Two Awesome weeks of Survivor!

Oh there are no words to describe tonight’s episode.  OMG, this was just…hee.

Ok, last week was pretty awesome in itself.  Just a short recap, it was decided that since Eric won immunity the tribe would go after Amanda.  Amanda after she got back from exile she immediately showed htem ho whse didn’t have the immunity idol.  Very smart since she darn well knew where the idol was hidden back at camp.  I loved the reveal at tribal council when she pulled out that idol.  She was able to use the idol effectly and prove that the people who said they were loyal to her really were.

So let’s go to this week.  I never thought they oculd pull off tricking Eric like that.  I mean, I knew he wasn’t the sharpest stick on the show but he made some major bludering decisions.  I’ve not really cared for Natalie at all but how she wrote his name down and said “I don’t know what to say..” cracked me up for hours.

Seriously, I didn’t think they could over the awesomeness of last week.  But this week was wonderful.  I’m so proud to be a woman tonight!!


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