It’s just a Stick…

This past week was truly a monumental (and hilarious) episode of Survivor.  Of course, last week’s promo told us what would happen, that Eliza would wind up seeing Jason’s “immunity idol” and tell him it was just a stick.  Oh, yet it worked out even funnier than I imagined.

I’ve never been an Eliza fan. I can’t understand how she even got on the all-star game since I barely remembered her original season.  She certainly never fit in with the other batch of survivors and I believe if they hadn’t been split up, would have gone before Ami.  However, I do have to admit, watching her incredulous expression at seeing the fake idol she once believed to be her saving grace on the show was enough for me to like her a little. If only because in my occupation of my previous employer, I had dealt with people who lived in just as crazily delusional surroundings as Eliza’s poorly chosen partner and nothing can make one relate to a formerly disliked person than sharing lunacy stories.

However, Ozzy’s ego which is becoming so large it may wind up growing past Probst’s bugs me to no end, and almost ruined my pleasure of viewing such a highly enjoyable episode (becoming quite rare for this show nowadays).  I hope he doesn’t leave. I really thought they would try to target him since he didn’t win the immunity challenge this time.  Now that they know he has the REAL immunity idol, I’m afraid I’m going to be stuck with him for a long time.


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