Lost Hiatus

So this week’s Lost episode has temporarily ended what was initially 16 episodes that then was cut to 8 is going to wind up being 13. The eighth episode will now premiere for a sixth episode arc even though it was green lighted to be the makeshift season finale thanks to the writer’s strike. In a way all this number juggling is very fitting to a show which has emphasized such importance of certain numbers in the plotline (4 8 15 16 23 42).

This past week’s episode featuring Michael really was a bit disappointing given the more exciting and/or heart tugging centric episodes that led up to this point. Comparing it to the Penny/Desmond or Jin/Sun centric episodes it can leave you a bit cold, mainly because they are unable to show us Walt since the timeline of Lost means he shouldn’t have grown the four years since he was first introduced. Part of me wishes they simply just recast with a similar looking actor (too bad they hadn’t thought to cast an actor with a younger brother also in the biz, oh but hindsight is 20/20 isn’t it?) because I wanted to feel Michael’s anguish of managing to rescue his boy and getting him back to civilization safely only to lose that relationship he so wanted to develop. But because we had no moments personally between he and his son, it was difficult to empathize. Note: I hadn’t thought of how it was impossible for the two to re-enter society without explaining about the rest of Oceanic 815 and now Walt is a boy without an identity…as if that kid doesn’t have enough issues he’s going to have to work through.

So the angstyness of the episode wasn’t really at the full level we’ve gotten used to but we did get answers didn’t we? How can you say that isn’t exciting! I can say so because the answers we got felt like ones we already knew. We knew Ben had a spy on that boat and once Michael appeared before Sayid and Desmond (question: does Desmond know Michael?) it didn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce that he was Ben’s spy. Ben has proven himself to be quite a manipulative master and there had to be more to Michael leaving the island than just keeping him boy safe. I knew Michael’s bomb wouldn’t work since the ship was still intact for Sayid and Desmond to board.

I was a little surprised that Michael and Walt made it back to society before Widmore’s ship set sail. I think the show has helped themselves out a great deal by saying time on the island is different than out in the real world. I think the only scene that shocked me was Sayid turning on Michael and handing him over to the ship’s captain. Especially interesting since we know Sayid will wind up going to work for Ben and I presumed this was the first stepping stone for him to trust him. Seems Ben has some more courting to do.

So overall, I felt the episode was rather disappointing. I miss seeing Sawyer and Daniel; Michael has never really been one of my favorite characters to begin with so using up one of our few episodes to center around him does leave me a bit irritated (though I understand why they did it). Is it the worst episode of the season? No, that honor goes to the Kate centric episode. This one rates just right above that one (or maybe above the Hurley one.) I wish they could have tied my Lost cravings while we hit this short hiatus with a stronger episode.


3 thoughts on “Lost Hiatus

  1. It is too bad that the actor who plays Walt has grown so much because I really would love to see a flashback of the two on the boat home to New York.

    Mike was never a fave of mine either, but my friends and I like to do impressions of him that begin with “They took my boy!” and end with “Waaaaaaalllllllltttttt!”

  2. Hee on “WAAALTTT”

    I watch a show called Xplay which reviews video games. They reviewed the “Lost videogame” that came out recently. It’s story revolves around season 2.

    Anyway, they showed a clip of Michael running around going “Have you seen my son Walt?” Then “WAAALLLTTT!” LOL

  3. I agree. I found the episode a bit of a let down too. In fact I found Michaels return a bit predictable really.
    Nice blog 🙂

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