The Office Returns

I should have blogged about the return of The Office a few weeks ago.  That episode was absolutely worth waiting for.  Ironically, having nothing to do with the business environment itself, Michael and Jan host a dinner party of hell for two couples: Jim and Pam, Andy and Angela.

What I love about this episode other than some great one liners, especially from Pam, we are reminded that Jan who usually can interact out in the real world seemingly like a normal person, is really a raving lunatic bitch.  It’s revealed why Jan has such a jealousy towards Pam (she believes that Pam is Michael’s ex-lover) and tries to make her as uncomfortable as possible at the party.  What’s truly hilarious is how Angela joins in with her, without any other motivation other than she is Angela.

I just adore Jim and Pam.  It’s funny because many people who think about ship pairings as much as I do would probably take a look at a couple like this in a more romantically set environment like a soap opera, and think Jim and Pam would be too boring to watch after they get together.  But here is proof that if the writing is there, you can take two basically good, normal people and put them in a happy relationship which is so much fun to watch.  (Of course, being surrounded by crazies probably makes it easier for the writers).  Jim trying to leave Pam behind (on the excuse his apartment is flooded) is hilarious how she won’t let him get away with it, and my favorite lines of the episode is Jim turning Michael down from staying with him because his apartment is on fire.  Pam’s quick correction of it being flooded and he repeating the word shows how they work well together.

The episode ends with Michael leaving Jan and going to stay with Dwight who has crashed the party by picking up a random homeless person, pretending she is his old babysitter.  (It’s not clear his desperation is out of jealousy for Andy and Angela together or for the fact he wanted to spend time with Michael outside of work.  Oh, that’s so Dwight!)  We also have Jim confiding in Pam he swiped Jan’s CD from her former assistant so they could listen to the awful love song he composed.

Last week picks back up at work where Michael is having a major case of transference/rebounding and focuses in on the model in a catalog and wants to begin dating again.  This episode isn’t nearly as funny as last week’s, and my main problem is how it emphasizes the worst of Michael.  I don’t mind his sheer stupidity or self centeredness but I hate it when Micheal will become enraged at a gesture that he should feel grateful for.  It reminds me way too much of my old boss and sometimes when this show cuts too close to home, well, you lose appreciation for it’s realism.

However, redemption occurs in the ending with Jim and Pam (again, LOVE THEM!)  when Jim and Pam tapdance around the topic of them becoming engaged.  Jim reveals to us that he not only has a ring picked out for her, but he bought it a week after they started dating.  Pam doesn’t know this, she probably can’t tell if Jim is joking or being truthful (which is a great metaphor for their earlier pre-romantic friendship).  The end when they are walking to their car and Jim stops on bended knee even fooled me.  I couldn’t believe he was picking that exact place to propose!  Hee, but then it was followed up with “Pam, would you….” wait for me while I tie my shoe right here.  Love this coupling!


4 thoughts on “The Office Returns

  1. My two favorite parts was when Andy attempted to harmonize with Hunter’s CD and then when Andy told Michael he would invest in Serenity by Jan. Love Andy!

  2. Hee, Andy is someone who is so…just out there. I don’t want to ship him with Angela simply because I hate to see Dwight suffering, but I have to admit if there are any moments where I root for him is with her.

  3. Was I the only one that thought that maybe Hunter ‘s(West to you Heroes fans) song was perhaps inspired by Jan? I mean, she really fixated on Pam and Michael having a thing… a bit of transferance perhaps? Have you heard the lyrics to that song!?!

  4. LOL, oh no, I think it was greatly implied that Jan did sleep with Hunter and he was so moved he wrote a song about it. (Or lied to her more likely and said it was about her).

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