My fantasy pairing

Well for those of yo uwho haven’t heard, Dena Higley recently blogged and specifically called Nick out by name saying and I quote:

Nick fans take heart. Good stuff is coming!

So I hope that means he is getting his own story whether that is with Roscoe Born, a new love interest or follow up to the disheartening ending of Chick.

However, since she was so literally vague, I’m starting to lose my good high but thought I would go ahead and write up my  latest story of my fantasy couple: Nickole.  I don’t normally write outside of canon like this, at least pairing off people who have no chance in hell in getting together but I couldn’t help it.  This idea just intrigues me so and it’s the only pairing that has a chance of overtaking my earlier love for Chick.

So check out the main page or the first “episode”.


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