To whom it may concern (and really who is that? I don’t know)

To whomever is in charge whether that be Mr. Corday, Mrs. Higley, Mr. Newguy or Satan,

I really could care less about the behind the scenes drama. What scares me is it sounds more interesting than what has been presented to viewers for most of this year. The show has been improving some lately, but IMO it has a long way to go.

What I’d like to see now out of Days goes beyond my love for my favorite characters (which incidentally are Steve, Kayla, Nick, Bo, Hope, Philip, EJ, Sami, Kate and Melanie kind of looks promising) and into the logicistics of creating the show such as plot, character motivations, character vulnerabilities, romance, relationship and attention to history.

Plots are something I’m not sure the show knows how to do anymore because they take a beginning, middle and ending which for the last few years we’ve been getting ripped off on one or more. Keep in mind a good story even when it’s ending can be the jumpstart to even more stories as repercussions may wind up working their way through the characters. Speaking of characters, there is more to just writing dialog for them…actors can (or should) do more than just give us exposition so please write in some meaningful moments that will allow he or she to take the written words off the page and into our TVs. If an actor can’t handle that…well, I’m sorry…that’s what they are paid for so let them go.

Finally, it’s not a bad idea to gauge viewer reaction using tools at your disposal like message boards, letters and polls but don’t let them direct you in anything. Use them as a means to see if a story is working and if it’s not, figure out how to fix it in a sensible and logical way, sometimes dropping a story can be just as frustrating as pushing it through to the end. But don’t rely solely on this….it seems to me if your business is soap operas, you can tell what works and what doesn’t on your own. If it’s something you have to FORCE on the audience, then that should be a clue…it isn’t right so move on.

Just my humble opinion. I’ve watched soaps for years, taking several years off but returning a couple of years ago. The show has had good days and bad since then…and what worries me is one pattern you like to do is as soon as an upswing starts, things happen BTS and it all goes to pot again. Don’t let that happen this time.




7 thoughts on “To whom it may concern (and really who is that? I don’t know)

  1. Very nice, I can only second your thoughts and hope that whatever is going on behind the scenes, they will just put out a quality show that we can enjoy. That is not too much to ask.

  2. Word! Much as I love many of the characters and actors on Days I’ve just about given up hope that things will ever go back to even being as good as they were before the writer’s strike. Even with Stefano back things are still not anywhere near as good as this show used to be.

  3. I’m sorry…but Ed Scott was fired. I know I don’t watch this show regularly and I come here to get my info, but ED SCOTT was fired and Higley stays. Are they nuckin’ futs?

    Has Ken Corday sold his soul to the devil?

    ITA, Tripp.

  4. This might be my favorite sentence ever about Dena Higley and DAYS:

    During her second tenure, Days of our Lives reached a record low of 2,097,000 viewers on June 13, 2008.

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