10 Questions I want answered on Lost

T-minus 3 days to the Finale for Lost after this unusual (but overall rewarding) season.  I have no idea what’s gonna happen in the two hours they will give us, but here are some questions I’d like to see answered:

1.  Outside of the Oceanic Six, who survives?

2.  What does Ben mean they are gonna “move the island?”

3.  What happens to Desmond?

4.  What did Penny do after hearing from Desmond?

5.  Did Sawyer ask Kate to take Claire’s baby?

6.  What is up with Jack and Claire’s father?

7.  Now that we know Ben is no longer on the island, is Locke now the real leader as he was apparently meant to be?

8.  What happens to Juliet?

9.  Is Jin really dead or does he just not leave the island?

10  Do Charlotte and Daniel get together?  (Yes, minor but I flove them).


3 thoughts on “10 Questions I want answered on Lost

  1. Demond has to live! I love him. I could hear him say “brothah” all day. I also need to know what happens to Juliet. I’m worried about her.

  2. I know, but I worry Desmond is a goner, only cause it would so figure he finally is able to reach Penny only to wind up getting shot to protect her.

    I really should have added a comment if Daniel would ever take that tie off.

  3. Ha! He’ll only take it off if he’s forced to use as a tourniquet for someone. That’s my prediction.

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