Knock yourself out

So, when soap couples end. Some day I’m gonna devote an entire entry to three all time favorite soap couples I loved in the past who wound up falling apart, either by ignorant writers or offscreen But we’ll save that for another day. The fact is today is the real breakup scene for Chelsea and Nick, not the weird 90 second scene we got last month.

Yes, I talk too much about Chelsea and Nick on this blog but maybe that can come to an end. Today’s episode finally was about THEM. Daniel didn’t even show up which was a blessed relief anyway as I’m getting quite tired of his character rammed down my throat. Oh but that is another whole rant.

No matter how angry I am at the regression of Chelsea, which for some reason the show is calling “maturing”, I do admit today’s show was completely in character. I miss you so much! I need you!When things don’t work out the way she wants them, (Daniel saying no again) she decides it’s time to head back to see Nick. Good ol’ standby Nick. He’s always there for her and he makes her feel good even when she’s blue.

Now that said, I do think to some extent Chelsea does miss Nick. They took pains to show us her smiles at him at his party and the long look she gave him the other day before sitting down with Morgan.  When he admitted to still loving her, RM gave one of the biggest smiles she’s ever shown in a long time.  But like Nick, I’m not having it anymore. I used to fanwank away Chelsea’s behavior, I could find reasons to explain away her decisions of choosing eye candy over Nick. I could justify that Chelsea getting angry at Nick for doing the right thing was more about her need to be first in his life and she wasn’t wanting to share him. I wanted to believe that Chelsea really loved Nick. And she probably did. But now Dena has decided that’s not how it’s going to be so let’s end Chelsea and Nick now. And move her on to her father figure new boyfriend.

What is the problem for me is as long as Nick has no viable love interest right now, I’m stuck waiting in hell watching my man look so damn fineYes, I'm hot now. while his girlfriend who never deserved him in the first place moves on to a very propped pairing. It sucks. I want him to be happy so I’m stuck with watching anything left for Chick to give me hope (which damned if in spite of everything I still saw great chemistry between them today), a possible Stephanie/Nick coupling, or a dream fantasy of Nick/Nicole. None of these satisfy me in any way.

That said, I couldn’t be happier the way today’s scenes worked out if, and yes, I know it’s not an if but a since, Chelsea and Nick are really kaput. Nick calling her on the fact she wouldn’t be there if she was seeing Daniel and then walking away with Chelsea’s mouth literally hanging open was almost as good as watching Chelsea diss Jett Carver to go talk to Nick. But I don't think I need you.Hell, it might be even better. Oh how they have ruined me on enjoying the character of Chelsea Brady.

Anyway, though I’m sure he might very well fall back into the woodwork to only be seen once a fortnight, at least today I can say GO NICK!!!


8 thoughts on “Knock yourself out

  1. Yes, Go Nick indeed! Today was a great day for him and he’s never looked better! I loved that he shot Chelsea down and told her to move on. I know that you still hold on to the hope in your heart but I’m over the thought of Chick. Chelsea doesn’t deserve him and she never will. So let her have her stupid Chantasy pairing that is disgusting in too many ways to list and we’ll move Nick on to a new character. One who can appreciate him. And you know I’m not on board with Stephanie and I will support Nickole but that’s not happening either. I want her away from my EJ. But that’s another topic. hehe

    I’ll say it again, Go Nick!!!!

  2. I think it’s great that Nick’s name works with so many pairings. Chick, Stick, Nickole. He’s lucky.

  3. I loved the moment when Nick said he couldn’t be friends, and Chelsea couldn’t believe it. And then when he walked away, it was perfect. I really liked those scenes.

    And nolebucgrl, I’ll check out your blog!

  4. I loved the look on RM’s face when Nick got up and walked away.

    And in spite of everything, I still love watching RM and Blake act opposite of each other. Too bad that might be it for a very long time.

  5. I am saddened by the demise of their relationship because I enjoyed the two together and this means that Nick will once again be saddled in a subplot with two children, only this time they’re Max and Stephanie.

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