Random Days Questions

So…if Ava sent a spy into the hospital, why could he get a picture of Stephanie but not the REAL Kayla Johnson?

And why did Ava do that again?

If Angelo works for Ava’s father, why does he take her crap and not tie her to a chair?

What do Kayla and Bo really think they are going to do? Hold hands and scream “CRUTCH POWER!”

Why does missing his memories force John to talk like the cookie monster?

Has anyone noticed the theme to Days sounds a lot like Gone with the Wind? (Just noticed this)

Why would anyone think the surfer lingo Daniel uses all the time is something we WANT to hear? And does he comb his hair forward that way to hide a receding hairline? And how can Chelsea be into a douche bag like him instead of her sweet, lovable boyfriend Nick?

Which, where is Nick?

Why is Max still upset about college? Can’t he just…go?

What would have happened to Stephanie and Morgan’s internships if neither Tony or Anna had approved the taping?

How long are Steve and Hope going to be held captive?

Tune in to find out how these questions will never get answered on Days of our Lives!


3 thoughts on “Random Days Questions

  1. “What do Kayla and Bo really think they are going to do? Hold hands and scream ‘CRUTCH POWER!'”

    Now I really need this to happen.

    Here’s what I don’t get about Max…he’s a famous race car driver. He lost all his money because of the whole TTS fiasco and now he’s all mopey because he’s working the pub and “can’t” go to college. So, why doesn’t he just go back to racing? Not that I wouldn’t love for the racing nonsense to be dropped forever, but that’s apparently the only thing he knows how to do and he made a good living out of it, so why not do that. It would be the perfect send-off for the character. It’s win-win!

  2. lol. that right there is why i can’t bring myself to watch the show again. at least not until nick is given a story that is actually worthy of him. with chick on the rocks (i guess we can’t even say that.. it’s more like they’re a non entity… and from what megan has told me about rachels comments @ the fan event, its not good) that’s the only bright spot of the show.

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