better. That said, today’s show clearly proves Chelsea does love Nick and he’s still being a good boyfriend.

Second, we are getting good interaction on friendships lately. I really loved how Hope took Steve’s hand and they prayed, you rarely see that done on Steve and Nick interacting?  Be still my heart!TV and I was worried it might be too heavy handed but I think KA played it just right. Additionally I loved the poker game between Stephanie, Nick, Steve, Kate and Max (yes even Max). The way they sat around talking about Chelsea (did I hear mention of the Nickfund? Be still my heart!) and talking about her with love and adoration is something I felt had been severally lacking from this story. Up until now I felt like saving Bo’s life was all that mattered to anyone and thank God the donor was Chelsea since she’s not that much of a Brady thus can be sacrificed. Thank you for Chelsea concern. Also, having two of my favorite males pictured here in the same room playing cards is something that money can’t buy (not even Nick’s $50K).

Third, RM’s performance has been knocking me away and she deserved a lot of credit for overcoming some particularly contrived moments in the story. Rachel Melvin wrote on her blog how day_10786_06.jpgnervous she has been on these upcoming scenes (which is very understandable). The moment when she climbed up into Bo’s bed yesterday was enough to make even myself lose that cynical side. Today I noticed another scene which I believe we can thank Ed Scott where we see both actors from one angle. Seeing her father so weak and frail is what pushes Chelsea to lose her usual selfish edge and do what she knows she must do. It’s a great redeeming moment for the character (though I could have done without her getting drunk first and the suspense that she wouldn’t sober up in time) and I can complain and bitch that Kate is getting a lot of scenes that should go to Nick, I find that I can easily forget about it when I focus on Rachel. It’s a shame she is featured on NBC, she’ll never get any Emmy consideration.

See! I can be positive! I really can! Especially if I keep seeing what I’ve seen above (hint, more Nick, can’t have enough Nick!)




5 thoughts on “Things not to Bitch about

  1. ACK! What happened to Stephanie’s hair?!

    Sorry to go so off-topic. I haven’t watched more than 10 minutes for about two weeks. It’s been obvious that she would be totally blonde eventually but I’m still kind of shocked. Not a good look for her at all.

  2. No it’s not. I hate it. I’m sure it’s in answer to the S/K fans who refused to accept a brown haired daughter of Steve and Kayla (though they were fine with a red headed daughter which I found much less likely.)

  3. aaww your blog and your wonderful comments about rachel made me teary!! Very good observation, put the show in a little better perspective for me.

    I had some to adore Shelly as Stephanie, the lightening of the hair now, is a joke. I don’t like it at all. It’s way too fake.

  4. Thanks for posting Johnsonlovin.

    I probably should have named this post…”All about Rachel” because she is the theme. She does deserve it.

  5. Tripp, I loved the poker playing. I was fun and unexpected. And I experienced a little thrill as well to see Nick and Steve together on screen. Remember when Steve smashed the Santa Nick had just fixed? I loved that scene!

    I am glad that everyone was gathered at the hospital, if the choice was between that and having everyone go on with their lives, totally unconcerned about Bo. But it was getting very, very old.

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