Lost 4X10 Charlotte Daniel

I’ve held off writing on last week’s Lost. Coming fresh off the week’s before, the episode, “Something Nice Back Home” was underwhelming to say the least. Probably because it was a Jack flashforward mixed withAwwww excruisiating scenes of he and Kate making out, I had to keep my attention focused for the episode. Sawyer was barely in it, though seeing him hold that baby has the same odd effect on me when seeing Steve Johnson holding Pocket on Days of our Lives (oh happier times!).

I am always amazed at the pains the show goes through to make Jack seem flawed but prop him at the same time. I try not to run off too much at the hatred I have for Jack, clearly he isn’t a happy person and probably never will be. However, when the show attempts to have Jack remain conscious during his own appendix surgery on the island, I had to roll my eyes big time at the foolishness of the entire thing. Juliet lost more points with me when she even agreed to it in the first place.

However, not all was lost about this episode (did you get the pun? Huh? Get it? All was not lost?) I was pleasantly surprised at the abundance of Daniel and Charlotte scenes. I have been wary about shipping them.Rebound ship for me? First they are brand spanking new characters for this show (which have a habit of becoming toast) but the moments they shared up until now were small enough they didn’t necessarily mean it was a flirtatious thing. Given my heart has been broken over the geeky guy/bad girl dynamic on Days, I am hesitant to jump on a new pairing where the dynamic is the same even though I want to so desperately, clearly the world is not ready and it’s tough to watch the geeky guy get his heart broken (or in Nick’s case on my soap, torn out, stomped on, lit on fire, and then glared at for forcing Chelsea to do it and not himself).

But I am about 95% certain they are more than just friends and they were given quite a few little scenes last week. My favorite is actually one not so shippy where Daniel stands up to her because of Charlotte’s attitude turning the other Losties off. This is exactly what I wanted from my other geeky ship, the girl may be hot but she’s pretty miserable to be around but it’s the geeky guy who calls her on it and sort of mellows her into a halfway decent person to others. When he’s not around, she goes back to being bitch.

We also had a couple of other moments too. Daniel offering to go into the station first is rather funny given I think Charlotte has more of a chance in self defense than he does. Then there was Jin and Sun discussing Daniel’s crush on Charlotte which led to Jin realizing Charlotte knew Korean because of the smile she gave. Later when he spoke to her in his native tongue and threatened Daniel, Charlotte immediately quit playing games and agreed to whatever he wanted.

Oh, dear, I may be already shipping them. It’s too late. When you are a shipper, what can you do but find a new ship?


One thought on “Lost 4X10 Charlotte Daniel

  1. So last weekend my friends and I were in Vegas and we were hanging out in the master suite and I got in the shower (fully clothed with heels on) while my friend pretended to shave and we acted out the big “Jack ends up with Kate” reveal for all of our friends. Yes, that actually happened within the first twenty minutes of arriving.

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