Try to keep up

Still too much to ponder from Lost last night but things we learned:

1. Bunnies were used to test time traveling.

2. Charlotte might have been born on the island, a Dharma baby perhaps?

3. Jeremy Bentham was actually Locke (or a man who appears like Locke) and had visited each of the Oceanic Six.

4. Sun is ready to partner with Wydmore. As he asked, why?

5. No doubt Michael is dead, Jin probably is dead and Sawyer is presumed dead. Does Sawyer presume Kate & company are dead too?

6. They can in fact move the island.

7. Sawyer is an excellent swimmer and does it better without wearing a shirt.

8. Locke was left to lead the Others.

9. Things appear to go badly.

10. The make up department still can’t create a realistic beard on Matthew Fox.

2 thoughts on “Try to keep up

  1. I cried when Penny and Desmond reunited. Cried. I love them! I also cried anytime future, beared Jack showed up. I creid out of boredom.

  2. I was so happy that Penny and Desmond finally got together. Makes me want to pull out S2 and S3 and watch their particular episodes. I still have Desmond’s episode on Tivo from this season.

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