Ben vs Sawyer

So I’m a little late getting around to making my Lost entry, which by no means promote the idea I was unhappy with the episode. No, I loved it. It finally featured my favorite Lost character, Sawyer (who has been missing from the screen for far too long) as well as centered around a character who I have decided to move to my LostieLoveList: Ben Linus.

So, Benjamin has his own flashforward which answers a question on how Sayid comes to work for him (Really the show is being so uncharacteristic in this way). We learn that he uses Nadia’s death to bond Sayid to him, clearly this has manipulation written all over it and I didn’t even need Ben’s little smile at the end to tell me that. However what led me go squee was in how badass Ben was shown taking out those two guys. Wow! It certainly is a moment that shocked me, who would have thought little Ben could be so cool? My newfound love for Ben lessoned a bit when he goofed up and Alex was killed right in front of him, but you have to admit, it gets tiring having a character who is all knowing ALL THE TIME. He calculated he knew how to get her out of this situation but he blew it big time, and now he’s lost the girl he raised as his daughter, I think he has suffered enough.

Meanwhile, Kate and Jack can kiss my ass and I may be on board with a Sawyer/Claire pairing (which I’m sure is just doomed because I ship it). Love how Sawyer was written in this episode. His rescue of Claire was just as awesome as the horsemen takedown scene for Ben, though it is a bit convenient three unknown Losties are mowed down by bullets but the bad guys couldn’t take out Claire with a rocket launcher. Nevertheless, more moments of Sawyer stepping up to the plate as hero happen here and there, especially the warning to Locke over Hurley. Hmmm, maybe they should be my new ship? Hurley and Sawyer.


One thought on “Ben vs Sawyer

  1. hey Tripp! I was searching your website for AVG stuff and decided to read your TV entries. I must confess I’m a Claire/Sawyer shipper now! Reminds me a bit of 80’s S&K. Hopefully the writers will continue with it. I’m almost completely off Days now but I LOL’d at your entry on Marlena/Dorian – it was priceless!

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