Poor Warrick, Knew Him Well…Not

So, the next person to leave CSI is Gary Dourdan.

It’s not surprising. Jorja Fox left CSI earlier this season and now GD is going. The cast is trying to get out while they can, before their characters totally suck. Sara’s integrity was basically lost when they chose to go the way of GSR. Warrick Brown pretty much never had a story other than being in a failed marriage and wound up nearly getting arrested for sleeping and getitng high with a stripper who was found murdered hours later.

Such a waste. CSI has one of the most talented supporting casts on television. George Eads’s character of Nick being buried a few seasons ago was really riveting, but I wanted follow up. A character just doesn’t walk away from that perfectly fine. We had a few short scenes where he seemed to have some recall of his horrendous experience (as well as being stalked and having a gun trained on him in earlier episodes). Sara had a very interesting past. Her mother apparently killed her father for reasons we never found out but we did know she was placed into a mental institution, leaving Sara to be raised in the foster care system. Don’t get me started on how they have wasted Greg (Eric Szmanda) who is the geek of the geeks and yet when he finally is given his own storyline, it’s basically having a bunch of bad guys beat the crap out of him.

I place blame on William Peterson which may be unfair. I have no idea how much influence he really has on the show but given he is an executive producer and Gil Grissom never makes mistakes, I have to think he has more say than any of the supporting cast. Marg Helgenberger’s weight is just as noticeable, probably helps to be married to the president of the SAG.

So, good luck to you GD. Good for you to walk away from a show that might be still a powerhouse in ratings. Hopefully you can find a show that will actually let you be featured more than once ever 2 seasons.


5 thoughts on “Poor Warrick, Knew Him Well…Not

  1. This show! Geesh!

    Remember when we were fascinated with the characters? When Warrick had a real problem, a gambling addiction, a grandmother he helped support, a since of wanting to help his community…


    The same can be said for all the wasted plots on poor Nick and Greg and everyone that isn’t Grissom or Catherine.

    Ugh, I just can’t even… wasted!

  2. I know Stacy. I miss the old days when we were RIVETED to the show. And how waiting for Thursday took forever. Hee, I remember so excited about seeing certain episodes.

    Oh, the life of a shipper.

    Brandi, I love Nick too but my favorite is Greg. I think since you know my Blake Berris fetish, you can see why. He was my first nerd love of that type.

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