Days: Higley Versus Scott

So, Nelson has reported his “news” which is up at a special Suds report:

Grab a bottle of vodka before reading this updated news item on Days’ head writer Dena Higley reportedly vacating her duties because no one’s going to like this one bit, so don’t shoot the messenger. That sound you hear is me about to jump off a cliff with an anvil tied around my waist!

Here are the facts: Higley has not been head-writing Days “for quite some time.” A source close to Higley tells me, “If the press/fans aren’t happy with what they’re seeing, they should turn their attention to [co-executive producer] Ed Scott. He’s been writing and rewriting story, dialogue and scenes for weeks and weeks. He’s also encouraged actors, including one overblown diva, to rewrite not just her own lines, but her scene partners. [This star] has taken to telling others that she and Ed are the head writers. The mess on the air is not the doing of the actual credited writers, but by amateurs. What leaves their offices bears little resemblance to what ends up on screen.” The Suds Report has also learned that two other Days actors have been encouraged to rewrite their storyline.

The Writers Guild of America is now involved in the matter. The irony in all of this is now the Guild, who have been investigating Higley for allegedly scabbing during the writers’ strike, now has to defend her. Thanks to Scott and company reportedly hijacking the series, Higley may have just been given the out of a lifetime. I am told the WGA have photographic proof of the “coup d’etat,” and will fine the series for allowing non-Guild members to pen the soap.

Executive producer Ken Corday is said to be trying to seize control of his series, and is hoping to position Higley back at the helm.

In a June 10 blog on NBC’s website, Higley hinted at the backstage upheaval: “I had a crappy week at work. I don’t know how else to describe it. For anyone who thinks I just make stuff up for Days and it’s perfectly realized on the TV screen, I’ve got a flash for you… I strike out more than I hit. So many times I’ll work out a story only to have it axed. It’s not that I think I’m always right. But sometimes the rejection and the sense of ‘fighting city hall’ is just exhausting emotionally, physically and [worst of all] mentally.”

As previously reported, Scott wanted to replace Higley with Y&R executive producer Josh Griffith or Emmy-winning head writer Jack Smith.

Another west coast soap opera is dealing with the same issue, but proof is an issue.

I admit I wasn’t expecting this but I’m not that shocked Dena would come out and say such.  Why?  Cause I don’t believe it. Not yet.  ES has a huge reputation in the industry and I can imagine him not taking kindly to Dena’s story telling, but I doubt he is responsible for the likes of Chan, Mad Max, Phorgan going down the toilet, etc.  Does he tweak scripts?  Probably.  But I can’t imagine him outright taking over the show like this w/o Corday stepping in.

The “diva” probably is MBE, who was known for being unhappy with the lack of Ava followup but to call her a diva is the most laughable thing I’ve ever heard.  I think SN and MBE are responsible for their scenes last week and ES probably approved it.

The only reason this could possibly be true is that Blind Item that came out stating a young actress on an NBC soap is able to get huge storylines but hated because she sleeps with a producer and snorts cocaine.  If true, it would be SH, KR or RM.  I take SH out…she looks far too healthy to be a coke addict and though she is featured a good deal, her couple is mainly about her costar, not her.  KR is a candidate, but her screentime didn’t rise prominently until this past few weeks and still…the emphasis is on her costar.  That leaves RM who I feel it sad given she is the most talented one of the bunch, but has been given way more than she deserves in screentime and story-wise.

What I would really like to do is shoot Nelson Branco.  This is not that big of news unless it’s 100% true which I doubt, even with the BI above.  By riling up fans over the weekend when this could have waited. Obviously he was trying to cover himself since he broke the story that Dena was leaving early before she did so officially.  No wonder Toups didn’t want to touch it.

In my opinion, Dena was throwing out garbage and ES was trying to make it work so it could be taped!  She gets all huffy and this is where the resentment came in.  Now she’s proclaiming it’s all him.  No, for me to buy this, I need someone else other then Dena’s people to say.


8 thoughts on “Days: Higley Versus Scott

  1. Yes, to me this was much ado about nothing. Unless ES has been writing the show the ENTIRE time that Dena was head writer, then he is not responsible for the boring dreck on our screens. The show has sucked pretty much since the writer’s strike ended.

    If he is screwing RM (which ewwwww that is WORSE than the Chan pairing visually) then yeah, that’s a problem, but I really doubt that she’s writing her own stuff, which is the route some people are going with this. Do you honestly think she’d approve of him penning that Date got it on? Her guy doing grandma? I don’t buy that at all.

    I don’t think MBE is the diva either…that just doesn’t compute. I bet she and SN did write their scene, but I’m thinking they were the other 2 mentioned, not that she was the diva. DHer is the ONLY woman on set that I could think would ever be termed a diva, the rest just don’t fit unless it’s someone like NB. We know she likes to bang older guys…dunno.

    I really don’t get why this Nelson had such a bitchfit over this storyline and acts like it will change the face of daytime. Unless I’m missing something, it just doesn’t seem like much more than a bitter ex-HW.

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  3. I believe that SN and MBE wrote their scenes last week. We already know they lobbied for the fallout scenes, and I thought the rest of their scenes last week were pretty good. Nothing earth-shattering, but they talked about Ava again briefly, talked and Joe, talked about Bo. The “Please Daddy Don’t Drop Me” prop was cute and is the kind of thing SN would probably do.

    As for the identity of the “top star,” I really don’t know. Honestly, I don’t think ANY of the female characters on the show really have anything to crow about, except maybe Nicole. And I just don’t see it being her. RM seems most likely (or least unlikely) just because her story changed so abruptly.

    The Date stuff seems like a rewrite, so it’s possible she wrote the stuff up until then, and the Date plot twist was Dena’s revenge. Who knows?

  4. nolebucgrl, yes I was judging based on older info (which is now outdated) that they simply meant actor(s) were editing their work which we know SN and MBE did. But for a “diva” to be running around amuck, co writing the show with a crazed Ed Scott sounds fishy….I can’t imagine any actress doing that. Not even Deidre Hall.

    Mary, I hope this stuff gets through. RM seems like she has segwayed from “teen storylines” to “adult storylines” so abruptly it makes everyone act suspicious of her. I hope it’s not true.

    As far as Chan goes…if any story felt like it was being torn between two writers, that would be it. At least the way Daniel is written, chelsea remains consistently stalkery. But one day Daniel is being a womanizer while the next he’s 100% committed to Chelsea. Doesn’t matter. Just end them.

  5. This is just the type of turmoil and inconsistency that made me stop watching. It’s just too exhausting. I really hope they can pull it together b/c this was a great soap!

    Random GH aside: Tripp, I do believe you’re right about Maxie/Spinelli being pushed aside for a classic-Shelle reunion. I guess I jumped on the end of that bandwagon. It’s my curse…I ship a couple and they crash and burn 😦

  6. Sorry Maxxie on GH. I was afraid of that which is why I never really came over to check them out. I’m afraid when it comes to geek love, THE WORLD ISN’T READY!!!

  7. oh just wait till Nick meets the wildchild Partygirl Melanie:). That will change

    who would be able to resist Melanie, sure hell won’t.

  8. I immediately thought the Diva was DH but I read on another board that some were thinking it was AS, but I didn’t buy that. I can see MBE and SN writing their own scenes which I approve of and hope they continue to do so. I, too, read the BI about the young starlet and the whole thing concerns me very much.

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