Dear Max

Dear Maxwell Brady,

I consider myself a nice and sympathetic person. But we’ve all suffered in our life. I know you lost your “pop” recently. I know that he was very close to you, even though you never ever seemed to visit him much or bothered to even talk to him at family events. I know family means the world to you, though they are just your “adopted” family as you keep pointing out, making it A-OK to continue dating your sister’s daughter.  You’ve been handed some personal blows, financially and emotionally, so I will keep that in mind.

Dial down the 'tude, Dude.

However, I do not feel sorry that you, this great FAMOUS (lest we forget) race car driver is now humbled to ONLY be a lowly bartender and your forced to swallow that masculine pride while watching that girlfriend and her friends talk about their grades and future and how Nick is gonna be a success. Let me say, it’s not tough to go to college, somehow your sisters both managed to do it back when the Brady’s were only running that “barely making ends meet” Brady Fish Market. It’s especially not tough when you are some kind of super duper math genius who could bother to let people know your skills. So don’t moan and whine when everyone else bothers to better their life and you are forced to serve out the oh so very temporary time on your community service cause you were dumb enough to bury a corpse TWICE for your niece/girlfriend. Also not sorry you lost your life savings and your garage cause, again, you were dumb enough to invest into something you knew it to be shady because after all, “it wasn’t like Heroin or something. ”

So dial down the ‘tude, DUDE, cause you are really starting to irritate me to death.  You’ve got a great girlfriend who seems to find you hot (consider yourself lucky).  You’ve got a great family who let you move back in and gave you a job so you’d have some income while your busy working off that community service.  Oh, and the community service is something you should really be GRATEFUL for, not bitchy about.  Most guys would have gone to prison.  Sure, the sorority girls got off scot free, but since they had been repeatedly terrorized by Ford Decker, the fact that you had no emotional connection to him (don’t throw the “He raped Stephanie” in my face, you didn’t know that then) and so there is no excuse in taking a corpse down to the basement, undressing him, burying him, and walking out like him. Then later coming back, digging him up, stuffing him in the water heater, and putting him God knows where is pretty damn disturbing.


Someone Who Prefers Nick


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