Short term corrections

Days is getting really bad in the quality department which shouldn’t be shocking to anyone. With flashbacks of couples we don’t like, stories that don’t ever go anywhere and dialog that is boring as hell, it’s tough to make it through an entire episode.

So here are things that the show can quickly change without making major plot twists:

  • Whenever the word “hot” is used to describe someone’s looks, scratch it out and replace with beautiful.
  • Put Paul Hollingsworth in more scenes. He doesn’t have to say anything, just sitting there is fine.
  • Remove Daniel from any scenes involving Chelsea. Yes, I know this is difficult given he is her doctor and she is now very very sick but since he mainly talks like a moron, let his part be filled in with clips from Hawaii Five-O episodes.
  • Stop giving us Steve/Ava flashbacks. This can’t be said enough. There hasn’t been one that has helped us understand their relationship anymore than what we already knew. Even today’s wedding was unnecessary since it was narrated the whole time by both Steve and Ava.
  • Give Blake Berris something to do.
  • Now that Nicole’s hair has gotten fixed, please do something about her clothes.
  • Stop letting John smile so damned much. He looks like a muppet having dirty thoughts.

7 thoughts on “Short term corrections

  1. Nicole looks like she walked out of an episode of Dallas where she played one of JR’s secretaries/girlfriends. Where is Blake Berris? I seriously wonder what his guarantee minimum is on his contract.

  2. Good news on Blake. He should be on Monday. Given the severity of Chelsea’s condition, hopefully that means he will be on all week (God forbid they should actually list him in spoilers though). As for his contract, since this is his first acting role, I doubt his contract is as strong as say Rachel’s who just resigned this month.

    And love the comparison of Nicole being from Dallas. That fits her look perfectly.

  3. I have become obsessed with soap contracts and guarantees per episode. Apparently Kim Zimmer on Guiding Light is up in arms because they’re not using her at all, yet still paying her.

  4. Well, I doubt Blake Berris would worry them . They didn’t use the DHs last year and I’m sure they carried more weight than my man Blake.

    I’ve heard about KZ.

  5. Are you starting to feel the Higley curse? The show may be getting better ratings, but it looks like it’s relying on some cheap tricks. And the couples in trouble and a mad woman in control…Why does this all seem so familiar.

  6. I dont think it’s getting that good of ratings. Ok, we had an all time low last year sometime, so it’s better but they are starting to fall and I’m not surprised.

    but you were right about Higley. Of course, they are killing the show simply because of Daniel and Chelsea. I loathe that couple. And I loathe Chelsea.

    *hugs Nick*

  7. I love Nick/Blake and Chelsea./Rachel together. They have the chemistry of Bo and Hope. Honestly I speed through just about every scene in search of Nick.
    Let’s see Nick gets no storyline for 5-6 months and then Chelsea breaks up with him. Are you writers kidding?
    Nick is like the Johnny Depp of the soaps, and Chelsea like Winona. Don’t you writers see how talented Blake/ Nick is. It goes without saying that the scenes between he and Chelsea are incredibly touching.

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