Days actor let go

Well according to SON:

Soap Opera Network has learned that “Days Of Our Lives” has fired Roscoe Born. Born joined “DAYS” earlier this year as Trent Robbins, the biological father of Max Brady (Darin Brooks). His exit is storyline dictated.

Born’s firing is unrelated to Co-Executive Producer Ed Scott’s firing from this weekend.

Well let’s hope that it’s unrelated to Scott’s firing.  I loved Roscoe Born, as many of you know I was so excited when he came to Days but I never expected him to be a long term character.  We’ve not been given much of him since joining the cast and though I wish he could stay forever, I understand they can make his exit angst filled and quite soapy.

That said, I worry this is coming on too soon.  Even if it has nothing to do with their other BTS problems, Days still has plenty of history of screwing up potentially great storylines.  Ideally, I’d have Trent leave by killing him off and creating a real murder mystery but it seems way too soon for that.  Sure, we’d have Nicole and Max as suspects along with possible EJ too.  But why not wait and let him make more enemies especially since Melanie will be coming back to Salem with Stax and Nick (it’s inevitable, folks!).  We could see how Melanie might be “used” by her father until she winds up screwing up a real balanced family relationship with Max as well as a promising one with Nick so she too could be a suspect.  Heck, so could Nick and Stephanie by that point.

Sigh, I’ll let my worries go.  There is still a possibility this could work out well.  I have every reason to believe Melanie is going to try to con Nick once she meets him but having something happen to her beloved father could cause the girl to drop this act she has and let Nick see the real girl inside.   God knows Nick loves to “be there” for a girl going through an emotional crises and it would be interesting to see how this affects her superficial views on him (naturally I’d add in for Chelsea to be sitting on the sidelines eating her heart out).


17 thoughts on “Days actor let go

  1. Pity. Another talented actor slips through their fingers. Too bad it’s hardly surprising considering their track record these last couple of years.

  2. Yes, this news disheartened me as well. I really was enjoying RB as Trent.

    I’d be on board for a murder mystery…you know he had that that run-in with Marlena, hehe. She could be a suspect too. Yeah right!

    I still have high hopes for Nick/Melanie and it’ll be interesting to see where things go.

  3. I hate this. RB plays such a great bad guy. I love his voice too! I was getting into his storyline with Nicole, so of course tbtb had to screw it up.

  4. yea i knew Trent robbins would be out cause well every villain leaves when the overrated cartoon villain stefano returns. GET RID OF Stefano, he does the same thing over and over.

    I knew Roscoe wasn’t going to stay cause i looked up the contracts on the current cast, Roscoe only had a short term contract that would expire in november.

    but Molly Burnett has a 4 year contract so it wont be until 2011 for her to expire. I forget which month, i think November.

    Shelley Hennig, Kristen Renton and Rachel Melvin has a contract until 2010, darin brook’s contract has a 4 year contract as well cause he just renewed it. I think Shawn Christian has a 3 year contract. Blake Berris i think his expire in november in 2010. i know its 2010 but i forget what month it was.

  5. Mosiac, I know, I hate it too. I also LOVE RB’s voice. It’s so awesome.

    Zara, I wouldn’t count on Victor and Stefano dueling. They have already incapacitated Victor thanks to this stroke and it will probably get worse.

    Terry, contracts mean nothing really. If the show wants to fire the actors, they usually can.

    daysfan, I don’t get the show either.

  6. I’m sad to see Trent leaving the scene in Days… However this could mean that Roscoe will be returning to One Life to Live as Mitch Lawrence so I guess I’m not that sad… as long as it works out that way!

  7. Awww, they fired RB? (And they resign DB for another four effing years?!) I’ve been away from the boards the past few days so I had no idea. I love Trent…such a fantastic a–hole.

  8. Welcome Melanie. I’m sad to see Trent leave too though it’s not that much of a surprise.

    Lascuba, I think we can thank the damn Emmy board for DB getting another four years. You know he can forever list himself as Emmy nominated now which is just really ridiculous. And since the show will probably never give Blake another chance to have an Emmy clip…

  9. So, they fire RB who can actually do more than just roll his r’s to show that he’s a villain. And it’s the Stefano show again. Higley writing. Ed Scott gone. Death Wish, Mr. Corday?

  10. Well I never thought RB was for long term. They never came out and said how long his contract was and IMO that tells me it was always short term. The problem is, with everything that happened this weekend, it’s tough to trust they really are coming to the end of his story.

  11. well i think it going to be a dramatic moment for trent’s exit from the Fall previews. Trent’s past catches up with him putting Max and Melanie in danger.

    Nothing better not happen to my Melanie, she is the reason i watch days. I LOVE MOLLY BURNETT, she is too adorable for words and i will make her my girlfriend. I LOVE MOLLY

  12. Blake Berris’s contract actually ends in November of 2009 not 2010 just to clarify, if you don’t know the expiration date of the actors contracts and Molly Burnett’s contract ends in 2011 in July, now all of you know for certain

  13. I actually like Melanie and Nick, I believe I have a disposition towards shallow, sharp tongued ladies which is why I loved Chelsea way back then and Nicole. I’m sure Melanie will lose most of the edge and become a ‘saint’ like Chelsea.

    Re Trent: I, too, think they should have gave him more enemies. I found him ok, better than The Man Who Could Do Anything – Stefano. I never did like villains who do evil just for the hell of it. Trent seems more scummy and schemish?? than Stefano and as such his evil felt more ‘real’. Just my take.

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