Just when you get to like her…

I admit, I’ve never been an Ami fan. Never. I had managed to rid my memories of her presence from her previous season on this show, but once I saw her show up on “favorites”, I confess I think her presence annoyed me more than Johnny’s did.

So last night I did feel like she was most sincerely sorry for trying to manage a coup with the fans to go after Ozzy. I believed she did finally feel “part” of this tribe now and wanted to stay in the game now because she had a new idea to a strategy, such as more powerful alliances.

But I can’t feel that sorry for her. Unlike Erik who really had no control of going from a tribe of fans to a mixed tribe of favorites, she did make a mistake which there are always consequences. I remember thinking while she was testing the waters with Tracy and Chet, that this could very well come back and bite her in the butt, especially since Erik does have a “man crush” on Ozzy which is obvious to everyone. I’m rather shocked he held this secret in this long. For some reason, the show never really edited in what really happened to trying to oust Ozzy, I think it just sort of tampered off so maybe Ami never meant what she was saying at all. Still, I think if you are willing to start something like that, you better push it through or the whole thing can backfire.

But there is one thing that does make me mad. It has nothing to do with who eventually wound up going home, but how they made the ultimate choice. Before Ozzy returned to the tribe, it seemed very likely Ami would stay and Erik would go. That it was Ozzy’s decision that sent Ami packing and apparently the “non leader” of the tribe insisted anyone who attempts to oust him must be gone immediately without actual discussion to the party being accused!

Why didn’t Amanda tell Ozzy what she told the cameras? “Better the devil you know, then the devil you don’t…” is actually a good argument for a game like this. What about Cirie? Did she just accept Ozzy’s decision so easily? That doesn’t sound like her.

Now in lighter news, how HILARIOUS is next week’s promo?  I am looking forward to Eliza’s scenes and I can be confident I’ve never said THAT before!


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