Portrait of DORIAN…, I mean Marlena

This week hasn’t been that good plot wise. The best episode for the week sadly consisted 60% of flashbacks from episodes in John and Marlena’s history though I did enjoy the John and Sami talk while watching manipulative EJ show up again with Nicole. And it’s always nice to see a repeat of sub-sex for those of us who bleached it out our minds.

The rest of the weeek was either FF or “let me watch while playing with my dog.” Naturally we got only 2 minutes dedicated to the Chelsea/Nick breakup which is insulting enough but since Nick gets no follow up scenes with how devastated he must feel (as well as how Stax chose to check on Chelsea afterwards instead of the poor guy who got dumped) I really don’t want to talk about it.

So let’s talk about the main controversy this week. It’s not Chelsea chasing after Daniel, or Sami kissing EJ, or apparently Ava being all cured and it was all the drugs. Nope the controversy focuses on one inanimate object which ironically depicts another semi-inanimate object.

Yes. The portrait of Stefano Dimera has been replaced with a portrait of the great Pillar of Strength herself, Dr. Marlena Evans! This has caused outrage (or gloating) across the Internet and I can understand the feeling. But whenever I see the picture, I just…can’t help it. I laugh.

It’s so ostentatious. It’s so OTT. It’s so white trash cheap ass glamor shot. It’s so PERFECT for Marlena. Hell, it’s perfect because I understand Deidre Hall helped to pick it herself and why should we be surprised at the outcome? It’s obviously a symbol of the direction the show is going in and is it a wonder I am finding myself not looking forward to turning on the TV and watching Days?

I bet you anything if someone went and told Stefano about the decor change in his mansion, he’s snap out of that coma real quick!


6 thoughts on “Portrait of DORIAN…, I mean Marlena

  1. That portrait gives me rage blackouts. I agree that it is fitting as hell for her personality and the addition of the light just makes it all the more hilarious, but I miss my Steffy. The show really did him wrong and I hate that that bitch gets to reign in the DiMansion. Today when she and John were having their whispergasms I was hoping a comet would crash there and kill them. I’m hoping my love, EJ, will keep this gray side we’ve been seeing again (thank god) and will do something to gain back his families wealth. John as a DiMera is just an insult to the name. I don’t mind NuJohn’s sarcasm, but since I know it’ll only be temporary and CrappyJohn will reappear soon, it’s hard to enjoy it overly much. If he’d go back to busting on “Blondie” instead of falling for her, the show would be much more tolerable.

  2. Yes, Zara, it’s probably really the most interesting thing that happened this week.

    And I just look at it and laugh. Maybe it’s cause my heart is broken over Chick’s breakup and Chelsea’s new “twu luv” which is going so flippin fast I expect them to be married in a few weeks. It’s tough to get mad at something like this.

  3. What are you all talking about? Doesn’t every one own a wall size portrait of Marlena Evans Black? You know they just trucked that thing out of Ken Corday’s office.

  4. It had me (almost) rolling on the floor in hysterics. Then the KoE and I discussed having a large portrait of me done at Glamour Girl Photo and putting it up over our fireplace. That made both of us have hysterics.

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