Dear Serial Drama

Dear Serial Drama,

Every day I tune into your blog, looking to see when your next Days post will be. Do you know how long it’s been?  A while.  And though I did link to it, posting about the horrific examples of why Days did not deserve it’s Emmy win for Best Hair really doesn’t count.

You used to post weekly on the show, now it’s only monthly.  Yes, I remember that was in happier times when we had Tony on a horse and Belle actually screaming “You baby stealing bitch!”  But there were bad times then too like Steve stuck forever in an asylum and letter reading (lots and lots of letter reading).

Ok, so it’s tough to watch the show now, what with all the channage going on as well as Days most publicized couple dealing with Autism.  But we have Nicole/Trent!  And Nicole/EJ! Hell we have Nicole!  And Phorgan!  And an apparent sex off in side by side elevators!

Let’s hear from you!




46 thoughts on “Dear Serial Drama

  1. Yes please! I just left a note on one of their AMC posts asking when they’d do Days…they had all of 4 comments there before I put one. Big whoop! Bring on the Days snark! We need it.

  2. Put me on the petition. If the sexoff (hee) with all that pretty JS shirtlessness doesn’t get us a new blog post, what ever will? I also expect–no, demand–snarking on Lucas’s new tatoo (or is it tats, plural)? After Kobe Bryant got charged with rape he went out and got inked up, so I guess Lucas felt like he needed to do the same.

  3. Add my name to that petition too. I need Days snark and I need it BAD. There should be no end to what they can come up with regarding the love in an elevator, tatoo flashing, JS shirtless, sex-o-rama!

  4. nolebucgrl, yes I’m trying not to be jealous and I’ll give them GH to post on and Y&R but AMC? Come on!

    Paxton, yes, from the moment I heard about two love scenes happening in side by side elevators, I thought “SEX OFF!” especially when you have EJ and Lucas who if they knew what the other car was doing they would attempt to try to “win”.

    Mosiacplum, welcome, I’ve seen you on Nolebucgrl’s blog and I love having more Chan bashers! I also need Days snark. You’d think we would have plenty to snark on but it’s been rather hard!

  5. Thanks for the welcome. I am a definite Chan basher. I hate Jarlena too – does that get me bonus points?

  6. Bull-shit the elevator sex suck. You know who should be getting elavator sex well i can think of three couples: Daniel/Chelsea, EJ/Sami, Max/Stephanie. My three favorite couples.

  7. ohhhhhh seeing Rachel Melvin, Shelley hennig and Kristen Renton are all sweaty in a hot elavator…OMG now that is tv worth watching.

    but my dream story is a lesbian story with Stephanie and Chelsea.

  8. mosiacplus, yes, hating Jarlena gives you bonus points. We’re an equal hating opportunity blog after all.

    Terry, I’m sure if you were the last man on earth, you’d get your dream story of Stephanie and Chelsea becoming lesbians.

    Nolebucgrl, No thank you!

  9. Tripp, you’re a hoot, and I’ll do that petition.
    Terry…get a life. Please. Someone is going to turn you in one of these days.

  10. Hey a Stephanie and Chelsea lesbian story would be hot…how much i love Max/Stephanie, Daniel/Chelsea. I would choose stephanie/chelsea lesbian story over them. Hey why not, Shelley and Rachel love working together, they are like bestfriends in LA, i am sure they wouldn’t mind making out. i am writing a letter to dena higley asking her for a lesbian story for chelsea and stephanie.

    i am also asking her for a psycho stalker storyline for Morgan

  11. Thanks Shrubbery! but really, it’s not that difficult to go after Terry.

    Terry, I think your past asking Dena for the psycho stalker storyline by trying to live it out yourself.

  12. No kidding, Tripp. Terry, are you trying to live vicariously through the show? Sick.

  13. Hee, not to mention that Stephanie and Chelsea are cousins, so there’d be incest involved as well in his wonderful lesbian story. Doesn’t surprise me he’d like that though, as he’s such a huge Stax supporter.

    I told him on my blog that this interest in the psycho internet stalker storyline would be a good way for him to work out his own issues. He just doesn’t get it though.

  14. i forgot Chelsea and Stephanie were cousins, sorry then Morgan and Stephanie or Morgan and Chelsea. STAX isn’t incest because its not by blood; i forgot chelsea and stephanie were cousins sorry my mistake.

    in the coming months, they are going to de-brady Max. i read a spoiler for Max: is reporting that in the coming month, Max will learn his adoption papers were never filed legally…there for he was never or isn’t officially a Brady. His biological Father, Trent Robbins had something to do with it.

    I am still holding hope for a psycho stalker for Morgan but her internet stalker will hold morgan hostage down in the theta basement, stephanie comes to find out why she isn’t at a ball at the university. Morgan’s stalker is taken down by the friendship of stephanie and morgan. Just like on one tree hill with Peyton/Brooke and Psycho Derek on prom night.

    sorry all u haters but STAX is together and noone will break them up, i am sorry if it disappoints you haters but they are endgame. the only way STAX would break up if Stephanie and Morgan become lesbians. HOT STORYLINE, please dena.

  15. TRIPP, the reason why i want a psycho internet stalker for Morgan is because it is one of my favorite storylines on one tree hill in season 4. It will give Kristen Renton alot more airtime but hey i am happy because she is basically on everyday this summer :), which makes me happy.

    plus we can have a conclusion where there is a big charity dance or something at the university. Morgan doesn’t show up because her stalker returns for her, holds her in the theta basement, stephanie comes by to see where she is but she is taken in by the stalker too. We see a big fight scene with Stephanie/Morgan and the stalker.

  16. Hey everyone…

    DID EVERYONE SEEN MOLLY BURNETT, who is going to play Max’s sister Melanie. OMG, she is a babe…ok i have 4 reasons to watch days now; Rachel/Shelley/Kristen/Molly.

    Omg she is so freaking hot and she is 20 years old and i am 18 ok this can work. I am serioustly thinking about going to burbank california to ask her on a date. Molly is hot OMG OMG OMG, she is so freaking hot. Is it july 31 yet because i can’t wait to see Melanie. She now going to be my fav character.


  17. Terry and his discriminating taste strikes again. I’m glad you won’t let how the actress acts or her storyline affect your opinion on her, way to form early judgements!

  18. I am sure Molly will do go and i read a discription for her character. She kinda reminds me of peyton sawyer from one tree hill but Molly is so fucking hot. Did u see a picture of her, WOW WOW WOW.

    dont u think she is hot. I will do anything to make my Molly one of my girls.

    I now have 4 reasons to watch days: Shelley, kristen, rachel and now Molly.

    Screw the vets, screw the 30 set, screw the older cast, dont get me wrong i love them but they are not my soul reason to watch days…the soul reason why i watch days of our lives is for Shelley Hennig, Kristen Renton, Rachel Melvin and now Molly Burnett also Shawn Christian and Darin Brooks too.

    dont u think Molly is hot, wow wow wow. GOTTA love brunettes.

    Maybe we will get a psycho stalker for Melanie. I can’t wait to see the hotness of Molly. Dont u think she is hot.

  19. You know Terry, Shawn is only 3 years younger than MBE, which puts him in the vet category, he just doesn’t have the experience (or talent).

    Now if they make Melanie underage, Daniel might very well go for her. Then we can have the great new love story “Man”.

  20. With the exception of Shawn Christian, Shawn is the man. Daniel Jonas is gods gift to women. The only reason why i even like Stephen and Mary beth because MY GIRL SHE IS MY GIRL Shelley adores them.

    Molly Burnett is 20 years old, i read Melanie is between 16-18 but they will probably bring in a new guy for her. I hope we get like a girlfriend of Melanie; it wont be daniel sorry, i know that u want him to be a pedophile but news flash he isn’t. Chelsea is 21 years old, she is an ADULT. That little fling he had with kate, Kate is like what 50. Daniel loves Chelsea, Chelsea loves Daniel.

    Shawn Christian is a great actor ok so whatever. Shawn is the best addition with Tamara Braun in 2008. Well he will be #2 when Molly Burnett comes to days on july 31.

    i can’t wait, she is going to be awesome, HOT, great, HOT and did i mention HOT.

    Molly will be my girl u will see. Hopefully her first scene as Melanie has her in bra and panties.

    What piss me off is that we are not getting, Morgan/Stephanie or Chelsea in bikinis this summer but we get to see Nadia half naked like almost every episode. WHAT

  21. Hopefully is Melanie is 16-18…we can go back to the high school days. She makes friends with the wild party girl who is hot name Brooke, Melanie falls for the school jock Nathan.

  22. people i want u all to pray for Molly’s first day on july 31 is to be in her bra and panties. Melanie the new badgirl on days will blow Nicole out of the water

  23. people i want u all to pray for Molly’s first day on july 31 is to be in her bra and panties.

    I’ll be sure to put that on the prayer list at church tomorrow.

  24. Nole…

    the only girls that i would ever go out with are: Shelley Hennig, Kristen Renton, Rachel Melvin and now Molly Burnett.

    i turned down this really cute girl when she ask me to prom but she wasn’t rachel, shelley or kristen so no. No girls have a shot with me unless its Shelley, Kristen, Rachel.

    Tripp…U better because omg Molly is really hot. I bet she would look great in bra and panties. You know how great Rachel looked with Shawn Christian in the lockroom. Maybe we will get a threesome; Chelsea/Daniel/Melanie or Max/Melanie/Stephanie or Philip/Morgan/Melanie. U know how hot all three of them will be.

    I love Melanie already, i love molly already. Is it july 31 yet

  25. Is everyone ready for the new badgirl to come into town and knock Nicole walker down on her ass. Yep her daughter Melanie will give her a run for her money as the badgirl in town.

    Melanie vs Nichole—who will be the badgirl in salem?

    well I am Team Melanie!!!

  26. “the only girls that i would ever go out with are: Shelley Hennig, Kristen Renton, Rachel Melvin and now Molly Burnett. ”

    And that alone assures that you will remain a virgin forever. That’s ok though, that just means you won’t unleash a nuttier version of yourself years down the line.

  27. who is with me? We better get Molly Burnett in bra and panties on july 31. She is hot, i love melanie

  28. OMG, what is going on here?

    Tripp, I came here to check on you after (finally!) watching the DOOL 4th of July episodes. Since all the Chan propping almost made my head explode, I was concerned for your well being. 🙂 I am eeagerly awaiting Kate’s over the top reaction on Monday.

  29. Yes Brandi, the Cha propping was way out of control. Way out of control. Of course, knowing spoilers I have high hopes that Chan is doomed (I just hope that Dena understands it too).

  30. Victor is none to happy about Chan either. Maybe he can revert back to his old ways and put a hit out on Daniel. I’m sure he can hire Ava’s boys to do it.

  31. After reading the comments (all the comments) I just really don’t know what to say.

    My fandom fans have nothing on yours, Tripp.

  32. Yes Mosaic, honestly I’m shocked at Victor’s reaction. He didn’t seem to react when Chelsea mentioned she was in love with weeks ago.

    Yes, Stacy, my blog is apparently more popular than ever!

    Nolebucbrl, Again, you need to take Terry back!

  33. Yes Lska, it’s really hopping here at Life sucks…

    Too bad it’s just one annoying poster who seems to have taken a liking to couple(s) I could care less about.

  34. What I don’t get is, if there are so many Chan fans, why can’t these (this) poster find one of those blogs and bother them there? Obviously you are never going to write about these couples they way they want to hear them. No amount of ‘OMG SO GREAT’ makes me like anything I don’t already like. It’s not like their over-the-top adoration is going make anyone wake up one day and feel the same…

    I’m expecting to much of the Internet again, aren’t I? 🙂

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