Bittermint…a flavor I taste while watching Days

Anyone tried these?

So I’ve managed not to come in here and create a giant bitch fest devoted to how upset I am at the pushing of Chelsea and Daniel in my face at the expense of Chick (or actually Nick).

But these past two days have taken the cake. Between the constant flashbacks of Steve and Ava making out to now giving us two extreme fantasy sequences of Chelsea and Daniel kissing, I am so repelled by this soap opera which for some reason can’t seem to get in their head how to create a proper romance.

Bittermint #1: I tuned back in when Steve and Kayla returned. I was so excited. I didn’t mind Kayla still holding a torch for her man all these yeras. If you were a fan of this couple and had to sit through the tragedy of Shayla (which really never happened) then it was fine with Kayla’s love for Steve being so strong she couldn’t be happy with anyone else. Now we could have a new love story where Steve falls for Kayla all over again, and then he becomes conflicted as he still saw himself as two different people, the old Steve and the newer one (Nick Stockton). He wants her to love him for himself, not because he looks just like the other guy.

Instead we got none of that. Steve began chasing after Billie who inexplicably wanted him back and Kayla’s heart be damned. Now? The story I wanted from them is going to John and Marlena. My only solace is I have a big feeling the Jarlena fans are not happy with the story, they only like it when John and Marlena sit around and act like horny teenagers together.

Bittermint #2: The courtship of Chick. Oh how I wanted Chelsea and Nick to have that slow burn story. For the early part of 2007, they were the only couple at the “falling in love” stage and I wanted to see romance and flirting and adventures. We got a little bit of that. But with Nillie!sex, hairbrush scandels and bad!sex, it was all basically ruined. If not for the chemistry, talent and charm of the actors playing them, I probably would have turned off to this pairing.

So who gets this story now? Stephanie and Max. That’s right, the uncle dating his neice story but we don’t talk about that (which is their one and only conflict). I really have come to care for Shelly Hennig but she’s still got a long way to go acting wise before she can carry Darrin Brooks who has rarely impressed me other than a few comedic moments. I don’t know why the show is constantly propping his character as the be all end all of this generation. I never bought him as a super race car driver. I’ve never bought him as a ladies man. I’m sure as hell not going to accept him as some kind of genius in hiding, correcting Nick’s work behind his back.

Bittermint #3: Chick again! So I heard about this donor story and how Chelsea would be the one to donate a piece of herself to fix her father. OMG, I was so excited! Not just for the Chelsea/Bo scenes but for what this could mean for Chick! They had been backburned for awhile now so I thought, an inevitable break up was coming but they wouldn’t dare do it now! Surely this will be written to showcase Rachel Melvin and Blake Berris fantastic chemistry and before the next estrangement, remind viewers how awesome they can be when they are together.

But no! We have the introduction of Daniel Jonas, played by the talented and charming Shawn Christen who looks every day of his 42 years. For some reason, Chelsea’s focus in this story is more on him than her father dying. He’s her hero now and whenever we have scenes with her and Bo, Daniel is right there. This wouldn’t have been so bad if they had bothered to write Nick in through these scenes as he should have been but his absence was glaring but never discussed (so apparently it bothered no one?) Does Higley not know what a talent Blake is? Has she not had time to sit and watch some of his previous scenes last year? Especially when he is opposite Rachel?

Bittermint #4: Today’s mint comes after today’s show where I had to watch yet another fantasy sequence of Daniel swapping spit with Chelsea. When I realized that Chelsea would have a crush on Daniel, I thought, ok, surely, this is a way for the writers to confront what’s wrong with Chick’s relationship, that Chelsea has infatuation/hero worship issues as well as a daddy complex (with Daniel’s age) so surely this is going to be a one sided crush where she winds up seeing the difference between infatuation and the real thing ideally right when Nick opens his eyes and walks away forever. Thus, a chelsea chasing Nick story begins.

So far we’ve not got any of that. Now Daniel’s attention to Chelsea is pretty arguable at best but today’s show I think we’ve reached a point where we will learn very quickly if Daniel does have feelings for Chelsea and whether the show is actually going to go there. I have no interest in watching Nick be in a full triangle with Chelsea after everything he’s done for her, this is becoming a pattern and it’s time to let him move on to a new love interest who will appreciate him. (This way I can completely FF the Chelsea/Daniel scenes and be thankful). I do wish the show would realize however that even with RM’s real age being 23, she looks way too young in normal scenes, but having her kiss him without makeup makes me feel like I’m watching a crime being recorded and used in To Catch a Predator (as my pal Nolebucgrl believes).

So anyway, I’m trying to be more positive. It sucks coming on here with my weekly Days postings and have to sound like such a downer, but when your favorite pairing is being ruined by the writers while they aren’t even bothering to write in the preferred person in the pairing, it sucks. It sucks big time.


9 thoughts on “Bittermint…a flavor I taste while watching Days

  1. Yay, a shoutout to me! Couldn’t agree with this blog more by the way, seeing as my favorite would-be couple (EJami) is also being shat (that is my word) upon by the new writing staff as well. Does Higley just not know how to write a romance? Is her husband 25 years older than her and thus she finds the Chan potential to be hot? Does she not realize that when you have EJ at the gym he should be scantily clad??? These are the questions to ponder on Days these days. It’s sad that there doesn’t even feel like anything good to look forward to. At least S&K are giving us some killer performances lately, they’re about the only good thing going!

  2. To Catch a Predator, ha! I can’t wait for Daniel to show up at Victor’s where Henderson offers him iced tea while Chelsea’s “doing laundry”.

  3. I can’t beileve EJ was covered in CLOTH from head to toe at the GYM too.

    Brandi, I don’t know how many more of these Chelsea/Daniel scenes I can take! It’s getting harder to snark on them.

  4. Fortunately, I missed all the Chelsea/Daniel scenes until Monday. For some reason, I was thinking he was brought on the show for Kate — which would be much more appropriate agewise.

    Like I said, Monday was not a good day to start watching again.

  5. Another Chelsea/Nick fan. Excellent. Followed from Prevuze.

    I suppose I’m in the minority in liking Chelsea. She won my heart in the scene with Abby when Abby spilled scalding coffee on the busboy and Chelsea replied ‘OMG! Is he going to get us another!’

    Not a fan of Chelsea and Daniels though. I don’t find it awesome or romantic. I found it cute when she had this crush on Dr. McAwesome. What teen doesn’t have crushes, I know I had one for my music teacher as did all the boys I believe.

    I did find it disturbing when he seemed to reciprocate those feelings.

    Why can’t the show leave it at the crush state? What could he find attractive about her. Does he want to be her daddy?

    To catch a predator. Haha!

    As for Nick, well sometimes I find Nick to be overly possessive. It’s like you can look at him for 2 minutes and tell he never had a ‘Hot Girl’ girlfriend. Regardless I still like Chelsea and Nick.

    I liked Willow too… <_<

  6. Thanks for posting Klaus and welcome!

    I hated Chelsea until she began snarking one liners with Steve while her mom was dating him. It probably had more to do with how everyone thought it just dandy that Billie move in on Kayla’s amnesiac husband so Chelsea was our lone voice on the show, though clearly she had her own selfish reasons.

    I admit I never found it cute on her crush for Daniel, we’ve been down this road before wth her and I knew it wouldn’t be harmless. I had no idea though he would reciprocate feelings.

    I have to disagree on Nick being overly possessive though. He gives Chelsea plenty of space (apparently too much). As for wanting her to show interest back, it’s tough to fault him when Chelsea has treated him like this before.

    Of course, given recent soap magazine articles I guess we’ll have to say goodbye to Chick for awhile as they are heavily pimping Chelsea and Dan. (Two articles with RM in both SOW/SOD). I’m more of a Nick fan then a Chelsea fan so I have to admit I’ll be glad to finally FF her scenes with Dr. Surfshorts.

  7. Thanks.

    Re Nick: Nick is a nice guy, I like him, it’s just sometimes it feels like to me, he does things (not even on purpose) that he can use against her later. That’s why I didn’t like his original grant decision. I was so ready for the “Oh Chelsea, I wrecked my grant for you!” I’m glad he went on with it instead of shirking it for her.

    I think I’m annoyed at him always hitching his wagon to her star and getting angry when she falls. I keep thinking “Chelsea doesn’t have any direction yet man, stop relying on her so much!”

    I was hoping that crush thing would stay a crush although I knew better. But good for you, unfortunately I can’t FF them. lol. I’m stuck, for the most part, watching Nick get his heart broken again. Damn writers.

  8. Tthat’s interesting interpretation on Nick, Klaus. Funny how two people can see something differently. I always felt the great thing about Nick was he never blamed Chelsea for anything (even when he needed to). Like when he lost his job over the hairbrush ordeal, he could easily have blamed her for all of that but when she finally decided to mention how she was partly to blame, he wouldn’t let her.

    And the only time he has gotten angry with her as far I know is the ford situation and then I can’t blame him.

    Yea, I have no intention of watching much of this storyline without Nick involved. Not sure how long it can last since I see so much resentment towards it, but then there is a lot of resentment against Stax and they continue on.

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