Days of our Lives: July Review

So it’s time for a monthly check in on what is bad, good, and promising for this show and how we might fix it’s issues.  Since ratings are in the toilet with the level of my interest, let me start with the bad:


Phorgan: Well this promising storyline went right out the window.  I felt everything was going along nicely, the pacing and setup proving that maybe the show hasn’t forgotten how to do a slow burn after all. Then….bam….Morgan turns into a crying, emotional mess who can’t seem to stand up straight unless Philip is around her. I realize that losing or possibly losing your father can be a high end emotional setback for any girl her age.  But this is a soap and we are used to seeing tragedies all the time…plus Morgan up to Dena’s arrival had not been written like this.  And Philip going from feeling bad to his own involvement in Paul’s possible demise into being Morgan’s champion for anything she needs…is also out of character for him.

Chan: Well we know how I feel about them but it seems to me the couple keeps getting worse and worse.  I think the biggest problem is they can’t seem to fully commit with making Daniel a total creep. His actions are certainly not appealing but the show pulls back instead of going all the way.  It’s waffling at best but bad writing at worst.  Chelsea is written even worse, the dynamic and headstrung brat we used to know is now a stepford wife type who asks Dan for permission/advice for everything.  Ugh.  That said, I do enjoy the grannysex twist, more than I thought since SC and LK’s chemistry is making Chan’s look like child’s play (oh pun intended!)

Stax: Well I’ve never been a fan of them but I have been able to be indifferent.  I’ve said a hundred times, I think Stax’s most interesting feature was the one they outright ignored and didn’t use: the uncle dating.  So placing that aside, this couple just is too much alike to really sustain viewers interest into a story all for themselves.  You add in the limitations of DB and SH’s acting, and it really makes it more difficult to watch.  I do care about Melanie’s arrival, only because she can be a possible love interest for Nick but the long time it’s taking to get to see her is building her up in our minds no doubt Meryl Streep would disappoint us once we meet.

Jawn/Marlena: I’ll set Ava aside for another section.  The problem with Jawn is that we know there is no way Marlena will be forever out of his life….so why should any non Jarlena fans get invested in this?  I stopped being a Drake fan a long time ago, but I admit if I have to have Drake on my screen, making him an asshole to everyone he used to call friend is one thing to get me to watch.  That said, I’m not sure what they are doing with Marlena.  I’m not a Marlena fan at all, but like the rest the women on this show, stop having her stare at Jawn in her gaspy way as if that WILLS her old boy to return.  And the thing about the disk…well I’m an IT geek.  A broken disk is a broken disk and it’s gone.  

Abe/Lexie: What Autism story?  We’ve seen these two characters interact more with others on other issues.  The most we’ve had is them discussing finances and between a doctor that is Chief of Staff along with Abe being the highest ranked cop in town, how can they have financial issues?

Sami: Oh dear God, what have they done?  Many Lumi fans thought Sami falling for her rapist would be the end of their love for her. Um…no, my end of my love for her was when they took away her backbone, replacing it with a water hose and let her spray blame around everyone around her instead of just….getting even.  I’m sick of her yelling at EJ, Lucas, Chloe and Nicole.  Let’s move on please.

Ava: Oh what a waste of a character.  How I can sit here and wish they had simply written her to hook up with Daniel after she was found out to be nuts from the crazy pills and we got a real doctor/patient love story with a couple equal in age and maturity.  But Nooooooo, she’s the new Billie.



Oh, I’m kidding!  Really.  What’s good:

Steve and Kayla: Naturally they finally having their talk has placed them back where they deserved, the side of good on this show.  Too bad it was a little too late but I can still enjoy it. SN and MBE play so well off each other, not just with making bad scripts into better ones, but they have worked opposite each other so long they know how to stand back and let the person opposite them have a turn.  It’s awesome to watch just not for entertainment sake but to see their acting nuances.

Nicole: Awesome girl.  She’s been brought back with layers, issues, and pookie but sadly she’s not been around lately.

EJ: Also awesome, he’s being written better with a twist of a his bad layers showing up from time to time.  I do like him a lot with Nicole but not sure if they have the ability to last. We’ll see.


Melanie: I have hopes for this character.  We’ve not seen her so I can only let her be in the promising zone but since the rest of females in Salem are simpering, weak minded fools (see the theme for this month) I have to hope she won’t be.


Weak women: This is really getting on my nerves.  With the exception of Nicole, the women of Salem, young and old, are hitting the hit list of a feminist pet peeves.  Some of the women I hardly recognize like Chelsea, Morgan and Sami.  What is particularly troublesome is that the head writer is a woman!  How can she do that to our sex?  It’s enraging.  Even Kayla and Hope seem to be completely incapable of doing anything outside of having “their man” around.  This needs to stop and now.

How to fix the problems

It’s tough…I would say fire the writer but even I’m not sure Days can survive another writer transition. What we need to do is start the work on the following:

  • Break up Chan immediately and let Date be the endgame couple.
  • Use Melanie to come between Stax to have them end things and find new partners for Max and Stephanie.
  • Write in a new slow burn romance but don’t fuck it up like Phorgan (probably Nick/Melanie are best candidates at this time).
  • Some say Phorgan can be saved if it’s revealed that Morgan is “using” Philip but I’m not sure Morgan is sophisticated enough for me to buy that.  So my opinion is once the reveal of Philip’s relationship to her dad is out, shift the energy from Morgan and Chelsea, where I think they could do a world of good with this hurting these best friends. Chelsea’s Dad has covered up a crime for Chelsea’s Uncle.  And Chelsea never lets anyone say bad stuff about her Dad, even though he deserves it in this case.  As for Phorgan, she strikes me as the kind of girl that would “freeze” out Philip and I’d kind of like to see that. Give it a month and maybe revisit them with the “freeze” still on but they are forced to work together in some fashion.
  • For everything else, an umbrella story…NOW!!!!

14 thoughts on “Days of our Lives: July Review

  1. Well you pretty much hit everything I would have recommended. I’m kind of excited about some of the upcoming spoilers regarding a certain villain, so I have some hope that August will be an improvement. At least it should make EJ and possibly Nicole get more airtime, for which I will be grateful.

    The only interesting characters on this show to me right now are John (NEVER thought I would say that), EJ, Nicole, Ava and Rolf. Yes, Rolf. I enjoy him, plus he refused to give in to the Glitter Queen so he will forever be my fave. I could have gotten into Java if she weren’t leaving…sigh.

    Still holding out hope for August! I’m with you on Melanie, I’m interested so far, as long as casting got it right.

  2. Man, I forgot Trent too! Sacrilege! Hee, well I do enjoy him as well, but you’re right, he’s barely been on lately. I mean, why give someone cool screentime when you can give us Stax on a train or Chan being inappropriate?

  3. Morgan was barely written for at all pre-Dena; now she’s in a front burner storyline with a hot leading man. I bet KR is perfectly happen with the way her character is being written given the tradeoff: minimal screen time in the token role of smart sorority president or significant screen time with JKJ. She’s certainly been campaigning in her interviews for more. But as you know, I never thought the character of Morgan was some super fiesty, independent firecracker anyway. And now she’s ruining my beloved Philip so thanks, show! You’ve ruined Morgan for Morgan fans and Philip for Philip fans for a chemistry-free pairing! Excellent!

    The good: EJ and Nicole when they’re together. Trent being threatening. Bo doing a favor for Victor and regretting it.

    The bad: everything else.

  4. Nolebucgrl, Well if you check out Trent on Prevuze II for Tuesday, I think you are going to be extremely happy about him. Extremely. LOL.

    Paxton, I think we got a bit of Morgan when she was dating Max…and I kind of think the girl who was dumped by Max was a lot stronger than what we are seeing (and I can just imagine the “heartbreak” of being dumped by Max).

    But take some solace in that even though I did like Phorgan, they have killed that now.

  5. Yes, it takes a woman of iron will to be able to survive being dumped by Max–how ever could one go on after that? Although I have to say if a guy ever had dumped me for his niece it would be a little difficult to recover. She did get a little screen time then, but she was clearly just a Stax Obstacle. Because them being related just isn’t interesting.

    Like I said to mp, I basically don’t care what your reason is for not liking Phorgan, as long as you’re on my side now, that’s all that matters. We all have to be miserable together.

  6. Yeah, you pretty much read my mind about this month. Stax and Chan overload (though any amount of airtime is too much) and the unfortunate Phorgan pushing.

    Word to the Theme. Personally, that bothers me the most. Ever notice how there is no “lesson learned” in these storylines? I hope letting men be the center of your attention isn’t the message they’re trying send out to young women, but Days could have me fooled…

    Speaking of which, Sami. ICAM about the Sami bit that you’ve so eloquently explained.

  7. Paxton, don’t you know though that Maxwell Brady is the greatest lover ever? Plus he’s the manliest man. And he’s also sensative! And now he’s genius smart. So it’s no wonder Morgan has gone down hill!

    SourSugar, welcome. Any airtime on those 2 couples, specifically Chan is too much. The theme is really upsetting me and I totally agree on no lessons learned, though I think I might have to admit this is something Days has been fairly bad at over the years. I like my characters having flaws and making mistakes (reasonably) but when they were no consequences to such mistakes….it makes me wonder what was the point of caring?

  8. It’s not just a Days problem, it’s a Daytime problem so I guess they’re just following the trend. Pfft. I love a greatly flawed character just as much as the next person, but not like this. This is more than a few flaws…it’s nothing BUT flaws.

    Hey may someone remembers…was Abby ever this in love with Max? I actually liked Abby.

  9. I think Abby was in major love with Max, but I thought she was too young for him. She looked like a kid (a very pretty kid, but a kid nonetheless) with her older brother. I guess the show said “we’ll see your Mabby discomfort and raise you a Chan! You think you’re bothered by an age difference NOW. . . .”

    I, perhaps unpopularly, liked Max and Mimi together, and I also liked Max and Morgan better than I liked Stax, although that’s sort of like saying I like having the flu better than having a kidney infection. I would be fine with Max and Morgan as a cute “B” couple who are on a day or so every couple of weeks. But instead it is Corday’s Law that Stax are my New Supercouple.

  10. I wondered about Abby to see if she was a good, strong, younger character but if she had the major hots for Max….nevermind. I never watched Max and Mimi although I’m sure they were in love as well…wait, who hasn’t Max been in love with? Think about it, it’s a hard question to answer.

  11. Yes, Max is quite the super stud. EJ and Philip couldn’t get laid for months and months, but the girls were falling all over the boybander. Further proof that Salem is in an alternate universe from mine.

  12. I actually liked Max for a while until they made him into such a Marty Sue/Good Will Hunting wannabe. I completely agree about them needing to own the incest story if they are going to tell it instead of just ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

    Is it true that their head writer has quit? If so I hope the show can survive and get somebody better for the job as Days is still my sentimental favorite soap.

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