Product Placement

So everyone is up in arms about the Midol spot on Days.  I can see how rather out of place it was but it was just so cheesy. Complete with Morgan saying how her mom uses it and Chelsea nodding along at it being a miracle drug (I could just see RM’s wheels turning thinking about how she might win an Emmy soon).

It keeps Days on the air and it’s so fantastically cheesy, let’s go ahead and add product placements for everyone.


Max-Herbal tea (for those mood swings)


Jawn-Backup services for your media

Chelsea-hair shampoo


Kayla and Steve-baby wipes

Kate-nail polish


EJ-men’s suits

Nick-Bittermint candies

*Thanks to Nolebucgrl for that idea

3 thoughts on “Product Placement

  1. Hee, I’d also like to put forth any kinda bra line for Chloe, that rack of hers could sell some items. Philip’s hair gel. Also wrinkle cream for Daniel. And Tony and Daniel Spray Tanning cream.

  2. I think Daniel should also pimp surf wax, since he’s a surfer and all. Don’t forget Botox for Roman and Paxil for Ava.

  3. I thought about surf wax, Brandi, but he’s going to need the viagra more, especially in dating a woman half his age.

    Chloe’s bra line could really take off nolebucgrl!

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