Days Bad and Good

So lately Days has been getting harder and harder to watch. Ratings seem to reflect my hesitations in watching since Days hit a really drastic low number of 1.8. Many said it’s due to the U. S. Open winding down for last week. However, given the other soaps didn’t experience such a drastic drop (other than maybe Guiding Light), I think the problem is people preferred to watch anything else.  What is wrong with Days right now?

Couples that just don’t work: Lately Days has been pushing Chelsea/Daniel and Stax (Stephanie/Max). Stax has been a couple for a long time now though recently given their due full blown love scene (and one today). However, I never could get into them. I could get past the uncle dating and initially I saw a little chemistry between them, but really it came down to the fact that Max Brady and Stephanie Johnson are too much alike to pull off a story long term. Now that they are established as a “happy” couple, we must have something to cause tension and conflict so let’s meet MadMax. Darin Brooks has recently been nominated for an Emmy so obviously some people like him as an actor.  I am not one of them. I find him average, he’s not a bad actor like Brandon Beemer or Marcus Patrick, and he can do comedy fairly well.  However,  he doesn’t have the acting range to do this story justice. He just comes across looking like a whiner who for some reason has hidden a buried genius brain from his friends and family all this time and gets angry if anyone mentions it.  It’s not all him of course, the writing is also at fault, watching day in and out (and I do mean day in and out, how many days have we had of them straight?)  Stephanie and to some extent Nick, constantly question him over and over felt as much fun as heading to the dentist for root canals.  Before this story I was indifferent to Max Brady and the coupling of Stax, but now I have grown to loathe them and wish with the show’s newfound skills of chemistry testing, they would attempt to really give Stephanie and Nick a try.

The other bad bad pairing is Chelsea and Daniel. So many reasons why this couple is not working. I know there are some fans out there, but given the short time the couple has known each other it’s safe to say Days would be better off with just cutting its losses and ending this couple ASAP. My reasons for loathing them:

1. All the makeup and new haircuts in the world can’t make Rachel Melvin look old enough to be kissing a man who not only looks like he is forty-something but who looks too much like her on screen father. It didn’t help matters their initial kiss scene was when RM was missing makeup and she looked like she was twelve.

2. The outrageous indifference to the character of Nick. This should have been TPTB first thing to do was break up Chick before having the geeky underdog’s girlfriend become smitten with a man she hardly knows. In soapland, a character having a current boyfriend should be an obstacle but for some reason Nick wasn’t one at all. No one would mention him, least of all Chelsea. Many people who shipped Chick did so because they loved Nick Fallon. Watching him be pushed aside like he’s a dishrag that needs to be tossed out with the trash was heartbreaking to say the least.

3. They are already in love. Chelsea actually was smitten first and straight from the beginning. Why Days does this I don’t know, the falling in love process is the most important step in a couple on any soap.  That’s why many never cared for Chick, their courtship was rushed.  Now Chan has leapfrogged over that stage and gone directly to “I’m in love with you” from both sides. Basically Chelsea meets Daniel and is instantly attracted, then finds out he’s going to be her dying dad’s doctor. Her emotion for him is a mixture of hero worship and a daddy complex. On Daniel’s side, it’s even more bizarre. I’m not sure what was happening, but until Chelsea landed in the hospital, it appeared this whole crush was one sided. Then suddenly Daniel has to remove himself from her case because he’s become too involved and many out there went “huh?” Chelsea Brady did a noble gesture of giving up a piece of her gland to save a loved one, but I can’t believe she is the only person who has committed such a selfless act (which honestly wasn’t so selfless.) And that’s all Daniel knows about her. Most of their conversations have revolved around him and his life. So I don’t know what he sees in her.

4. The propping of Daniel. I posted when he first arrived on canvas how Days doesn’t understand the art of propping. But I had no idea it would get this bad. Today Daniel has diagnosed Kate with an obscure medical condition that only a handful of known cases have been reported and corrected. Yet he figures it out simply by hearing Kate got a kick to the stomach (something she has deserved for a long time). We also know he’s so hot and sexy that almost every character has said so. (I think even Nick repeated hearing it at one point).  His surfing skills are legendary, even Jawn Black has heard of them and he doesn’t know anything! He’s also an expert on greening up the world and making it a better place while he’s been labeled an angel by random day players who’s children were treated by him.

5. Where is the buildup? So far Chan have made out more than any other established couple we’ve had this year. What happened to building the first kiss? What happened to teasing the audience with ALMOST coming close to getting one but something interrupts? And if you see #1, there are other reasons why we shouldn’t be watching this couple make out like they are dogs in heat.

6. Chelsea Brady is all about Daniel. Chelsea has always been rather one sided but since her true redemption last year (not the pseudo one through Higley) Chelsea had learned to multi-task and help out her friends and family if needed. Now she’s pushing her school aside to chase Daniel, even begging her grandfather to get her a job at the hospital. It really proves how immature she is. It makes her look pathetic and desperate and that wasn’t how I saw Chelsea even last summer when she was making eyes at Jett Carver.

Green and saving the environment-Days has always had this need to give us a PSA, And I certainly am into the environment and think more public attention to it. Nick’s grant started off with an environmental flare and that is fine with me. But to preach to us for two weeks straight and then insisting they have certified all the mock restaurants in the show as green friendly is laughable and really quite hypocritical. A TV show with all it’s lights, cameras, equipment, TVs, air controlled environments and fans (air, not viewers) probably use up more energy and resources than any standard small scale bar that the Brady Pub represents. I could go more on this subject, but my pal, Nolebucgrl already spoke eloquently enough on her own blog. I’ll just add that the show needs to work on saving itself, not the world.

So what is good about Days? Well, here I am going to talk about a couple that I do think are working. Philip and Morgan. Now they could be just teasing us, it’s easy for them to stop where they are and pair Philip up full time with Chloe or Nicole. But I am excited and curious to see where this goes, mainly because the story telling is hitting all the right notes. After bashing Chan above, let’s compare them to Phorgan who have known each other in about the same time frame. Here we have a couple who upon meeting didn’t fall all over each other to meet again. Or talk about each other to anyone who would listen.  Attraction was only slightly evident at first. As time went on, plot contrivances (which are a soap staple) pushed them into each other’s company and we saw them learning more about each other. Morgan is young and in a sorority which probably gave Philip a false impression of her. He’s come to become impressed with her intelligence, her passion and her sense of family loyalty (very important in the Kiriakis household). Now we have them getting closer but Days has laid the groundwork that Philip is behind Morgan’s father’s latest legal misteps more than John whom she has been blaming for a long time. Despite his attraction to her, Philip is more interested in using Morgan to keep tabs on Paul and get revenge on John. It’s not quite working that way and how far will the show go?  The possibilities of the future angst are endless and I’m excited just thinking about it.

So here I am after watching a week’s worth of episodes and that’s all I could find really to devote my blog too. I am thankful Nick has been getting more screentime, though sadly it is to play secondary genius to MadMax’s extreme intelligence, so it’s hardly satisfying. Kayla was on today and she looked beautiful so I think I’ll just end this blog with a pic of her.


22 thoughts on “Days Bad and Good

  1. I agree completely, of the 3 couples you discussed, only Phorgan makes a blip on my radar that says, “this could be good”. Unlike you, I don’t care so much about the UF aspect of Stax, it’s just that they’re so damn boring, I almost wish Max would tell her he was gonna spank her til she screamed Uncle just to spice things up. Perverted, certainly, but far more entertaining than what we’re getting. Their sex today just left me bored, not interested, not disgusted, just there.

    If I were to write about Chan, I could do it for paragraph after paragraph but you hit it all above. I could buy them if he was recast and the insta-love was removed, but they’re too far gone to be fully recognized as a legit couple. I don’t care if they date for a couple years and get married and his magic surfing sperm manages to conquer her infertility, I will never buy or support them as a couple.

  2. Yes, that magic surfing sperm will give her that miracle baby. A miracle baby with bad bad hair.

    What’s a shame on Stax is they shouldn’t be boring, they are being given an A plot story and yet it’s so maddening the contrivances and unspoken obvious flaws in it.

  3. Hee, on the bad hair comment. You’re right, the kid would have Monchichi hair with atrocious highlights. At least we could comfort ourselves with them having to look at it daily.

    I seriously am hoping you, my spoiler buddy, will find us a decent spoiler somewhere in the universe. I’m soooo not looking forward to anything coming up. Maybe Morgan/Philip but I don’t trust that it will go anywhere yet. I’m afraid of a summer of Chan, Stax and Lumi. Yay. Sigh.

  4. I used to have a Barbie doll that came with clip in, multicolor hair extensions. That’s what Chelsea’s hair looks like. If she shows up with multicolored fingernails I know she’s spending too much time with Kate.

  5. Nolebucgrl, trust me, nobody wants some decent spoilers more than me. And I want spoilers that I know are going to be good, not the kind that have the potential to be good and wind up just disappointing me bigtime.

    Brandi, I think the multi color thing is supposed to be in for young girls but I thought the point of this story was to mature Chelsea. Letting her go with a juvenile hair coloring which is obviously a fad just makes her look younger than ever.

  6. Sigh, I have to agree with what’s wrong with Days. I still think Stax are cute but the current story isn’t doing anything for them. And you know how I feel about Chan.

    MBE is gorgeous, though!

  7. You’re right, I don’t know how the show will play off the Chelsea/Danial pairing. However, I enjoy the show all the same 🙂 Thanks for posting this neat article and the cool pics!

  8. Yes Mary MBE is gorgeous! Glad to see her up and around too not given “bed rest”.

    Welcome Chelseafan. I used to be one myself until this Chan storyline. Maybe it will improve but I doubt it.

  9. WHATEVER!!!!

    I love max and stephanie together, they are awesome. Who cares if they are related, its not by blood.Days is a soap opera, not real life. The chemistry between my babygirl Shelley Hennig and my main man Darin is off the hook.

    I love Chelsea and Daniel, they are great together. That is like bashing rachel saying she looks like a teenager, she is 22 years old. I love my girl rachel.

  10. Terry! You found me! I didn’t know my little blog would be worthy of your (as Daniel would say) “world class” debating skills.

    I do have to politely disagree though, stating RM looks like a teenager, especially sans makeup, is not bashing, it’s stating the truth. Many people will look younger than they really are and if I have to remind myself while she’s making out with old man Daniel that she is “of age” then there is something wrong in the storyline.

    Of course, as I stated above, there are many things wrong with the storyline.

  11. Thank god Tripp…oh and Terry blesses us with his presence. Well Terry you can take your Chan/Stax and DOOL 1.9 rating and keep on enjoying them, because your only one of 5 that like them. 5-that’s the number of people that are wathcing DOOL right now isnt it.

    Well Chan are perfect for each other-they are both immature brats who really don’t deserbe the love of someone nice and considerate.

    I do like Ejole only because Nicole is the only character Dena has not totally destroyed on her short time on DOOL….Please someone just fire Dena Higley before DOOL takes Guiding Light’s position at the bottom of the ratings

  12. LOL, Tripp, you should feel honored Terry graced us with his presence and scolding. Sad though, (stealing a comment from one of our mutual friends) that we are encouraged to “look closer” to see the chemistry. If I have to study my soaps the way I had to study in college, I’ll give up the soaps. I’m sure my life will just be fine and dandy if I don’t drink the Chan Kool-Aid.
    Love ya, girlfriend!!

  13. ok their is like 770 members over at the Dansea board, i believe it is 770 and their are around 345 members over at the STAX Board. I wish i was a mod but they think i am wield, they say i am obsessed with rachel melvin, kristen renton and Shelley Hennig–I am not obsessed, i love them and they love me.

    Its DANSEA not Chan…don’t get me wrong i still love Nick but i am dieing for a Max/Stephanie/Nick triangle because i think Shelley has chemistry with both darin and blake but of course only if STAX is endgame.

    Rachel Melvin is 22 years old ok, she is a babe…the hottest and most beautiful actress in daytime and in the world. Who cares if Chelsea and Daniel are 20 years apart, i didn’t see this much complaining when Victor and Nicole were together and they were like 40 years apart. Shawn and Rachel have smoking hot chemistry. CANT WAIT FOR THAT DATE.

    I love Kristen Renton, i am her #1 fan and i want days to become the Days of Morgan’s life. 2 of my fav character had a big storyline: Stephanie with her rape and Chelsea with Bo’s Sickness and Zack’s death, its now time for my morgan to get a story A BIG STORY, maybe an internet stalker.

    Daniel Jonas is the best MALE character to come on days since Max Brady in 2005. Daniel Jonas and Max Brady are considered a God and Stephanie/Chelsea needs to warship them.

    All Hail Dr Daniel Jonas

  14. Terry, the only way those girls will ever know of your presence is when they have to start fearing for their lives and file restraining orders on you. I know you’re a kid, but damn boy, calm down a little bit will ya?

    Daniel Jonas is a pathetic tool. You know why nobody commented on Vic/Nicole? Because there was no internet then, for one thing, and for another, Nicole was a gold digger and made no bones about it. She and Vic were not a twu wuv story like Chan is supposed to be.

    Oh and by the way, Dansea sounds stupid as hell.

  15. Dan Jonas is the biggest tool and worst new character created on this show.

    And this is my blog so basically I can call this couple whatever I want. Be glad it’s just “chan”.

  16. Shelley Hennig, Rachel Melvin and Kristen Renton are my girls and one day i will marry them. I love them and they love me.

  17. They don’t know you exist, Terry, and I’m sure they’re all the happier for it. I wasn’t aware that they were all into polygamy, the things you learn on the internet.

    When are mommy and daddy going to suspend your computer priveleges?

  18. i am 18 years old, i just graduated high school ok, my parents dont tell me whether or not i can get ON MY OWN COMPUTER.

    You are just jealous that u dont have a shot with Darin Brooks/James Scott or Blake Berris. I talk to Rachel/Shelley and Kristen online ok, they all have their on forums which is highly populated with their fans, but I AM THEIR #1 FAN Period. Shelley and Kristen both called me sweet because i wrote them both a poem dedicated to them. I am working on one for Rachel now. They are all really nice and so down to earth especially shelley she is so adorable and really nice. She took time to write a reply i sent her, a fan letter.

    Why do u hate Daniel Jonas so much!!! Oh because he is falling in love with chelsea. REALITY CHECK, older man and younger women relationship happen in real life too. I find it quite insulting to rachel,saying she looks like a teenager. NO SHE DOES NOT, she is the worlds most beautiful girl ever…well she is tied with shelley and kristen.

    Shawn Christian is a great actor and most likely the writers gave him the surfer talk from his character from summerland.

    Daniel Jonas is the best MALE character next to Max Brady on days of our lives. Stephanie/Chelsea/Morgan/Ava are the best female characters. I adore Shelley, Kristen and Rachel

  19. Hmmm…I’m very worried about the future of America if we have a bunch of graduates such as you stalking out into the world.

    Actually I am quite ok with not having a shot with any of the aforementioned actors. I wouldn’t want Darin Brooks if he got on his knees begging. Blake is Tripp’s, and while I wouldn’t cry if James came to me, I’m hardly hinging my life upon landing him.

    I’m sure Shelley and Kristen thought the poems were sweet..they probably assumed, like I, that you are about 12, so why crush your dreams? But hey, you go right on dreaming, dear boy.

    I am aware that older man/younger women happen all the time, doesn’t mean I have to want to watch it on my screen with characters that gross me out. Rachel is not the most beautiful girl ever, although you used the right word, GIRL. And Daniel is a an old looking man. I find him repulsive. The fact that Daniel and Max are your faves speaks volumes as to your taste.

    This is my last response to you, you’re really not worth my time, though I do find you amusing in an “isn’t he special?” kind of way.

  20. Terry, you’re obsessed. And you’re well known on the Net as being obsessed. It’s to the point where any rumors that smack of coming from you are banned from certain boards.
    And, it’s against the law for you to be able to marry more than one woman. I sure hope that these ladies have a restraining order against you. You do realize that, since you’re 18 and you’re caught being a stalker, you can be tried as an adult, don’t you? Although, putting the word adult with you is rather….uh, oxymoronic kind of way.
    It’s also sad that folks like those of us against Chan are considered, hell, I don’t know what you consider us, fogies, jealous, dumb…I don’t know…just because we don’t LIKE Chan? Since when is it against the law for us to have an opinion about anything on this fictional show?

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