Days of our Lives

God, Days is boring. I don’t think I’ve ever said that before, even with watching the tail end of JERk’s reign or the great stall of Spring 2007. But let’s do a summary shall we?

Lexie/Abe: Having problems in their marriage. This might sound cruel, but if they are still having issues in their marriage after coming back with countless affairs on Lexie’s part, Abe’s blindness, and Lexie’s underground life as a basement hiding ninja, then break them up. It’s funny to me when Chick bashers insist their story is played out when it’s clear they are both so young, and their characters can be taken in almost any direction. I look at Lexie and Abe and say the same thing though. Both characters will never be written into adventure storylines like the other veteran couples on the show and I’m just not invested enough to see them get counseling.

Stax: Oh boy, did they get a love scene (Bittermint #5). Well, let’s be honest shall we? It was decently written and shot just the way all love scenes should be. But sadly I could care less about this couple. I know I went on record to say how I think DB and SH aren’t strong enough characters to keep us invested in a bland couple (yes, I know about Darrin Brook’s emmy nomination, glad for the show and the actor but don’t see how he got this over Blake Berris.) who’s probably most interesting element between them is the most ignored. Uncle and neice dating is something I don’t think I can ever approve of but if the show would make it an actual factor of keeping them apart them maybe I could actually root for them a little.

Steve/Kayla: I love them. Everyone knows this. But my heart hurt seeing Steve in bed with Ava, though thankfully they were interrupted before anything happened. Right now Steve and Kayla are sort of tip toeing around each other, and MBE is playing the scenes showcasing she is rightfully mad, but circumstances such as these make me want her to go off half cocked and deck him. It’s only fair! He jumps into bed with his ex-girlfriend who had them all barricaded up into the ViMansion which she herself is a prisoner then Kayla can smack Steve. I give her permission.

EJami: After the rape, I chose to never support this ship. Then the show got swallowed up about the rape and I just wanted them all to move on. I still do. But I never found EJ and Sami boring to watch. Lately I find them boring as hell, I am not buying this Bickerson routine. Any time they get remotely interesting, like EJ finally having enough and getting angry at Sami, it seems to get dropped and back to the Bickersons.

Nicole: I was prepared to hate her. So hate her. I don’t actually. She’s such a different character than I expected and God knows this show needs a female character who doesn’t try to make excuses. It seems up in the air if she will be paired with Philip or EJ but dare I go on a limb and throw out the crazy idea of she hooking up with Nick? Yes, I know, it seems like an unbalanced pairing but Nicole is a REAL bad girl versus the brat that Chelsea was. One story I have always wanted to read/see, is a wLet Nick have a real love interest!oman out to seduce a “good guy” only to fall in love with him herself. Right now Nick would be vulnerable enough for her to get his hooks into him, maybe she sees dollarsigns with his grant if he makes it work?

Chick: RM has been hitting her scenes out of the ballpark but I have to admit I can’t be invested as I would normally be. All the show had to do was break Chick up first. They are going full steam ahead with Chelsea and Daniel and that is something I have no interest in seeing. It’s crazy to me how everything about this new pairing has been introduced as a way for us to root against it: Chelsea is crushing, Daniel shows no interest, Nick is completley devoted to his girlfriend, Kate pimps it (always a bad sign), and she barely knows Daniel. Today’s show was basically “Let’s rip out Tripp’s heart by showing Chelsea unhappy to see Nick but end the show with them cuddling on the couch in that cute Chick way which melts me everytime.” Oh and didn’t Nick look GREAT today?

Philip: The only character who doesn’t bore me. So many different directions for his character to go. Chloe seems like the obvious hook up (especially now they have lamely dealt with the Brady storyline) but we also have Nicole and Morgan. He does have chemistry with all three, I think Chloe is my least favorite.


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