Snot’s the Glue that holds them together Part I

Welcome to the first EVER dual Days of our Blog by Nolebucgrl and Tripp!  To just give a brief introduction, we obviously blog on Days on a weekly basis but upon hearing about the granny sex reveal, we knew we would have to join forces and spend this day together!  Since it looks like the reveal is going over two episodes, the first part starts on my blog, and then the followup will be on Nole’s.  (I’ll add that link later).

Understand?  I hope so cause I’m not sure I do.

Tripp3235: Bope!
Tripp3235: Oh, clean shaven Bo
nolebucgrl: Yes, it’s about time they were around
nolebucgrl: He looks so strange without any facial hair
Tripp3235: It’s nice to see Bope working on this
nolebucgrl: Oh, let’s bust on John a little bit
Tripp3235: we bust on John all the time
nolebucgrl: I mean, they’re right but they’re always assuming he’s guilty, hehe
nolebucgrl: this is true, but we have valid reason
Tripp3235: Yes well now that John is a DiMera
Tripp3235: he MUST be responsible
nolebucgrl: Ahhh Phorgan!
Tripp3235: haven’t seen her in awhile
nolebucgrl: That’s true, I keep forgetting [John] is a DiMera
Tripp3235: oh and just as quick, they are gone!
Tripp3235: Granny Lovin now on our screen!
nolebucgrl: and Chelsea walks in on the Date cuddle!
Tripp3235: Kate tap dancing
Tripp3235: as she and Dan were practically dry humping there by the elevators
nolebucgrl: I would be a bit upset if I walked in on my grandma hugging my boyfriend
nolebucgrl: or manfriend as the case may be
Tripp3235: tanmanfriend
nolebucgrl: I hate those streaks on Chelsea’s head
Tripp3235: We all do
Tripp3235: I like her new haircut
Tripp3235: which makes her look younger too
nolebucgrl: ha, Kate’s face when Chelsea asked Daniel about “sneaking away” was pretty telling
Tripp3235: Yes it was
nolebucgrl: ewww
Tripp3235: I think Kate’s constant nagging about Chelsea finding out is not just cause she likes Dan
nolebucgrl: “see what happens”
nolebucgrl: chaste kiss on the cheek for Chelsea
nolebucgrl: soul bearing hug for Kate
Tripp3235: ugh, giving Chelsea a key
nolebucgrl: and we cut from Chan to Jarlena
Tripp3235: that should have been a bigger moment shouldn’t it?
Tripp3235: well we can talk through the Jarlena scenes
nolebucgrl: that’s going to make me lose my dinner
Tripp3235: I can’t believe people want to watch them
nolebucgrl: you’ll protect Marlena from Stefano, John?
Tripp3235: much less read us chatting about them
nolebucgrl: like you have so well in the past?
nolebucgrl: well they will enjoy our hate though
Tripp3235: When are they going to fix John’s hair
Tripp3235: You know
Tripp3235: he’s the one who needs streaks in his hair
Tripp3235: Is he gonna smoke in there?
nolebucgrl: Hee, then he’d look like The Bride Of Frankenstein
Tripp3235: I do have to admit
Tripp3235: I like that John is feeling awkward
nolebucgrl: that’d be cool, light up and set off an explosion
Tripp3235: it’s like he knows he should be feeling more
Tripp3235: but he doesn’t know how
Tripp3235: Oh he’s reaching for her

nolebucgrl: you communicated and spoke a hell of a lot for a person in a coma, Marlena

Tripp3235: no jarlena touching
Tripp3235: if we have channage today
Tripp3235: i can’t take Jarlena touching on top of that
nolebucgrl: we all thought we’d get some peace and quiet for a few days but NOOOOO
nolebucgrl: Marlena gets to yammer the whole time she was supposed to be comatose
Tripp3235: Yes what was that about?
nolebucgrl: HA
Tripp3235: It figures we finally get her in a coma
Tripp3235: and they still give her lines
nolebucgrl: her removal of her breathing apparatus was hysterical
Tripp3235: Yes
nolebucgrl: like she was trying to get a bee out of her face
Tripp3235: which they ought to figure out how to reverse that
Tripp3235: with her gasping muscles
Tripp3235: she could probably power a 100 people needing respirators
nolebucgrl: true, those are some powerful lungs she has
nolebucgrl: this is an entirely too long Jarlena scene
Tripp3235: Yes
nolebucgrl: I don’t approve
Tripp3235: Yes
Tripp3235: Phorgan had 3 seconds
nolebucgrl: oh and now John cares
Tripp3235: this is what?  3 minutes now?
nolebucgrl: at least
Tripp3235: Marlena is sorry
Tripp3235: Should I be laughing at her delivery?
nolebucgrl: she said oh my gosh, Jennifer Devereaux inhabits her now
nolebucgrl: maybe she’s possessed again, hehe
nolebucgrl: You must always laugh at Marlena
Tripp3235: Just be glad she isn’t doing the voiceover on the hour glass
Tripp3235: as we are listening to now
Tripp3235: Sometimes I want to hit Marlena
nolebucgrl: I can’t believe she volunteered to do that after Mac died
Tripp3235: but that’s another blog
nolebucgrl: I want to hit her most times, hee
nolebucgrl: And I already blogged on her!
Tripp3235: UGH
Tripp3235: it came back to them!
nolebucgrl: God!
Tripp3235: are they KIDDING ME?
nolebucgrl: The couple that ate the show
Tripp3235: This is gonna be torture
nolebucgrl: We are here for granny!sex reveal damnit
Tripp3235: thank god for GS reveal
nolebucgrl: hee, she just did an eye roll at John
nolebucgrl: that was slightly cool
Tripp3235: but i didn’t know we would have to pay some sort of Jarlena sacrifice to get it
nolebucgrl: for Marlena anyway
nolebucgrl: oh god, she’s crying
Tripp3235: Oh default John take
Tripp3235: of slowly closing his eyes
nolebucgrl: light the cigar and kill her John
Tripp3235: and his Parkinson’s nod
nolebucgrl: enter Roman
Tripp3235: Roman
nolebucgrl: yes, another man to fawn all over Marlena
Tripp3235: between all 3 of those people
nolebucgrl: cause she doesn’t get enough of that in life
nolebucgrl: I hate that John is all of a sudden all into her
Tripp3235: we’ve got enough botox in that room to sustain a whole ‘nother soap opera
nolebucgrl: and now of course, she’s not into NuJohn
nolebucgrl: Hee
Tripp3235: yes, he gets to chase her
nolebucgrl: too true
Tripp3235: her close to death experience
nolebucgrl: I choose me! (Kelly Taylor)
nolebucgrl: oh god
Tripp3235: Now we cut to Dan’s bedroom
Tripp3235: Oh God
nolebucgrl: Chelsea in Dan’s bedroom?
Tripp3235: back to back Chan and Jarlena
nolebucgrl: I’m saying
nolebucgrl: what a terrible show
Tripp3235: Hee
nolebucgrl: oooh Date scene
Tripp3235: Daniel hasn’t even changed
Tripp3235: he’s still there
Tripp3235: and of course he must talk to Kate
Tripp3235: ONE MORE TIME
nolebucgrl: of course they have to talk about Chelsea
Tripp3235: well now we’re on Phorgan
nolebucgrl: hee, they’re such bad secret keepers
Tripp3235: all soap characters are
nolebucgrl: Good, talking about Paul’s disappearance
Tripp3235: Yes, he did take a bullet for you Morgan
nolebucgrl: and he’s hot
Tripp3235: which I think was a mistake have happen BEFORE
nolebucgrl: so forgive him all, hehe
Tripp3235: the reveal of the Paul thing
Tripp3235: throw him in the river?
Tripp3235: does she believe he killed him?
nolebucgrl: I don’t think she really does
nolebucgrl: but maybe
Tripp3235: I like her necklace
nolebucgrl: she just walked away after he said she doesn’t know him at all
nolebucgrl: oh we’re back to them, hehe
Tripp3235: Oh but she didn’t walk away
Tripp3235: i thought she had
nolebucgrl: ahhh she still has “feelings”
nolebucgrl: this show needs to learn to get away from “feelings”
Tripp3235: didn’t Morgan threaten John?
nolebucgrl: At least she’s not weeping (Stephanie)
Tripp3235: I do like this Morgan
nolebucgrl: yes, that’s what got Philip shot
Tripp3235: she’s got her backbone back
nolebucgrl: yeah much better
Tripp3235: she doesn’t “need” Philip
nolebucgrl: oooh a song playing
Tripp3235: though it’s clear she still wants him
nolebucgrl: they are twu wuv
nolebucgrl: flashback to the fantasy on the roof
nolebucgrl: I liked this, even though I didn’t want to
nolebucgrl: I mean, it was immature
Tripp3235: LOL
nolebucgrl: but Philip was hot
Tripp3235: well Morgan is young
Tripp3235: and it’s better a fantasy like that then say imagining making out with your doctor while you’re in your hospital bed
nolebucgrl: I’m shallow enough to get over anything for the hotness
nolebucgrl: alright, Philip with Bo
nolebucgrl: I love the exploration of the Kiriakii relationships
nolebucgrl: Phil looks sexy manning up for Bo
Tripp3235: Yes, I’m so glad we are getting more Bo/Philip
nolebucgrl: Date!
Tripp3235: Oh back to Date
nolebucgrl: well of course Kate is terrified and paranoid
Tripp3235: Yes Dan she is terrified
nolebucgrl: LIE
Tripp3235: because she feels GUILTY
nolebucgrl: Daniel!
Tripp3235: GUILTY
nolebucgrl: you were not together at the time of your Date sex
nolebucgrl: but you were making out all over town
Tripp3235: They really do the arguing well
nolebucgrl: yes, they have great heat
nolebucgrl: no she won’t forgive you
Tripp3235: UGH
nolebucgrl: ahhh
Tripp3235: back of RM
nolebucgrl: my eyes!
Tripp3235: OMG
nolebucgrl: that outfit
Tripp3235: hee
nolebucgrl: it looks weird
Tripp3235: I’m sorry
Tripp3235: but it’s kind of funny
nolebucgrl: with a bra under it
Tripp3235: she’s sitting on that bed
nolebucgrl: I mean it’s see through so obviously
Tripp3235: waiting on her boyfriend
Tripp3235: who is too busy discussing his secret fling with her GRANDMA
nolebucgrl: but couldn’t they have gotten her something non see through?
nolebucgrl: hee
nolebucgrl: it is hilarious
nolebucgrl: damnit, more Jarlena
Tripp3235: well you know Chelsea is SOOO hot
Tripp3235: just like Marlena
Tripp3235: who is lying there
nolebucgrl: HA
Tripp3235: with the two men in her life
Tripp3235: who can’t stay away
nolebucgrl: Hee
Tripp3235: even when one is devoid of emotion
Tripp3235: OMG
nolebucgrl: Talking about John not being the only great love of her life
Tripp3235: did she just admit he wasn’t the only great love of her life?
nolebucgrl: she’s going to toy with Roman
nolebucgrl: what a bitch
Tripp3235: I can’t believe they let her say that
Tripp3235: This is kind of cruel to Roman
nolebucgrl: I know, they usually only play the Roman card to get Marlena out of trouble
Tripp3235: it’s just
Tripp3235: she’s so matter of fact about Roman
nolebucgrl: it is, it’ll get his hopes up
Tripp3235: “I loved him very much”
Tripp3235: with Roman right there
Tripp3235: holding his Marlena torch
nolebucgrl: ha, John finds it hard to believe she loved Roman like him
nolebucgrl: and then gives him a no offense
nolebucgrl: I hate this…John should be telling her, if you don’t love the man I am now, screw you, I’m going home (TM Cartman)
nolebucgrl: to my MANSION
nolebucgrl: (which hopefully not for long)
Tripp3235: Well he is gonna have to deal with Stefano
Tripp3235: that might have more to do with his devotion to Marlena
nolebucgrl: Oh lord…they’re upsetting Marlena
Tripp3235: he might realize his time could change where he is now
nolebucgrl: how dare they!!!
nolebucgrl: that was terrible acting
nolebucgrl: she did not seem remotely upset
Tripp3235: Geez why is Roman apologizing to her?
Tripp3235: Say, “BITCH PLEASE!”
nolebucgrl: because the Queen was upset by their sniping
Tripp3235: See, that last gasp sucked the air out of the room
Tripp3235: if John and Roman would have stayed
Tripp3235: they would have died
nolebucgrl: hee, that’s why they had to go outside to talk
nolebucgrl: seriously they are like half the show at this point
Tripp3235: And now they are
nolebucgrl: maybe 75%
Tripp3235: Well I take it as a good sign
nolebucgrl: We are here cataloging this great grannysex reveal day damnit
nolebucgrl: give it to us
Tripp3235: they aren’t devoting more to GS reveal
nolebucgrl: oh my god
Tripp3235: God
Tripp3235: There is Chelsea
nolebucgrl: look at her trying to pose sexily on the bed
Tripp3235: her new mature self
nolebucgrl: and in comes Dan
nolebucgrl: gross
Tripp3235: trying to figure out how a woman greets her man
Tripp3235: hee who does not look happy to see her there
nolebucgrl: oh and now Mr. Man is all flustered by her hotness?
Tripp3235: He probably thinks she looks like Kate
nolebucgrl: ha, sure Chelsea, you can satisfy him
Tripp3235: eew
Tripp3235: kiss
Tripp3235: channage
Tripp3235: God
Tripp3235: give us a commercial
nolebucgrl: Granny was much better
Tripp3235: oh good they stopped
Tripp3235: STOP
Tripp3235: no chelsea
Tripp3235: more talk
nolebucgrl: um, so he has a meeting to go to?
Tripp3235: kiss
nolebucgrl: and she just decided to have a quickie for their first time?
Tripp3235: Stop KISSING!
nolebucgrl: that’s so not romantic
Tripp3235: whew, yes, is it supposed to be a quickie?
nolebucgrl: yes
nolebucgrl: he’s headed to the bathroom
Tripp3235: and I mean whew in that I’m glad it’s over
nolebucgrl: yes I know what you mean, hehe
nolebucgrl: so will everybody else
nolebucgrl: text message!!!
Tripp3235: Hee
nolebucgrl: hee, that would be great
nolebucgrl: if he and Kate had a sex tape that she ran across
nolebucgrl: damnit
nolebucgrl: hehe
nolebucgrl: they cut away as she was looking
Tripp3235: Why can’t it say
nolebucgrl: show it to us!
Tripp3235: U SO GOOD LUVER
nolebucgrl: Although at least we cut to Bo/Philip
Tripp3235: Yes
Tripp3235: though it’s naked Face Bo
nolebucgrl: Um, didn’t Bo give the tape to Roman?
Tripp3235: he made a copy
nolebucgrl: yes I know
nolebucgrl: Philip feels worse about it than Victor does
nolebucgrl: I think that’s kinda cool
Tripp3235: well typical victor
Tripp3235: random day player
nolebucgrl: what is Hope doing with Morgan?
Tripp3235: Well she’s gonna stick her nose in it
nolebucgrl: Hee, of course
nolebucgrl: we’ll see if she condones Phorgan
Tripp3235: I like that Morgan isn’t backing down
nolebucgrl: Eww didn’t like that…He threatened…to kill….my father
Tripp3235: I like her angry right now
Tripp3235: that didn’t bother me
nolebucgrl: I like her angry but that was weird phrasing
Tripp3235: Hee
Tripp3235: yes get dressed, Chelsea
nolebucgrl: Wasn’t Hope giving Philip bitchface when last she saw him?
nolebucgrl: now she’s all friendly
Tripp3235: That’s a weird question,
Tripp3235: did something happen?
nolebucgrl: Thanks for tonight?  Kate…that’s all?
nolebucgrl: and that set her off that much? hehe
Tripp3235: Chelsea can never know
nolebucgrl: sounds like she sees the chemistry
nolebucgrl: oh that’s true
Tripp3235: I think Chelsea thinks she sees something going on
nolebucgrl: still, I would ask instead of throwing on clothes and throwing the phone at him and leaving
Tripp3235: and she believes she SHOULD have seen this coming
Tripp3235: I guess
nolebucgrl: yeah with the hug she saw, can’t blame her
Tripp3235: she wasn’t devastated like with Nillie
Tripp3235: *just saying*
nolebucgrl: hehe true
nolebucgrl: she’s just mad
Tripp3235: she’s just pissed
Tripp3235: right
Tripp3235: Oh Jarlena
nolebucgrl: hee, we’re kinda completely ignoring Jarlena aren’t we?
Tripp3235: what else is new
Tripp3235: when John has to use big words like identity
Tripp3235: and process
nolebucgrl: oh lord…she’s gasping about him pushing her away
Tripp3235: it makes me tune them out
nolebucgrl: and now she’s all of a sudden done with him
nolebucgrl: whatever
nolebucgrl: Yep, Steffy has the disk
Tripp3235: Hee
nolebucgrl: suck on it! hehe
Tripp3235: it is kind of funny how John looks back and forth with them
Tripp3235: with crazy eyes
nolebucgrl: he does have crazy eyes
Tripp3235: famous last words
nolebucgrl: damnit, cut away and they’re back again
Tripp3235: of him never being himself again
Tripp3235: I know
Tripp3235: what is up with it
Tripp3235: we’ve barely seen the other stories
nolebucgrl: I know…and the one we’re here for!  Chan death!
nolebucgrl: She doesn’t want you to be there John
nolebucgrl: and you cannot protect her from Stefano
nolebucgrl: you never could
nolebucgrl: not even SuperJohn!!!!
Tripp3235: no, you sucked John
nolebucgrl: ha, she made John leave and wanted Roman to stay
nolebucgrl: she really is toying with them
Tripp3235: Marlena couldn’t walk down the street without getting kidnapped
nolebucgrl: Kate and Chelsea!!!
Tripp3235: Oh here we are
Tripp3235: she called Kate
nolebucgrl: she was gonna have sex with Daniel, Kate
nolebucgrl: you interrupted
Tripp3235: tell her you were gonna have sex
nolebucgrl: and for that you will forever be my HERO
Tripp3235: tell her Chelsea
Tripp3235: there we go
Tripp3235: Kate’s worst nightmare
nolebucgrl: Kate looked like she was gonna be sick, hehe
Tripp3235: of course we cut to Bo and boring Abe
Tripp3235: I mean Abe
nolebucgrl: Abe…sigh…shouldn’t he be counting with Theo?
nolebucgrl: 1, 2, 3, 4
nolebucgrl: (I am a terrible bitch)
Tripp3235: I guess that’s Lexie’s job today
Tripp3235: a special place will be reserved for you in hell my dear
nolebucgrl: 🙂 as long as I get to reign there!
Tripp3235: weird external shot
nolebucgrl: PAUL!!!
Tripp3235: what was that?
Tripp3235: Oh
Tripp3235: how clever
nolebucgrl: I didn’t see him
nolebucgrl: but Morgan apparently did
nolebucgrl: hehe
Tripp3235: now Morgan doesn’t know Paul is alive right?
nolebucgrl: so is he like Lucas now?
nolebucgrl: just gets out of the mansion and goes wandering randomly?
nolebucgrl: no she doesn’t
nolebucgrl: all she knows is they found his jacket in the lake
nolebucgrl: oh god
Tripp3235: Ok so Hope believes Morgan?
nolebucgrl: Morgan I don’t like
Tripp3235: I don’t like this either
nolebucgrl: there he is!
nolebucgrl: Paul!
Tripp3235: but I really don’t get why they are believing her
nolebucgrl: Pretty Paul!
nolebucgrl: I don’t know why myself
Tripp3235: If Daniel doesn’t work out with Kate (and they hopefully then kill him off)
nolebucgrl: Oh yay, more Marlena time
Tripp3235: Paul would be good with her
nolebucgrl: we haven’t had enough
nolebucgrl: I agree, I could deal with Paul/Kate
nolebucgrl: she’d at least get him naked

Tripp3235: Oh dear back to Jarlena AGAIN

Tripp3235: her weird ass smile with closed eyes is back
Tripp3235: I thought the botox fixed that
nolebucgrl: and his scary eyebrows
nolebucgrl: seriously JT frightens me
nolebucgrl: there she goes flinging things again
Tripp3235: well Roman’s eyebrows scare me too
nolebucgrl: the bee is back, hehe
Tripp3235: yes
Tripp3235: they are like Eddie Munster’s though
nolebucgrl: oh of course Roman will want to take her home with him
Tripp3235: Oh God
Tripp3235: Great
nolebucgrl: ooooh like a call back to the old time days
Tripp3235: he is
nolebucgrl: when they got together
Tripp3235: except JT is no WN
nolebucgrl: hey, I said that before they did
Tripp3235: and DHer is not the DHer of yore
nolebucgrl: not hardly
nolebucgrl: I miss WN
Tripp3235: me too
nolebucgrl: Scrubs nurse!
Tripp3235: oh that nurse is back
Tripp3235: I love her
nolebucgrl: I know, she’s cool
Tripp3235: heh, Marlena doesn’t like her
nolebucgrl: maybe she will kill Marlena for us
Tripp3235: OMG
nolebucgrl: good lord
Tripp3235: we’re back!!!
nolebucgrl: back with her again
nolebucgrl: and there’s John lurking behind Roman
Tripp3235: well he’s still waiting for his answer!
Tripp3235: didn’t you hear him!
nolebucgrl: yes I did
Tripp3235: did she answer him?
Tripp3235: she’s stalling
nolebucgrl: not really, she’s dancing around it
nolebucgrl: there, there was a no
nolebucgrl: tell him you’re going home with Roman
nolebucgrl: smother her John
nolebucgrl: no, kiss her head, yippie
Tripp3235: I’d settle for him to bite her ear
nolebucgrl: hee
Tripp3235: that would have been awesome
nolebucgrl: a la Mike Tyson
nolebucgrl: not a sexy nibble though
Tripp3235: if he pulled a total vampire kind of move there
nolebucgrl: oh lord
Tripp3235: No I mean just lean in and eat her alive
nolebucgrl: congratulations commander, you may have your shot after all
Tripp3235: we know Drake has tried for years with his kisses
Tripp3235: that was his chance
nolebucgrl: eww I don’t want to think about Jarlena kisses
Tripp3235: Days has the worst cell phone rings
nolebucgrl: hee, they do
Tripp3235: Ok, good, they aren’t believing her
nolebucgrl: panicked Morgan
nolebucgrl: sigh
Tripp3235: I was worried they did
nolebucgrl: well they’re sorta believing her
nolebucgrl: they’re looking
nolebucgrl: awww
Tripp3235: Philip is getting to Morgan
nolebucgrl: what it would mean for them to have Paul back
nolebucgrl: well of course he is, look at him
nolebucgrl: Chelsea and Kate!
Tripp3235: Chelsea is now telling Kate
nolebucgrl: there’s always a time and place to discuss grannysex
Tripp3235: Mention Nick
Tripp3235: hee
nolebucgrl: Panicked Daniel
Tripp3235: Daniel just starts blabbing
nolebucgrl: running up and saying it’s over
Tripp3235: so now Kate
Tripp3235: who has worried about it forever
Tripp3235: didn’t admit to it
Tripp3235: and now Dan did
nolebucgrl: yes the words are out!
nolebucgrl: you and I slept together
Tripp3235: he neglected to say OVER and OVER
nolebucgrl: oooh boy
nolebucgrl: tomorrow will be fun
nolebucgrl: fallout from grannysex
Tripp3235: It’s weird for them to be having the conversation there in the hospital isn’t it?
nolebucgrl: yes, but at least it’s not the pub!
Tripp3235: yet another clue Chan is dead
nolebucgrl: hee, the Chan fans will all be crying tonight
Tripp3235: Which can’t come soon enough for me
nolebucgrl: I still want a damn Date flashback though
Tripp3235: I don’t understand how we forced to endure Steve/Ava scenes
Tripp3235: and nothing on Date
nolebucgrl: I know
nolebucgrl: and they happened recently
nolebucgrl: not years ago
Tripp3235: and they are actually HOT together
nolebucgrl: so it was very doable
nolebucgrl: yes, I would not have felt ill watching them get it on
nolebucgrl: quite the opposite actually
Tripp3235: I keep hoping it’s cause Date isn’t necessarily over
nolebucgrl: I’d like to believe that, but the only way they’ll work is after Chelsea takes time and steps aside
Tripp3235: Well nothing would end Chan faster
nolebucgrl: realizing that they are better together than she and Dan ever could be
Tripp3235: then Chelsea saying “I realize now my pride was hurt more than my heart”
Tripp3235: I really do take it as a good sign
Tripp3235: that Chelsea is not taking her hairbrush all over town
Tripp3235: she’s not freaking out
Tripp3235: she’s upset
Tripp3235: and mad
nolebucgrl: yep
nolebucgrl: but thus far, no tears
Tripp3235: but not like last time
nolebucgrl: which I remember her crying quite a bit over Nillie
Tripp3235: i guess she used up all her snot the first time she met Daniel
nolebucgrl: and she wasn’t even with Nick then
Tripp3235: they could use it now
Tripp3235: snot is what keeps them together you know
nolebucgrl: hee, yes that’s a good point
nolebucgrl: when snot is the glue of your relationship, what does that say about you as a couple?
Tripp3235: I take it that Chelsea isn’t as in love with Daniel as she thinks she is
nolebucgrl: happily we haven’t heard the “l” word from them in a long while
nolebucgrl: now granted, it’s been the same day in Salem for about 3 weeks now
nolebucgrl: but still, it has been awhile
Tripp3235: I say it means the couple deserves to win those “Most disgusting couple” polls.
Tripp3235: Yes but I’m sure it will come up again
Tripp3235: bu together they understand what it means remains to be seen
nolebucgrl: I am delighted to have shared the destruction of Chan with you, my favorite fellow Chan hater
Tripp3235: Daniel has not acted like a man in love
Tripp3235: Thank you
Tripp3235: looking forward to more Chan destruction tomorrow
nolebucgrl: I know, I can’t wait to watch the fallout

Check in tomorrow for part two of the blog (link will follow).


16 thoughts on “Snot’s the Glue that holds them together Part I

  1. OMG. Snot glue? My face muscles hurt from laughing and smiling while reading this. Between the jarlena hate, Chan hate, and Date love…I love you guys.

    I hope that wasn’t too forward.

  2. why didn’t you mention the two best characters on the show; Stephanie and Melanie. URG

  3. Ummm maybe because they weren’t on the show today Terry? Since we were blogging the episode, that wouldn’t have made much sense. Plus, I did actually mention Stephanie when I said Morgan wasn’t weeping, like Stephanie! So there.

  4. BRAVO!!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow. You had it all – Chan hate, Jarlena hate, Phillip hot no matter what he is doing and all that with a botox commercial thrown in for good measure. I must admit though that the line about Abe being off counting with Theo had me LMAO!! Save me a seat beside you in hell nolebucgrl.

  5. Ok, girls: y’all know the only reason I put up with your Phorgan BS is that I flove y’all. Just a quick reminder: Philip is still lying his very fine ass off to Morgan. He has only told her what there is extrinsic evidence of and what she would already have found out anyway. Not to mention the fact that this is apparently the first conversation they’ve had since he told her what she would have found out anyway, and it only happened because he ran into her. Plus he didn’t seem to mind leaving her, and only came rushing back to manufacture some crap about “us” when he realized Paul–a living witness who will expose all his lies and criminal activities–may be alive. Somebody needs Morgan on his side, now that she’s conveniently told him she still has (say it with me) feelings for him still. Yes, it’s true love at its finest and most beautiful.

    I didn’t watch J & M so I can’t comment. And I’m sorry, but grannysex reveal could have been so, so much better. That text message was not nearly incriminating enough. Like you say, a sex tape of Kate and Daniel–now THAT would have been a grannysex reveal for the ages. I like Chelsea’s haircut, don’t like the streaks either. Either lighten it all over or darken it all over but none of this semi part blond crap.

  6. Hee, well glad to know you still read us even though we talked nicely about Phorgan. It’s our witty snarkisms that draw you in though right, Paxton?

    Glad you enjoyed it mosiac. Oh and I have awesome news for you straight from Kenny. They are going with Date cause they have “amazing chemistry”.

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  8. TRIPP:

    How did you like the Stephanie and Nick scenes today at the Bistro. I thought they were really cute even if i am a big fan of Melanie/Nick, Max/Stephanie. I like there friendship.

    I loved how they said it wasnt funny and they just started laughing, awww. I wish we had more scenes with Nick and Stephanie as FRIENDS ONLY. Blake and Shelley have some good chemistry going on. I thought blake was going to just bust out laughing while eatting whatever he was eating, then well Stephanie started laughing. awww

    but Nick belongs with Melanie

  9. Well Terry I loved teh scenes with Stephanie and Nick. I liked he got her to laugh about Max’s date. I think there is enough chemistry between Blake and SH to have a relationship, but honestly I think soaps should do more platonic friendships between a guy and girl and Steph/Nick work out perfectly that way.

    I just hope that while Melanie will probably attempt to “use” Nick, that Stephanie will now be way more protective of him since he really is a good friend to her.

  10. Actually you may be right about Stephanie going to try and protect Nick from being used by Melanie but in the end Melanie will fall madly in love with Nick cause she is the love of his life. Melanie and Stephanie are going to be good friends.

    The fallonator is back, he didn’t let his guard up against Trent.

    The scene i want is that Chelsea and Stephanie agree Melanie “is a brat”, i dont think so but stephanie does. But Morgan says, “awww i think she is cute”. That is the scene i want most def.

  11. oh and what is up with trent and that phone call at the end, omg if he is connected to the DiMeras. This may be the final straw for me watching days cause i am tired of every story linking back to the DiMeras.

    I am still interested to finding out why Trent doesn’t want Max meet his sister Melanie and who was he on the phone with.

    well fall previews did say Trent would put max and melanie in danger to save himself, so maybe idk he got himself in trouble with like a mob family or something. Or if Melanie is Nicole’s daughter, perhaps that phone call is connected to Nicole as well, trent along with someone else doesn’t want Melanie or Max finding out Nicole is Mel’s mother or perhaps Max and Melanie are fertinal twins separated at birth and Nicole is their mother. DO WE KNOW FOR SURE how old Melanie is. Max is at least 21 or 22 years old.

    U see how understanding Stephanie was with George, i can see her being there for Nick, if Melanie hurts him or Steph will let her claws out.

  12. I think soaps should do more platonic friendships between a guy and girl and Steph/Nick work out perfectly that way.

    Like Steve and Hope, i would so be for Stephanie and Nick having a relationship like Steve and Hope. I don’t know if i am the only one, how much i love STAX and Melanie/Nick, i so want to see Stephanie and Nick share a kiss together. Like ok, Steph and Nick get in trouble in france, they have to hide, so Nick grabs Stephanie and pulls her into a kiss avoid being seen.

    idk if it doesn’t do nothing for their relationship. I just want a Stephanie and Nick kiss so freaking badly, even if i have a Stax and Melanick fan

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