History Channel drops “Channel” from name

Well, it seems to be official, the History channel will be now called History.

I spend a lot of time writing about my favorite TV shows, mainly fictional.  But I have another great love in this medium, the documentary.  I have a fascination with most things history and crime and The History Channel is a great place to find both.

What concerns me is that changing their name to go into “other forms of media” will push them down the path that many of my other, former favorite cable channels ahve gone such as A&E and Discovery.  I don’t want to see a handful of reality TV shows showing up…placing strangers and forcing them to live in conditions such a Civil War camp or some kind of history trivia game show.  I loved the channel because I could learn, and most of their documentaries could be entertaining on their own.

I know in the past they have received ltos of critisicm, mainly due to the abundance of WW2 features and I began to wonder if that’s all that has happened in the world.  Still, they do have some great features, usually focusing on Am. History but broadening out to European or Biblical whenever they can.

Hopefully that won’t change.  I need my documentaries.  You never know when arcane knowledge such as how Lizzy Borden possibly killed her parents could work it’s way into everyday conversation.


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