As long as its not a Green Umbrella

Oh, what we all would do with a real umbrella story.  Obviously we’ve not had one in a long time, not a real one anyway.  I suppose on some scale the airplane crash would be an umbrella as it involved those on the plane with everyone back at home but it was an event that just played out over weeks.  Next we had Bo’s illness which involved Chelsea, Steve/Kayla, Lexie, Chelsea, Victor, and more Chelsea.  Of course, since the whole thing became about Chelsea, it wasn’t an umbrella story, not really.

So now we have the chance for one.  Trent Robbins, the deliciously awesome Roscoe Born, is really interacting with a whole heck of a lot of characters.  He came in as Nick’s advisor, and of course was revealed (lamely) as Max’s biological father.  His first scenes with Nicole were a huge surprise, mainly because of how she cowers around him.  They obviously have a past and she is hiding a huge secret, what could it be?

With the soon to be arrival of Melanie, Trent’s daughter and Max’s sister, the show has a great chance here to setup an awesome story involving many of my favorite characters: Nick, Stephanie, EJ, Nicole, Trent along with not so favorite character of Max.  So below is what I hope will happen but am guaranteeing won’t happen simply because I’m speculating out loud:

Melanie comes to town, possibly released from the authorities in France (we know she’ll be a bad girl).  Stephanie is a little concerned that she’s more like Trent than she appears and isn’t exactly buying Melanie’s newfound devotion to Max but what can she really say?  Max, always ready to hear anything negative about his real daddy, is glad to help take her in and back to Salem, probably getting her a room at the Brady Pub.  Melanie seems to be completely cold to Trent.  She is quite friendly to Nick.

It is thus revealed though that her behavior is all an act, as she meets up with Trent who has planned with his daughter to pretend to be estranged so she can help him out.  Since he is RB and therefore evil, his plan is to pimp out his daughter with Nick because whatever <insert geeky green technology> project he’s working on is something that Trent must use to move on up and out of Salem.  Melanie is more than glad to help out her daddy, he rewards her handsomely and to some extent she wants to please him.  She’s a con artist and has conned horny geeks before and believes Nick is just another sucker.

Meanwhile she does sincerely befriend Nicole. Trent isn’t happy about it but he is still able to intimidate the older woman to keep her in check where his daughter is concerned.  Since we all know TB is leaving as Ava, Nicole will need a new friend and I didn’t buy the rumors that she would wind up Melanie’s mother, however it’s quite possible she might have been around Melanie when she was a little girl back when she and Trent had their relationship.  It’s a real friendship which helps us get to know Melanie.

As Melanie gets closer to Nick, who she believes is the kind of guy who sees her as mattress buddy, becomes shocked that he really is a guy who is out to make the world a better place.  Though she’s a little younger than Nick, she’s certainly seen more of the globe than he has, and she can’t hide that cynical side once they get into such conversations.  You all can see where I am going with this here, that she winds up falling for the geek who wants to take things slow which isn’t working that well for Trent who wants his daughter to be a “Wham, Bam, thank you ma’am” girl so she can take the MacGuffin (papers doesn’t matter) from him after she’s spent the night with him.   Of course she keeps putting Daddy off, the more time she spends with Nick the less motivated she is to hurt him at all.

Of course, by the time she and Nick do become nearly intimate (like to put it off as long as possible) and Nick feels like he’s found the perfect girl for him, he finds out someway what she’s been up to.  I would probably use Max in this sense, he’s rather tactless and I could see him go about preferring to humiliate his sister and father while worrying about his best friend’s feelings later.  Nick pushes Melanie away, he doesn’t believe anything she says anymore.  He finds solace with Chelsea, the timing being she just found out about Grandma sex and we get comfort sex between them (thereby giving me my long awaited sex scene. Yes, I still wanted one and if for any reason to show that they can be hot together).  The next morning, Chelsea will be ready to resume their relationship where Nick now realizes you can’t go home again and finds it is Melanie he prefers.  He has to break this to Chelsea who may or may not be ready to accept it. (Yes, I want her to suffer forever.)

So all of this comes along and we move into the truth about Nicole and Trent.  On TWoP, we’ve been speculating that the great secret between them is that Nicole may be responsible for a death (accidentally or purposedly).  I love this idea so very much, and with her newfound friendship with Melanie who now is really leaning on her after losing Nick, it comes out the person Nicole believes she accidentally killed is Melanie’s mother.  This news will cause shockwaves. Melanie will feel betrayed, while now Nicole might be in trouble with the law, bringing EJ for sure back into her company (if they aren’t already).

So now Nick, who still can’t really trust his heart alone with Melanie, can’t deny he wants to protect her and find out the truth.  At first his quest is to help out with the investigation, cold case files are more research than footwork and God knows Nick is better at research than anyone.  Upon doing so he stumbles upon the truth…Trent actually covered up the murder whom he tricked Nicole into believing she commited.

So now…we have Trent loathed by everyone including his own daughter. I hate to see RB go, but the fact his contract has never been announced tells me he is short term, so let’s let him go out with a band, literally. Let’s setup a murder trial and the person most likely will be…Max.  (Just because it’s set to look that way).  Now that Bo and the SalemPD are invovled, it seems they are finding evidence is pointing to Nick actually, and Melanie winds up overhearing and believes to be true.  In an act of true selfishlessness (something Chelsea would never know), she spontanously confesses to the crime.  Nick is at a loss at why she did so, but wants to try to help her get legal council and convinces EJ to help Melanie out too which Nicole agrees, still feeling guilty in her part of the coverup.

When the truth comes out who the real murderer is (which I would like to be Daniel) Nick is blown away that Melanie would falsely confess to a crime she didn’t commit.  This reuintes themand we get hot first time sex (which is really great since no mommy or grandma sex is involved).  Daniel is carted off to jail, forever leaving the show and though it makes no sense why he killed Trent, nobody really minds.


21 thoughts on “As long as its not a Green Umbrella

  1. Hee, I love that we are always making Daniel a murderer in our faux scenarios, even when he doesnt’ really have anything to do with whomever we happen to be offing! We’ll use the “just because” rule.

    This is a lovely idea so of course it won’t happen at all. Nicole will be Melanie’s mother because everybody needs to be related in Salem. I’d love to be wrong though.

    I think your idea is great and could definitely play out and give all the characters something interesting to do. Send it to Higley stat!

  2. Ugh at the idea that Melanie is Nicole’s mother. I hated hearing that back when we thought Melanie was going to be really young (still worried they will make her under 18). I think though now, the secret is by far more sinister in nature than giving up a baby.

  3. Well that could be true and I hope you’re right. I have no faith in the writing staff right now but maybe they’ll get something right.

  4. I really hope that Nicole is not someone’s mother. God love Nicole, but not everyone in Salem needs to have a child. I do enjoy Daniel as a murderer though. All clues will point to him since the crime scene involved surf was, solar panels, and tanning oil.

  5. Bravo! You broke up Chan, got Nick a great storyline, made Max look like more of a douche bag, got Nicole and EJ together and got rid of the sufer douche bag all in one heck of an umbrella story. You need to replace Higley ASAP.

  6. This is an umbrella story I can totally get behind (under?)! I don’t care what Daniel’s motive was, either, as long as he’s off the show permanently, never to return. He can share a cell with Patrick Lockhart as far as I’m concerned.

    Since Daniel is also brilliant and into green stuff, isn’t that a good enough connection? He and Trent were working on something together and Trent stole Daniel’s idea for green hospitals or whatever? Doesn’t matter, it hardly even has to be plausible, but that would work for me.

  7. Ok, you guys are cracking me up after my story involving characters and weaving Trent to be murdered along with a love story that Nick deserves, all anyone cares about is that Daniel is the killer and he will finally be gone from Salem.

    Hee, who am I kidding? That’s my favorite part too.

  8. I loved it all Tripp! Days has been boring me so much lately I just FF thru 5 entire shows (with the exception of Nick stealing Trent’s phone). I would so much rather see your version!

  9. Brilliant, Tripp, brilliant! It’s been so long since Days has had a good umbrella story and I love how you have woven everything together. I love the idea of a rocky Nick/Melanie romance, and a final Chick hookup. I can’t help it, I’m just like you!

  10. maxxie, I miss Nick. Of course my story would make him in the center. It’s been so long since we’ve had anything with him.

    mary, hee, I knew you would understand my need to have a last Chick hookup. I’m still so bitter we never got a sex scene and this way we could have it, but done in a way where it’s understandable why Nick would fall into bed with her.

  11. Melanie will fall for EJ and Daniel ok, he is god’s gift to women. why would melanie turn down to hunks for a geek like Nick.

    Plus Melanie is a babe ok, Molly Burnett is my girl and noone will take her from me.

  12. I am a big fan of Darin Brooks too. He is the best actor in daytime, Darin my boy…we are tight. Shelley/Kristen/Rachel and Molly. I love them and they love me. One day u will see i will marry them especially Shelley. Noone will stop me, i love them so much.

    I love Shelley Hennig(prettygirl), Kristen Renton(Legs), Rachel Melvin(Bunnynose), Molly(Hottie).

  13. LOL, Tripp!!! You’re good. You need to send that story in to Days, along with an alert about your friendly neighborhood troll. cokeinthenose, indeed!

    And, thank you for being a friend today. I sure needed it:-)

  14. 2 weeks until Molly Burnett makes her debut on days of our lives. I can’t wait, molly is such a hottie…I still love rachel, shelley and kristen but i also love molly burnett who is playing Melanie Layton. I am Melanie’s #1 fan, I love molly burnett

  15. I am mad because i just found out why Shelley had to delete her myspace page. Well because someone kept on e-mailing her with creepy messages, who apparently was cyber stalking Shelley. Darin Brooks(max) gave her advice to just delete her page if it is serious.

    wow some people are just sick, ruin it for the rest of her fans that like to talk to her.

  16. shrubbery, I wish I could send the story in, I’m sure I’ll be disappointed in whatever they do.

    Terry, you need help. What did you expect her to do?

    Paula, I know what you mean.

  17. Oh, now that Terry has clearly said it was SOMEONE ELSE sending Shelly creepy messages I totally believe him, don’t y’all?

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