Jinxing myself

So I don’t always talk about spoilers here. This is a casting spoiler and most of you probably know Roscoe Born is coming to Days. Yes, THE ROSCOE BORN. The Soap Actor’s Villian. He always has looked evil.

I remember watching him on Santa Barbara. Forgive me, it was so long ago but he did show up in town as Robert Barr and begin romancing Kelly Capwell. Then his evil twin Quinn showed up (or a man who had plastic surgery to look like Robert, can’t remember). Quinn was British so that’s how you could tell them apart. There was a great twist to the story, we watched as Quinn was apparently killed and Robert reuinted with Kelly. The twist was that it wasn’t Quinn who died but Robert, and Quinn took over his life. What was so awesome about the story is RB, who isn’t British, would let the accent slip out whenever he got upset or angry. I was young back then so maybe if I watched the scenes now they wouldn’t impress me as much. But I remember finding him amazing.

And he’s been on OLTL, AMC, Y&R and Passions to name a few. Now he’s on Days. Below is the release from SOD:

Multi-soap veteran Roscoe Born (ex-Tom, Y&R, ex-Mitch, OLTL) joins Days of Our Lives as physics dean Trent Robbins on May 29th. “He’s working with Nick Fallon, who is one of his proteges,” teases Born. “But that’s just on the surface. He has a shady background. He doesn’t know that some of the people from his past are in town…”

He’s going to be a professor? That wasn’t what I was expecting but thrilled since this might be a different kind of role for RB, nicknamed Sunshine on the S/K forum. He may very well be tired of playing bad guys or we are getting an evil dean. I don’t care. You know what I do care? He’s getting scenes with Nick Fallon. Blake Berris and Roscoe Born will have scenes together? They must!

Ok, you’re going to tell me not to do this. The show has managed to disappoint me in every way possible in regards to Nick’s story on this show so this may be as simple as Nick introducing Trent around town as Victor introduced Jonas. I hope not.

People speculate that they are retconning Max’s past and Trent will be his real father. It helps to explain Max’s new sudden genius and UnBrady him so he can continue on dating his neice. You’d think that would upset me given how irritated I am at the Max propping at Nick’s expense. I’m waiting because if Trent is Max’s father but Nick is his protegee, this could be a good story between the two young men, where tension has already been created since Max has been going behind Nick’s back with the grant.

I guess only time will tell. I just hope for once I’m not disappointed.


8 thoughts on “Jinxing myself

  1. I really hope this isn’t the jinx, because I agree it looks promising re Nick..

    Although giving Max a new father won’t de-Brady him any further…

  2. Although giving Max a new father won’t de-Brady him any further…

    Now you know on the show it will. Nothing is more important than your NATURAL parents. I’m sure Max will be giving RB father’s day cards any minute now.

    Which I don’t care as long as Nick has a real place in the story.

  3. I’m not sure it’s necessarily a retcon, either–I think Trent might have been a bit of a con-man type. What if he, like Max, did have this sort of idiot savant thing going with math/science and he conned his way into a new identity and a job at the university, based on a falsified C.V. and lots of chutzpah?

    And it does have the potential to add more conflict for Nick and Max, which I think is good. Except Dena Higley is the writer, which is like having at least one important vital organ missing.

  4. Well, I don’t mind retconning Max’s history, I can understand the show’s need to remind everyone his true parentage isn’t a Brady since they are so committed to Stax.

    I just want though Nick to really be a part of this storyline and hopefully be given something significant to do.

  5. fingers and toes crossed that this will provide juicy material for nick (but not getting my hopes up too much).

  6. I am glad that poor Nick is getting a storyline that doesn’t involve twin boys, Dr. Jonas and Marcus Patrick.

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