Criminal Intent: USA Style

So this season we find that Criminal Intent has been moved full time over to the USA network (which is also owned by NBC).  It really started last season but you could still find new episodes on the peacock network after they premiered on the cable channel.

What’s new?  Well, there is a totally new intro with an updated theme. I have to admit I like it…kind of gets my heart pumping which is a good thing given all the the cold opens have somebody who shows up with a heart beat no longer pumping.  Speaking of the opens, they too have a new feel.  We get a longer introduction with the victim now, sometimes allowing the viewer to bond a bit before the murder occurs.  Of course, we get new clues to the death as well.

Meanwhile, the show is still keeping the two main stars, Vincent D’Onofrio and Chris Noth, in separate episodes.  I knew the point of bringing Logan back to the show was to take the weight off of D’Onofrio who has recently been suffering health problems, but I had hoped to have at least one episode every season where all four detectives would join together to fight one case.

Maybe part of the problem is the revolving door of female partners for Logan.  I actually did like Alicia Witt last season…it was kind of fun to see someone acting out the hothead role while Logan had to be the logical cop for awhile.  Still, I also like Julianne Nicholson who really does match up with Noth…they have good chemistry so I’m glad to see she’s returned.

Who has not returned is a permanant DA Courtney B. Vance left.  I really did like Carver and wasn’t thrilled with that “blink and you miss” it female DA they replaced him with and quickly got rid of. You know who I would like to see?  Alexandra Cabot (Stephanie March) from Special Victims Unit and Conviction, since the latter series never took off, I’d love to see her come in and kick a little ass.  I think without the “order” side represented, it doesn’t feel so much like it’s in the same L&O universe.

I do like the new Captain, Danny Ross (Eric Bogosian), sometimes I feel like he’s the star of the show as much material he’s been given since arriving.  I also like the little off screen romance going on with him and M.E. Rodgers who I’ve always adored on the show and glad to see she has a life outside of work.

So now I’ve come to the end and we must speak about the friction going on between the original pairing of Goren and Alex.  Since returning to the force, Goren kept his best pal out of the loop of what he was up to which pissed her something off and they haven’t been the same since.  I know out in shipper world, people want Goren and Alex to be a couple but I’ve never felt it. I like their friendship but am not looking for anything more, especially yet another male/female work partners falling into bed together. That isn’t to say I don’t ship on this show, in my morbid and dark place in my heart, I find Goren and his nemesis, Nicole Wallace way way hot and would love to see how that would go, but of course they would never go there.

So that said, L&O is going strong on USA though I’ve not checked the ratings to see if this move was the right thing for my favorite of the L&O series.  I hope it works, I’d hate to see it go off the air.


7 thoughts on “Criminal Intent: USA Style

  1. Yes, TV Guide announced that Chris Noth was leaving and Jeff Goldblum was taking over, I believe.

  2. Yes, TV Guide announced that Chris Noth was leaving and Jeff Goldblum will be taking over. That could be interesting if his character and Goren work together. They can see who can out-quirk each other.

  3. Hi Rules, I hope all is well.

    Well I’m bummed about Noth, I love him as Logan! And I so am not much of a Goldblum fan.

    And if you need a life, I need a life!

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