Breaking News: Dena quits?

According to TV Suds report, Dena Higley has quit the show. Nelson Branco reports:

OK, Salemites: party at my house and don’t bring your own booze, because I’m supplying it all! Super-reliable sources tell The Suds Report Dena Higley quit as head writer last week. “If you read her NBC blogs, the writing has been on the wall for a while; she’s been unhappy with the media criticism of her work,” says one insider. So what’s the official reason “for doing daytime TV a favour?” Two words: Ed Scott, Days’ co-executive producer. “Dena said she couldn’t work with him any longer,” explains the source. And the news gets better: Sony wants to replace Higley, who is still under investigation for scab writing during the writers’ strike, with former Y&R Emmy-winning scribe Jack Smith or Genoa City’s current executive producer Josh Griffith. So, what’s the bad news in all of this? “[Executive producer] Ken Corday was on his many vacations when she bolted without warning, and when he found out he told everyone not to worry because he was going to talk her out of leaving,” continues the stunned source. Yikes! Corday is officially trying to cancel his parent’s beloved series, methinks. Memo to Corday: Don’t do it. Higley has given you the out of a lifetime! Hire Smith or Griffith (so Sony doesn’t have to pay him out of his contract when CBS chief Barbara Bloom realizes her dream) — or both! Days and Sony have not responded to my emails for confirmation yet because it’s the weekend. More deets next week.

Wow, that’s a lot to take in.  I’m glad Dena could be gone but not sure if this is the right way to go about it. I’d rather it have been Corday to let her go and she leaving them in the lurch like this can’t be good short term.  Noticing she picks on Ed Scott in the story, I would hate for Corday to lure her back with his dismissal, since he’s improved so much since joining the show.  (Of course she would have a problem with him, ES does quality soap).

So I’m holding my breath.  It’s still up in the air, nothing official.  She walking out isn’t exactly the ideal way for this to happen and current stories on the cusp of happening (Nick/Melanie, Stefano’s return) could be the easiest things to suffer.  We’ll just have to wait and see (so much easier said then done).

Updated Sunday Morning: Over at Daytime Royalty where Nelson posts, he updated withMAJOR, MAJOR NEWS IN MONDAY’S NELSON RATINGS. This story just got nastier! And it involves Y&R. Just wait…”

Update Sunday afternoon-This is getting more and more bizarre. Now Nelson is stating that a scoop on Monday is going to break your heart and nobody looks good, and it’s just sad for daytime.  Seriously stop posting shit like this unless you want mass hysteria to wind up making things much worse!

Update Sunday Evening-What he reports now:

U guys are all wrong; no one will guess this! Alas, I can’t legally do anything until tomorrow. I would NEVER have guessed yesterday that this news story would go in this direction. My sources left out A LOT of facts originally, and to be fair I misunderstood what they were trying to imply because of a certain scandal last year. If you love irony, tomorrow you’ll be drenched in it, but depressed. I want to put you all out of your misery, but I can’t. And tomorrow, please don’t shoot the messenger. It gets ugly… and I don’t think Days will ever recover. Yes, it sounds like I’m teasing, but I’m not…. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself involved with which has never happened before in my career. This makes Martha Byrne’s departure seem like a love affair between her and ATWT! News story of the year, yes, but no one wants to deliver this kind of news. But I have to now. The news will be posted on an updated SUDS not Nelson Ratings because it doesn’t belong there. I will however link to Suds in NR, and will delete the entire Suds entry I posted yesterday and revise it. Everyone just go about your lives today, because speculating isn’t going to do anyone any good.

Seriously, why can’t the actual show be this interesting?


13 thoughts on “Breaking News: Dena quits?

  1. I know…like you said on your blog, the show is so boring but what scares me is with no way to move forward w/o a HW usually. So it has the potential to be more boring.

  2. I want to be happy about this so badly, but I’m scared out of my mind. I just can’t picture a new HW coming in and being any better or being able to fix what Higley has done without ruining the few good things we have going for us.

  3. I hardly know what to think. I can’t but be happy Higley is leaving because I really disliked her, but the pessimist in me feels like it can always get worse.

  4. I know nolebucgrl, now that some time has past, I’m still not sure how to process this.

    Soursugar, I too want to be happy but it seems this would come up right at the time I actually was looking forward to a story she would write. Damn Corday for firing Hogan and putting us in this mess.

    Mary, you’re like me…things are bad now, but they can always get worse!

  5. Hogan SUCKED, HIGLEY SUCKED now you know who should be headwriter…


    Non stop Stephanie, Chelsea, Morgan, Max, Daniel, EJ, Sami, Nicole, Trent, Melanie, Paul, Philip

    these characters would be my pet characters

  6. I just feel bad for all the cast and crew for having to deal this this garbage. I really hope everything works out and the show can stay on the air.

  7. Terry, whatever, you were just at NBC stating that you wanted Higley to stay.

    CassandraT, welcome! I agree with you, the people who are probably suffering are the cast and crew.

    Anyway, I’ve updated my original posting, apparently Nelson said at DR this story is nastier which involves Y&R (which scares me, I do not want Ed Scott to go).

  8. i dont care about this drama, it better not interfere with Melanie arriving:). MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE CHARACTER, seriously if it does interfere then i will march to ken corday’s office and do something better to him. NOONE WILL INTERFERE BETWEEN ME and my girl Melanie/Molly. If u think i won’t do it, then try me.


  9. How can she be your all time favorite character when you’ve only seen pictures of her? A character is about more than what she looks like.

    I’m like the rest of y’all–refreshing DR constantly.

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