Big Brother 10 Premier

So for my first Big Brother 10 blog, I decided to post live on the guests opening their keys and screaming. Here are my thoughts:

April-Blond with huge boobs sticking out of her shirt. She bounces around in what I’m sure was a network request.

Libra-Chose to have her kid in the shot with her. I see she’s going to be one of those mommy types who cries everyday cause she misses her kids (man I sound jaded).

Dan-Judging by that cross behind him, I’d say this is our resident Christian. It amuses me a Catholic School teacher calls himself sinister.

Jerry-OMG, they have found father time! And he’s a Texan!

Renny-Well, I don’t know what to say with the giant redhead screaming on a New Orlean’s type street. What little I know of her (besides just watching her embarrasses me) is she sounds like she is from NY.

Ollie-No, I was wrong here is our Christian. He promises not to embarrass his family. Oh, isn’t accepting a key embarrassment enough?

Steven-What’s surprising about him, isn’t that he used the words Gay or Rodeo together. No, he quickly let us find out he’s a champ.

Brian-Cute but nothing I can make fun of yet. I see he’s in telecommunications, perhaps I sense he’s a geek?

Memphis-For a second I got excited cause I thought he was from Memphis. No, he’s from LA.

Angie-appears to be done with love. No doubt she’ll be the first to fall in love.

Keesha-They might be doing a long lost sibling thing again with April.

Jessie-Eewww eeewww. I can appreciate hunky guys but body builders make me ill.

Michelle-Well we’ve found Miss Attitude. I guess she had to grow up with one to counteract that man (father?)’s moustache.

Interesting twists-Right from the start, they force people to vote HoH before entering the house. I knew they wouldn’t reveal the person who won, nobody would really know how to react, probably just polite applause.

Is there some car movie coming out this summer? Why is there so much emphasis on cars? Car competition and the car themed bedroom being so in my face.

I really could care less at this stage who wins food rights, and I’m glad Jerry won HoH because he can’t be voted out this week. I’m not sure he is cut out for this game, you have to have a cutthroat attitude, he just doesn’t seem to. OTOH, he does seem to be very smart and those young whippersnappers are obviously underestimating him.

I also think with all the changes and twists on BB, it seems some things remain the same. The stereotypical guys (Ollie, Dan, Brian) look to be forming an alliance. We’ll see how long it lasts.


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